Monday, August 31, 2015

NEW IN August :)

Hello! And another month has passed... It has been a really good month, I had some time off, went on vacations and more or less relaxed. The big bonus is also all the new collaborations and new opportunities that have happened meanwhile.. most of them unexpectedly... I did a tiny bit of shopping but I still ended up with a bunch of amazing products, so let's get started :)

One of my first purchases was this amazingly smelling Kozmetika Afrodita Pistachio cream shower gel! I haven't gotten around yet to actually testing it, but I did have a chance to sniff it properly and it looks like a very promising product! The second purchase was this really surprisingly good Borotalco Original Deo Roll On that not only smells nice but actually helps me with not having a bad odor or sweating so much! I wonder why I haven't tried this product sooner as it has really impressed me! This was followed by a couple of repurchases - Labello Pure&Natural Olive &Lemon lip balm, which I have had for ages and seems to have grown on me so much that even with 20 or more lip balms already at home I can not live without this one :P And some more repurchases - Balea Aqua Tuchmaske and Balea Totes Meer maske. So far I have only had one test with the Aqua mask and I really liked it so I got myself two more, the concept of applying a hydrating cloth to your face has impressed me once tested and I believe I will be repurchasing these some more. The other Totes meer maske is also an already very well known product and really works well on my oils skin.

And some makeup bits! I have treated myself with a tiny package of Bourjois goodies, that were actually three for the price of one and were really a good deal, even though these are the old products, meaning the ones they don't offer at regular stands anymore. I really liked this mix as it was summery and light, I wore the light blue nail polish for almost three weeks straight! And teh contents of the bag - Bourjois Effet 3D gloss 8H long lasting shade 11, Bourjois 1 Seconde gel texture nail polish 08 Bleu water, Bourjois 1 Seconde Vernis&Nail enamel top-coat silver leaf effect. Anyway, Bourjois is one of my favoruite makeup brands and I knew the purchase was a win for me! I have also indulged in some Lancôme goodies, even thou they are both mini - I have treated myself with  Lip Lover 316 Rose Attrape- Coeur and Le Crayon Khol 01 Noir. Haven't tested them out yet, but I hope they will work for me :)

I was really lucky this month as I have won three different giveaways! Can you believe that? I was really surprised and in one of them  I have received Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash,  Purifying Neem Foaming face wash and Purifying Neem Mask. I haven't tested it yet and I will not open these products for some time now as I have others that I have to test first, but I have never had anything for face by this brand and am looking forward to trying it out.

Another of the giveaway prizes I have won was consisting of four products - BH cosmetics Floral Blush Duo, Essence Fun Fair nail polish 01 You're Mint-blowing, Bebe Young Care intensive care lip balm and Oriflame The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Cream gloss in Pink charm. I have won these lovely products at another slovenian beuaty blogger that really loves makeup so much she decided to start her own blog! You can go check her out here on her blog, called My Little Wonderland Blog or on her Facebook page. :) I have already started testing and using both lip products and I am liking the both ;)

My third giveaway prize was this lovely Ziaja natural olive body butter + testers! I Haven't started using any of these yet, but I do have quite a lot of testers now to use up and these are Sensitive firming night cream, Cocoa butter cream, Goat's milk day cream, Goat's milk hand cream, Natural olive cream and Natural olive eye cream. I most looking forward to trying out the olive body butter hand cream testers ;)

This month I have also been able to start a new collaboration with NOÉMIE Cosmetics and I have never heard of them before but they were so kind to send me such a lovely bunch of products to test. I have been testing their  Purifying Toning Lotion,  Purifying Cleansing Gel,  Gentle Exfoliating Cream and Sebo - corrective cream during August and you can expect a review in the first part of September :) So far I have really been liking the toning lotion and cleansing gel, as well as exfoliating cream - really gentle helpers to keep my skin soft and clean.

From a brand that is now already well known in Slovenian stores and to other beauty bloggers, called AlpStories,  I have also received three lovely products to try out! I have received Organic Shampoo Aloe Vera, Cleansing gel with Sage & Mint and Tea Tree Oil Face Cream. According to my skin type and skin problems these two products seemed best for me and I have read so many positive reviews for their cleansing gel! The same goes for the Tea tree oil cream, which I am also really looking forward to testing out and hopefully it will work with my skin well. I haven't heard much abouth their shampoos yet but I have already begun testing it and I must say it really surprised me as it gives me more volume than any other shampoo I had in a long time. Also it doesn't foam at all, so I always wonder if I am actually washing my hair or not and if I should add some more shampoo, but so far this has been a very good hair product!

And now this amazingly large pile of Oriflame products! Not to worry, these were sent to me in three different packages, but still I did not expect all these goodies will be for me all in one month! However I am very grateful for the chance to collaborate with Oriflame as I have for several months now and even other products that were not sent to me for review purposes that I had teh chance to try have really impressed me. In general, the whole brand really impressed me. Not all products are amazing and some have more flaws than other but in general this has become one of my favourite brands of makeup and cosmetics, especially the Giordani Gold collection and The ONE makeup products. So this month I have received these lovely bits to try - The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Cream gloss French Beige,  Giordani Gold  Youth Full Gloss in Lavander,  Swedish Spa Purifying Face mask,  Eleo Hair mask,  Eleo Protecting Oil ideal for colour treated hair, Giordani Gold Bronzing pearls in Natural Radiance. I have already started testing most of these products and will be, hopefully, reviewing them in the month to come. 

Another collaboration that came unexpectedly right this month is with Caudalie and DermEden. I have received a couple of products by Caudalie and testers as well as testers od DermEden, which I have not known before. I have received - Caudalie Paris Vinosource Riche intense moisture rescue cream, Caudalie Paris Polyphenol anti-wrinkle eye & lip cream, Caudalie Paris Hand and nail cream,  testers - Divine oil, Vinoperfect radiance serum, Instant detox mask, Vinoperfect radiance tinted moisturizer, Divine legs tinted body lotion and DermEden testers - Night protocole face intense anti-aging,  D-day Protocole daily defense universal cream. So far I have only been able to test the hand cream and oh my god, I am in love! I have never liked a product so fast! I do get in love with lip products, but with skincare products it always took me some more time. With this hand cream love happened like magic and I adore it! For the rest I can not comment yet as I have not tested yet, but it looks really promising. So far I have only had one Caudalie product, their Beauty Elixir and you can read review here ;)

Another new collaboration that happened this month was with a brand I have never heard before, called HerBio and I have received their AHA Fruit Peeling Mask. I have already started testing this product and it's really as the name suggests, very fruity. Also interesting info is that this brand is local, from Slovenia, more specific from Žalec and the concept of their products and the whole brand is natural cosmetics, herbs, oils, gentle products with longterm effects. Also they don't test on animals. So far I am intrigued, will see how the product works for me :)

By the end of the month I have also had a chance at a new collaboration, this time with a brand well known in the beauty world, called Aussie. I have received three products to test - Aussie Miracle Shine shampoo, Aussie Miracle Moist conditioner, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle reconstructor deep conditioner. I have wanted to try anything from them for a very long time, they were on my wishlist for years now, but they were never available in Slovenia and now that they are I never got to Muller store to check them out so.. as time passed this opportunity presented itself and I am really excited to see how these will work on my hair! I have heard many positive reviews and comments for the 3 Minute Miracle reconstructor, so I hope it will work for me as well.

Just before the end of the month I have received another lovely surprise from Lič, those of you who read me regulary already know I have collaborated with them before. This time they were so kind to send me new Freedom Cosmetics products! I have been spoiled with Pro 12 Audacious Mattes eyeshadow palette,  Pro Butters Lipgloss in shade Pro Butters TGIF and Curl Mascara. For all Slovenian readers they have a special discount code you can use up till the end of October - FREEDOM15! You can use this code on all Freedom Makeup products!

The last package that surprised me this month was from  another brand I have already collaborated with, it's from Dvorec Trebnik and I was lucky to be able to try out products from their new collection dt - Sparkle star haur&body oil, Energy tonic face&body mist, Juicy Orange shower gel and Berry pepper cream for tired legs&feet! I have not tested these yet, but I am really looking forward to! Lately Dvorec Trebnik products impressed me and some are really really amazing products, you can read the latest review here.

So now you know which reviews to expect in the coming month or two and also there are still some products I haven't reviewed yet as I didn't have time yet, but I am catching up on reviews and testing out and such so stay tuned if you're interested! :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Review: L'Occitane En Provence - Pivoine Sublime Skin Tone Perfecting Cream CC cream :)

Hello! I have had a couple of products this summer that I went crazy for and have been using them all the time. And as usual for me the products that I use the most never get a turn to get photographed and reviewed properly. But I felt really bad for prolonging this review to the end of August and well.. here it finally is - L'Occitane En Provence Pivoine Sublime CC Cream in Light/Clair.

Packaging, price, shade variety - This product comes in a lovely pink box, very slim and sleek, but of course themed the same as the rest of the Pivoine Sublime collection. Inside you get a plastic tube also in the matching pink-red shade which contains 30 ml of product. The price in Slovenia is 28,50 euros. You can choose from two different shades, one is the lightest one, the one I have called Light/Clair and the other one is Medium. So you can choose only from two different shades but I believe a lot of people can find themselves in these two as they are pretty universal.

About the productCombining skin-perfecting peony extract with unifying CC pigments and illuminating pearly particles, this light velvety hydrating and protecting cream immediately create perfect-looking skin. The complexion is even, fresh and luminous. Use as a smoothing, illuminating make-up base or on its own for a natural make-up-free look. The silky texture transforms on contact with the skin, giving it a natural finish. The complexion looks even and luminous. Skin irregularities appear concealed.

L'OCCITANE has extracted from peonies growing in the Drôme Region of France, a perfecting concentrate. Rich in natural plant sugars, this patented extract acts on skin cells to help visibly correct complexion and texture irregularities.

What it promises  - it promises to have  a very good hydrating formula and during application the texture transforms to create an ultra natural formula. It also promises to make your complection look even, fresh and luminous, blur any irregularities in skin texture and complexion, make your skin feel comfortable and also protect it from the sun with SPF 20.

Formula, scent, application, coverage - First when you want to squize out the product you will notice that it has a very hygienic applicator, a very long one and there is no way you could mess up with the rest of the product. The opening is tiny which allows you to control the amount of productyou need. As it's plastic and holds the cap very well it is also travel friendly, I never had any troubles with opening it up by itself. It looks like a white cream with tiny specs inside, very much like a product by L'Oreal I had some time ago that had the same colour and texture and effect - I think it was the Nude Magique BB cream. When you first apply it on the skin it is very white  and needs to massaged into your face to get it transformed into a colour matching your skin. It becomes completely invisible once properly applied and it gives you a hint of colour, just to unify the whole face. It's not too liquidy or too creamy, it's just the right amount to be able to give it a good rub on your face and spread it evenly. It feels very light on the skin, most of the time I completely forget I am wearing anything at all. The finish is a very natural looking, fresh and pampered skin, it does help a bit to unify your face and maybe blur some  minor spots or other problems you might have with your skin. It's not too glowy or greasy or anything like that, but it does give you a radiant look. Unfortunately this fine light cream only provides light coverage, it does even out the skin tone and helps with minor skin problems, but if your skin is like mine and you have very large pores all over your face (especially cheeks, forehead, nose and chin) than you might be dissapointed. Still if you feel like you need to cover up some more you can still use a concealer or even go over with a light layer of your usual foundation. This CC cream really makes for a good base so if you want you can dry layering a bit of your usual foundation on top. And the scent of this cream is amazing! I am in  love with the scent, it feels so light, so flowery, so luxurious. Well, unless you can't tolerate perfumed creams on your face.. than that might be a problem for you. 

For those of you with larger pores, especially the cheek area, you might try this trick when applying to avoid the white cream getting stuck in your pores and making you look white. Try to take some cream into your palms and massage it there, until it's become transparent and apply it then on your cheeks. You might end up using more product this way, but at least you will always have a perfected look on your skin, without any white pores.

Personally I have been using this CC cream all summer. At first I couldn't get accustomed to the light coverage and I tried to cover my face more with an added layer of concealer and foundation. It worked pretty well, but than I was getting tired of applying so many different products to my face and it was really hot, so I just used the CC cream and some powder on top and it looked really natural, like I wasn't wearing anytghing at all. I do need some powder over as I tend to get oily really fast and this CC cream is no exception, after an hour I would get shiny. But just right after application and after it sets my skin always looked nice with a lovely satin finish. I have taken this CC cream to my holidays too and wore it just by itself in the evenings, didn't even take my regular foundation with me. During the day at seaside I felt this spf protection was not enough and I rather opted for my Garnier spf 50 face cream, but fot he late afternoon and evening it was enough. 

As for lasting power I believe it's very decent, on me and my oily skin I would say this lasted at leats half a day and maybe than got so blurred and one with my skin I didn't even notice it anymore.

Even though the summer is getting to an end I find this product pretty universal and could be used also in other seasons, not just summer. I find it to be great for anyone who doesn't need or want a stronger coverage, for those who never wore heavy foundations and just want something light to slightly enhance their natural skin. If you have dry skin you might need some more hydration and use another cream under this CC cream, but I have never needed that so I don't really know how such layering will work for you. It could be also a perfect product for anyone just getting into makeup and don't want to start with a more covering foundation. Anyway, for me this was among my favourites of the summer, it was the foundation of the summer 2015 as I haven't really been using anything else and I will surely use it up very soon! If my finances would allow me I would repurchase, at least for next summer season. :)

About the product:


And swatches :

I hope this post was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Currently loving - KIKO Makeup Milano Water eyeshadow - 202 Golden Mauve

Hello! A makeup product I am currently loving is by KIKO Makeup Milano and it's one of their Water long lasting eyeshadows in shade 202 Golden Mauve. KIKO Makeup Milano is a brand that has really grown on me and has become one of my favourite brands of all time thou I have not posted much about them on my blog, at least not yet :)

Packaging, price - it's very simple but not looking cheap at all! Black casing with silver writing, a little mirror inside, which is really handy! The eyeshadow has a very specific design, nothing I have seen anywhere  else at any other brand so far, it's actually ergonomically designed, so you can pick up the right amount of the product, which makes it a quick and easy product! Price online is 8,90 euros but is currently a bit lower as they have sales (at least on italian site). They contain 3g of product and are good for 18 months once opened. A big plus is also that the packaging is so easy to store!

Why I love this eyeshadow - Well, for starters the colour! I love this amazing shade and I regret I haven't purchased some more shades because the texture is amazing as well! Application is really easy! They were designed to use with a sponge blender or a synthetic-bristle brush to maximize texture performance. To get an even better coverage you can wet your applicator or brush and apply it. When I first swatched this one I was really impressed! This is really such a greatly pigmented eyeshadow and also so creamy and smooth! One swipe (when applied with fingers) is already enough to get the full coverage on your eyelids! My favourite way of wearing this eyeshadows is actually by itself just with some black kohl pencil and black mascara! The shade is such a perfect mauve with a tendency to reflect more brown-ish and with some fine shimmer, I find it perfect for everyday use or for special occasions! I usually never wear this eyeshadow applied with wet brush as I normally just use my fingers to apply and blend it. But when I do apply them with wet brush this feels like a cream eyeshadow! I am also in love with the staying power! With Urban Decay eyeshadow primer it stays on  for a whole day, about 9 to 10 hours with no problems at all! When this eyeshadow is used dry it gives soft shimmery metallic finish, that can be esily blended out. They don't settle too fast so you do have some time to reapply, retouch or blend. Though this shade is also shimmery there is no fall out. When applied wet this eyeshadow has a more foil looking finish. I rarely wear it wet as I find it easier and more wearable when applied dry. 

And swatches in the shadow and in the sun - top is applied wet and bottom dry application.
Left dry applicatin, right wet application :)

Have you tried any of these water eyeshadows? I will be purchasing some more the moment I get the chance! I am in love <3

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Friday, August 28, 2015

Ocena: ANAYA - VITANAYA - za obnovo kože na telesu :)

Pozdravljeni! Danes vam predstavljam kremo, ki sem jo porabila že pred več kot mesecem, ampak nisem uspela objaviti ocene. Poskusila sem kremo za tole znamke Anaya Pametna kozmetika, gre pa za kremo z imenom VITANAYA. Poudarjam, da gre za kremo za telo, na voljo pa je tudi krema za obraz z istim imenom, ki pa je pomlajevalna krema.

Kaj o kremi zapiše Anaya VITANAYA krema izboljša strukturo kože na predelih stegen, bokov, trebuha, prsi in rok. Topi celulit in maščobne celice, učvrsti in nahrani kožo, pomaga pri preprečevanju in odpravljanju strij ter izboljšuje elastičnost in tonus kože.

Opis izdelka - Krema izboljša strukturo kože na predelih stegen, bokov, trebuha, prsi in rok. Krema topi celulit in maščobne celice, učvrsti in nahrani kožo, pomaga pri preprečevanju in odpravljanju strij ter izboljšuje elastičnost in tonus kože. Koža je ob redni uporabi bolj čvrsta, napeta, prožna in svileno gladka. Priporoča se za nego kože na predelu stegen, bokov in trebuha, za nego kože v nosečnosti (pomaga preprečevati strije), za nego kože v času hujšanja (v kombinaciji z Anaya Lotus ali Anaya Marine Blue oljem) ter za nego že obstoječih strij ( v kombinaciji z Anaya Lotus oljem ter Anaya Dermasan kremo).

Kako in kdaj uporabiti - kremo lahko nanesete po kopanju ali tuširanju, tanko plast, na problematične predele (lahko na stegna, boke, prsi, roke,...) ter vtirajte toliko časa, dokler se krema ne vpije popolnoma v kožo. Za najboljše rezultate se priporoča, da kremo uporabljate dvakrat na dan. Priporoča se jo tudi hkrati v kombinaciji z Lotus oljem,

Ter še sestavine:

  • Kakavovo maslo
    Pridobivajo ga iz semen kakavovca (Theobroma cacao). Kakavovo maslo kožo ščiti, neguje, jo mehča ter ohranja vlago.
  • Jojoba olje
    Pridobivajo ga iz semen puščavske rastline Simmondsia chinensis. Kožo naredi mehko, nežno in žametno.
  • Biserni prah
    Pridobljen je iz sredice biserov školjke Pinctada maxima. Koža je ob dotiku mehka in gladka.
    kombinacija štirih aktivnih sestavin, ki pospešujejo topljenje maščobnih celic.
  • EM-X – Efektivni mikroorganizmi
    Na kožo delujejo osvežilno, jo čistijo in ščitijo pred zunanjimi vplivi in s tem dvigujejo njeno odpornost na zunanje dejavnike ter podpirajo sposobnost obnavljanja.

Embalaža, cena - Krema je zapakirana v lično škatlico ter okroglo posodico s pokrovčkom na navoj. Posodico lahko po uporabi reciklirate in jo porabite še za kaj, saj se res lepo zapira in je ravno prav velika. Sama nameravam v njej pripravljati in shranjevati domači piling za telo.Vsebuje 150 ml izdelka. Cena na spletni strani je 35,69 evra.

Moja izkušnja - Krema je zelo gosta, ima tako bolj moknato teksturo in jo je potrebno malo bolj vtreti, da se res lepo razmaže in vpije. Ker gre za kremo, namenjeno predelu, kjer se ženske najpogosteje borimo proti celulitu ter strijam podaljšani čas nanosa čisto prav pride, saj sem si tako še malo bolj zmasirala stegna, kot bi si jih sicer. Krema ni grudičasta ali kepasta, je mehka in nežna in se lepo razmaže, vendar le potrebuje malo več topline rok ter masaže. Krema ima rahel naraven vonj, zelo nežen in popolnoma nevsiljiv, je rahlo rumenkaste barve, vendar kože ne obarva. Upam, da ne zveni, kot da sem masirala kremo pol ure, sploh ne, samo par minut na nogo je pa le vzelo, ampak ne veliko. Ko je krema lepo nanešena se res takoj vpije, da o njej ni nobenega sledu več. Kože ne pušča mastne, ne masti niti oblačil ali posteljnine. Sama na sebi nisem opazila nobenih negativnih reakcij v smislu rdečic, izpuščajev, pekočega občutka (ki je včasih pogost pri kremah z anticelulitnim učinkom).  

Kremo sem nanašala na predel bokov ter stegen, uporabljala pa sem jo redno, vsak večer, skoraj en mesec. Nanašala sem jo torej samo enkrat na dan, če bi jo dvakrat kot se priporoča na spletni strani bi jo precej hitreje zmanjkalo. Ker nisem čutila potrebe po nanosu dvakrat na dan, sem kremo raje nanašala samo zvečer, zjutraj pa sem pogosto raje nanesla malo olja Lotus katerega oceno lahko preberete tukaj :) Kremo bi lahko nanašala čez celo telo, saj je dovolj nežna in univerzalna tudi za kaj takega, vendar sem jo imela raje prav za moja problematična področja kot so stegna, boki in zadnjica. Učinek po enem mesecu redne uporabe je bil viden - koža je bila bolj napeta, bolj elastična, resnično mehka! Strij sicer nimam veliko, nekaj pa jih je in sicer niso izginile, so še vedno tam, vendar so bile morda malo manj opazne, predvsem zato, ker je bila koža bolj prehranjena in bolj elastična. Upoštevati moram tudi dejstvo, da pred tem nisem ravno redno uporabljala krem ali losjonov po nogah, če pa že samo do kolen, ker imam tam res najbolj suho kožo.  Tonus kože se je res popravil in mi je zelo všeč tudi, da je krema pripomogla k bolj enakomernemu tenu kože po stegnih in bokih, saj sem imela ene dele kože čisto roza, druge bolj sivkaste.

Povzetek - takšne kreme za telo, predvsem za problematična področja še nisem imela, je zelo hranljiva ter dejansko pripomore k izboljšanemu tonusu ter elastičnosti kože ter negi že obstoječih strij. V času uporabe nisem zasledila, da bi nastala kakšna nova strija, celulit pa se je tudi malce ustalil in bil manj viden, saj sem problematična področja redno negovala s pomočjo kreme. Všeč mi je, da se lepo vpije in nima kakšnega močnega vonja, ampak je naravna ter se tudi pohvali z naravnimi sestavinami! Poleg tega pa je še slovenska ;)

Ste že poskusili kak izdelek znamke Anaya? Kako se vam zdijo?

Najlepša hvala Anaya Smart cosmetics za sodelovanje in super izdelek! Dragi bralci in bralke, upam, da vam je bila ocena v pomoč!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Currently loving - Sun Dance lip balm Coconut- Vanilla SPF 30:)

Hello! Today I have prepared a post about one of my favourite products of this summer and a product I have been currently really loving and using a lot - Sun Dance Lip balm with Coconut and Vanilla scent!

If you follow me and read my posts regularly than you already know I am a big fan of everything lips - lip balms, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip stains, lip jellys, lip butters etc. This summer I had even stronger cravings for coconut scented products than usual which you can check in my post Coconut obsession!

Packaging, price - it comes in a bright yellow plastic tube, it has standard slated applicator, with a hole in the middle to squize the product out. It contains 10 ml of product and the price is about 2,50 euros, if memory serves me right.

Formula, colour, scent - it's actually quite thick, it's very creamsy, but goes on well and spreads easily. It also absorbes really fast and well, but not too much so you can still feel your lips freshly pampered. The balm looks white-ish but on lips goes transparent and leaves no white traces!It has amazingly scent, sweet and fresh at the same time, but it's not sweet itself and doesn't have any specific taste. The scent is however gentle, like Raffaello, but not plastic at all. You can really smell the perfect balance of coconut and vanilla, as the scent is just the right amount of sweet, fresh and milky.

SPF 30 - the main reason I bought this was the scent and the spf protection it offers. It helped me protect my lips without making them look white. I did need to reapply a lot, especially after swimming and such. Also it protects against UVA and UVB rays.

On the lips -  it felt light, creamy and nourishing. I really felt my lips getting hydrated, especially after a swim and when on the sun for a longer period of time. It's a really lovely balm, not sticky at all, doesn't have any clumps in the formula, also lasts on the lips well any hydrates them for hours. Would I repurchase? - YES!

Ingredientscaprylic/capric triglyceride,syntetic beeswax, ricinus communis seed oil, butylene glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate, diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, diethylhexyl butamido triazone, bis-diglyceryl polyacyladipate-2, tocopheryl acetate,  mica, ethylhexyl triazone, bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine, aroma, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, coumarin, hydrogenated palm glycerides citrate, laminaria ochroleuca extract, limonele, simmondsia chinesis seed oil, tocopherol, cl 77891.

 Hope this short review was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ocena: Dvorec Trebnik - linija RAKITOVEC 1.del

Pozdravljeni! Zopet sem sodelovala z Dvorec Trebnik in tokrat sem res prejela enormno presenečenje in v test prejela celo škatlo dobrot! Ker se mi je zdelo, da je izdelkov malo preveč za samo eno oceno, sem se odločila, da jih razdelim v dva dela :) Danes sem tako za vas pripravila prvi del ocen, kjer predstavljam štiri Dvorec Trebnik izdelke! Z linijo Rakitovec sem se že srečala, saj sem že poskusila nekaj testerjev, več o tem pa najdete v objavi Na testu: Dvorec Trebnik :)

Najprej pa nekaj besed o sami liniji RAKITOVEC :)

"Pri nas je grm rakitovca slabše poznan, vendar gre za rastlino z mnogimi skritimi pozitivnimi učinkovinami. Sadež rakitovca je edinstven zaradi svoje vsebnosti olja, saj vsebuje zelo veliko vitamina C, A in E. Vsebuje številne minerale, aminokisline, fitosterole in esencialne maščobne kisline. Ena najpomembnejših sestavin rakitovca je kvercetin, ki deluje protivnetno in krepi srce. Dokazano je, da je rakitovec močan antioksidant. Izdelki iz rakitovca krepijo celotno telo in vračajo moč organizmu. Rakitovec je naravni antioksidant, pomeni, da varuje zdravje, ščiti kožo pred Uv žarki in upočasnjuje obnovo poškodovanih celic, upočasnjuje staranje kože, saj krepi njeno vezivno tkivo. Izdelki se uporabljajo pri zdravljenju opeklin, ekcemov in drugih kožnih bolezni ter preprečuje kožna vnetja. primerni so tudi za športen poškodbe, otečene noge in pospeševanje prekrvavitve. V hladnih vremenskih pogojih poskrbi za naše mrzle roke in stopala, da postanejo toplejša. Še posebej so nad rakitovcem navdušene ženske, saj pospešena prekrvavitev odpravlja toksine iz telesa in s tem zmanjšuje maščobne blazinice."

Torej, kako se vam je zdel posredovani opis linije s strani Dvorec Trebnik? Mene je zelo zanimalo, kako se bodo izdelki obnesli na koži in zato kar gremo na posamezne ocene :)

Najprej sem poskusila Gel za tuširanje Rakitovec.  Plastična embalaža vsebuje 250 ml, s svetlo nalepko in ujemajočo se oranžno oznako. Nežni gel vsebuje olje rakitovca ter alojo. Olje rakitovca  kožo ščiti, preprečuje izgubo vlage in jo intenzivno obnavlja. Gel je obogaten s sadnim vonjem, ki je prijetno svež. Cena za izdelek je 5,80 evra.  Tekstura tuš gela ni pretirano bogata ali tekoča, je ravno prav, se tudi ne peni preveč, kar mi je zelo všeč. Ne vsebuje sintetičnih barvil, mineralnih olj, parabenov ali silikonov. Kožo nežno očisti, rahlo odišavi, navlaži. Moja koža je izdelek zelo dobro prenašala, saj ta ni povzročal nobenih srbečic, alergij ali kakršnihkoli izpuščajev. Izdelek se mi zdi dovolj univerzalen, da bi bil primeren za vse tipe kože, dobro bi se odrezal tudi na suhi koži in v zimskih dneh. Je eden izmed najboljših izdelkov te linije, ki me je zelo lepo presenetil in sem ga z veseljem uporabljala :) Gel za tuširanje se tudi ponaša s certifikatom "Naravna in ekološka kozmetika" izdanega s strani Inštituta za kontrolo in certifikacijo UM.

Sestavine: Aqua, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Coco-Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, Lauryl Glucoside, Stearyl Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Parfum***, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract, Hippophae Rhamnoides oil.

Naslednji izdelek, ki sem ga preizkusila je Šampon za suhe lase Rakitovec. Negovalni šampon za suhe lase vsebuje olje rakitovca, pšenični protein in vitamin B5. Sama sicer nimam suhih las, zato sem pogrešala malce bolj intenzivno čiščenje las in lasišča, saj sem navajena drugačnega učinka. Kljub temu je ta šampon uspešno poskrbel za moje lase. Po umivanju so bili lasje mehki, navlaženi, voljni in prožni. Za šampon je značilen močnejši vonj po rakitovcu, precej tekoča tekstura, ki se le malo speni. Šampon je pakiran v plastično embalažo ter vsebuje 250 ml, cena pa je 5,33 evra.  Šampon ne vsebuje parabenov, silikonov, sintetičnih barvil, mineralnih olj. Všeč mi je bilo, da mi šampon las ni obtežil, kot se rado zgodi, pri kakšnih bolj primernih za suhe lase (ker so pogosto preveč hranljivi zame). Šampon ima res močnejši vonj, tako da če vas močni vonji motijo priporočam, da ga pred nakupom povonjate v trgovini, meni osebno je vonj zelo všeč, saj ga vonjam tudi na rokah še dolgo po pranju las. Dober šampon, vendar žal ne ravno najboljša izbira za moje res zelo mastno lasišče ter lase...

Sestavine: Aqua, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Coco-Glucoside, Lauryl Glucoside, Stearyl Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Parfum***, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Panthenol, Hippophae Rhamnoides oil.

Potem sem preizkusila še Olje za tuširanje Rakitovec! Od vseh izdelkov omenjenih v današnji objavi mi je ta daleč najljubši! Že od prve uporabe sem se zaljubila v tole olje in skoraj sklenila, da se ne tuširam več z ničimer kot pa z oljem! Olje vsebuje naravne negovalne sestavine, ki res zelo nežno očistijo kožo. Izdelek je primeren za vsakodnevno nego suhe in občutljive kože. Olje ima podoben vonj kot ostali izdleki, je prav tako pakiran v plastično embalažo ter vsebuje 250 ml. Cena izdelka je 7,49 evra. Tudi ta izdelek ne vsebuje sintetičnih barvil, mineralnih olj, parabenov in silikonov. Tekstura olja je zelo zanimiva, saj je zelo tekoča, sploh ni gosta in kremna ali pa mastna, to sploh ne! Je ravno prav tekoča, bistre rumene barve, ki se popolnoma izpere in ne pušča barve na koži ali brisači. Olje je odlično za vse tipe kože, predvsem pa za tiste, ki imate podobno kot jaz, zelo suho kožo na nogah in potrebujete več vlažilne nege. Ker je tako nežen, menim da bi se dobro obnesel tudi pri tistih, ki nimate težav s suho ali občutljivo kožo. Po uporabi je moja koža lepo navlažena, mehka in rahlo dišeča, manj kot pri gelu za tuširanje. Ob stiku z vodo se olje lepo speni, tako da ga niti ni potrebno veliko dozirati za eno tuširanje, ko se rahlo speni tudi postane bolj mlečne barve. Olje sem preizkusila tudi kot podlago za britje, par kapljic olja sem v dlani zmešala s parimi kapljicami vode, rahlo spenila da je nastala emulzija, nanesla na noge, podpazduhe vzela britvico in brez težav odstranila dlake - res vsestransko olje, koža pa je bila mehka tudi po britju! Skratka, nad oljem sem izjemno navdušena, je eden izmed najboljših izdelkov iz te linije nasploh! 

Sestavine: MIPA-Laureth Sulfate, Laureth-3, Laureth-7 Citrate, Helianthus Annuus seed oil, Prunus Armeniaca kernel oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Coco-Caprylate, Hippophae Rhamnoides oil, Parfum***, Tocopheryl acetate.

Ter še zadnji izdelek v tej objavi - Tekoče milo Rakitovec. Milo vsebuje olje rakitovca, ki intenzivno vlaži in obnavlja kožo. Primeren je za vrste kože ter vsakodnevno uporabo. Milo je zelo všečno saj je nežno in dobro očisti, tudi kakšne bolj trdovratne madeže kot so tekoče podlage in podobno. Nekajkrat sem ga uporabila tudi za čiščenje čopičev, ker mi je ravno zmanjkalo vsega drugega in je bilo odlično, vse očistilo, čopiči pa so bili potem res prijetno mehki. Milo se zelo malo peni, ima tudi rahlo bolj tekočo teksturo kot smo navajeni pri milih za roke. Milo mi rok ni izsušilo in tudi drugih negativnih reakcij ni bilo opaziti. Vonj je seveda podoben ostali kolekciji. Všečna je tudi okrogla embalaža z dozirnikom, vsebuje pa 300 ml. Cena izdelka je 6,37 evra. V bistvu je bil to prvi izdelek, ki sem ga porabila in bi ga z veseljem še kdaj kupila, morda pa še raje poskusim njihovo milo z sivko? :) Prav tako kot gel za tuširanje se tudi tekoče milo ponaša s certifikatom "Naravna in ekološka kozmetika"! :)

Sestavine:  Aqua, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Coco-Glucoside, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Glyceryl Oleate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Parfum***, Hippophae Rhamnoides oil, Citric acid.

To je bil prvi del ocen izdelkov linije Rakitovec :) Ste že kaj poskusili od znamke Dvorec Trebnik? Morda iz te linije? Kako vam je bilo všeč, kaj priporočate?

Najlepša hvala Dvorec Trebnik za odlične izdelke in možnost sodelovanja! 

Upam, da vam je bila ocena v pomoč!

Love, UniqaPoly