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Review: L'Occitane En Provence - Pivoine Sublime Skin Tone Perfecting Cream CC cream :)

Hello! I have had a couple of products this summer that I went crazy for and have been using them all the time. And as usual for me the products that I use the most never get a turn to get photographed and reviewed properly. But I felt really bad for prolonging this review to the end of August and well.. here it finally is - L'Occitane En Provence Pivoine Sublime CC Cream in Light/Clair.

Packaging, price, shade variety - This product comes in a lovely pink box, very slim and sleek, but of course themed the same as the rest of the Pivoine Sublime collection. Inside you get a plastic tube also in the matching pink-red shade which contains 30 ml of product. The price in Slovenia is 28,50 euros. You can choose from two different shades, one is the lightest one, the one I have called Light/Clair and the other one is Medium. So you can choose only from two different shades but I believe a lot of people can find themselves in these two as they are pretty universal.

About the productCombining skin-perfecting peony extract with unifying CC pigments and illuminating pearly particles, this light velvety hydrating and protecting cream immediately create perfect-looking skin. The complexion is even, fresh and luminous. Use as a smoothing, illuminating make-up base or on its own for a natural make-up-free look. The silky texture transforms on contact with the skin, giving it a natural finish. The complexion looks even and luminous. Skin irregularities appear concealed.

L'OCCITANE has extracted from peonies growing in the Drôme Region of France, a perfecting concentrate. Rich in natural plant sugars, this patented extract acts on skin cells to help visibly correct complexion and texture irregularities.

What it promises  - it promises to have  a very good hydrating formula and during application the texture transforms to create an ultra natural formula. It also promises to make your complection look even, fresh and luminous, blur any irregularities in skin texture and complexion, make your skin feel comfortable and also protect it from the sun with SPF 20.

Formula, scent, application, coverage - First when you want to squize out the product you will notice that it has a very hygienic applicator, a very long one and there is no way you could mess up with the rest of the product. The opening is tiny which allows you to control the amount of productyou need. As it's plastic and holds the cap very well it is also travel friendly, I never had any troubles with opening it up by itself. It looks like a white cream with tiny specs inside, very much like a product by L'Oreal I had some time ago that had the same colour and texture and effect - I think it was the Nude Magique BB cream. When you first apply it on the skin it is very white  and needs to massaged into your face to get it transformed into a colour matching your skin. It becomes completely invisible once properly applied and it gives you a hint of colour, just to unify the whole face. It's not too liquidy or too creamy, it's just the right amount to be able to give it a good rub on your face and spread it evenly. It feels very light on the skin, most of the time I completely forget I am wearing anything at all. The finish is a very natural looking, fresh and pampered skin, it does help a bit to unify your face and maybe blur some  minor spots or other problems you might have with your skin. It's not too glowy or greasy or anything like that, but it does give you a radiant look. Unfortunately this fine light cream only provides light coverage, it does even out the skin tone and helps with minor skin problems, but if your skin is like mine and you have very large pores all over your face (especially cheeks, forehead, nose and chin) than you might be dissapointed. Still if you feel like you need to cover up some more you can still use a concealer or even go over with a light layer of your usual foundation. This CC cream really makes for a good base so if you want you can dry layering a bit of your usual foundation on top. And the scent of this cream is amazing! I am in  love with the scent, it feels so light, so flowery, so luxurious. Well, unless you can't tolerate perfumed creams on your face.. than that might be a problem for you. 

For those of you with larger pores, especially the cheek area, you might try this trick when applying to avoid the white cream getting stuck in your pores and making you look white. Try to take some cream into your palms and massage it there, until it's become transparent and apply it then on your cheeks. You might end up using more product this way, but at least you will always have a perfected look on your skin, without any white pores.

Personally I have been using this CC cream all summer. At first I couldn't get accustomed to the light coverage and I tried to cover my face more with an added layer of concealer and foundation. It worked pretty well, but than I was getting tired of applying so many different products to my face and it was really hot, so I just used the CC cream and some powder on top and it looked really natural, like I wasn't wearing anytghing at all. I do need some powder over as I tend to get oily really fast and this CC cream is no exception, after an hour I would get shiny. But just right after application and after it sets my skin always looked nice with a lovely satin finish. I have taken this CC cream to my holidays too and wore it just by itself in the evenings, didn't even take my regular foundation with me. During the day at seaside I felt this spf protection was not enough and I rather opted for my Garnier spf 50 face cream, but fot he late afternoon and evening it was enough. 

As for lasting power I believe it's very decent, on me and my oily skin I would say this lasted at leats half a day and maybe than got so blurred and one with my skin I didn't even notice it anymore.

Even though the summer is getting to an end I find this product pretty universal and could be used also in other seasons, not just summer. I find it to be great for anyone who doesn't need or want a stronger coverage, for those who never wore heavy foundations and just want something light to slightly enhance their natural skin. If you have dry skin you might need some more hydration and use another cream under this CC cream, but I have never needed that so I don't really know how such layering will work for you. It could be also a perfect product for anyone just getting into makeup and don't want to start with a more covering foundation. Anyway, for me this was among my favourites of the summer, it was the foundation of the summer 2015 as I haven't really been using anything else and I will surely use it up very soon! If my finances would allow me I would repurchase, at least for next summer season. :)

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  1. Obsedena sem z tole kremico in se strinjam,da je tole eden najboljših poletnih izdelkov. In če verjameš ali ne se celotne linije potonika še kar nisem in nisem naveličala:)

    1. hehe, jaz drugih izdelkov linije nimam, sem pa hotela kupit meglico pa nekako ni zneslo še... bom pa na jesen/zimo :P

  2. Jaz sem to kremo mešala z malo pudra ves čas ko sem bila na morju. Res odličen izdelek in zelo všeč mi je enosatven nanos, samo malo spackam s prsti in končano :).

    1. ja to pa res, ful se hitro nanese ;) zdaj ko je konec prostih dni in se bliža bolj jesensko vreme bom tudi sama povrhu dodajala spet malo več podlage. :)

  3. Hejla, a pa zakrije tudi mozolje in rdečo kožo, ki ostane zaradi mozoljev? Iščem eno fajn lahko BB ali CC kremo, ki ne obteži kože ampak vseeno da je vsaj toliko prekrivna? :)

    1. Kot ste lahko prebrala zgoraj - prekrivnost je lahka, na večje pore je potrebno previdno nanesti, da se vam ne vsede v pore. Za boljšo prekrivnost prej priporočam kak tekoči puder od Bourjois recimo kak Healthy Mix, na meni nobena BB ali CC krema nima več kot lahke prekrivnosti. Lahko pa poskusite, samo vi veste kakšno kožo dejansko imate in kaj potrebujete.;)


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