Friday, August 21, 2015

Review: Roberto Cavalli - Acqua Eau de Toilette :)

Hello! Another perfume review for you! As you can see I pampred myself a bit and bought this amazingly beautiful bottle of Roberto Cavalli Acqua Eau de Toilette!

First I fell in love with the blue bottle and the whole packaging! I never had a perfume by Cavalli before and I was only able to sniff them in the stores, but with this one I simply fell in love! The scent is not the usual summery perfume, it's a lot stronger and more feminine. It's also not my usual scent, not something I would normally wear, but the bottle kinda made me give it a try!

Packaging, price - I bought 30 ml of EdT, but you can also purchase bigger bottles, of 50 or more ml. The bottle resembles the shape of any other Cavalli perfume, as well as the cap with the decorative sign on top and animal print around the spray system. The price for this gorgeous little bright blue gem varies on where and when you buy it. I got mine at for 23,50 euros plus posting 3,50 euros. If you buy it in stores like Muller and such perfumeries you will pay quite a lot more, I believe I spotted the price for 50 ml around 55 euros. I have also checked some other online shops that offer this perfume and ship inside or to Slovenia, but all were more expensive than, even after including the posting. So far I am also very satisfied with the store and will be gladly ordering from them again! Anyway, I keep looking at the bottle and how beautiful it really is! Simple, elegant, blue and goledn combination with golden writing... very chic and summery! Also, even outer carton is coloured in similar turquoise blue :)

Inspiration - This perfume was inspired by exciting nights in Mediterranean! It's a perfect scent for a night on a yacht or just strolling down somewhere at the seaside... I also took this bottle with me on my holidays this year and it felt so compatible with the vibe of the holidays, seaside, the dress, ...

Scent - The scent would be best described as floral acquatic. Top notes are lemon, watery notes and  jasmine, middle notes are lilly-of-the-valley and base note is musk. It's very feminine, not light and playful and girly at all! It's not sweet either. It's just the right mix of elegant and fresh, very sensual and simply fit for anyone wanting to feel more feminine.

Once applied at first I never really like the scent, it's bit too strong for me, but after a couple of moments this already dries and develops and that's when it really smells divine! Lasting power of this perfume is solid, but not that impressive. After all it's EdT and not EdP, so I sgouldn't be expecting too much. But comparing to some other EdT I have tried so far, this is still very decent lasting fragrance, at least 5 hours later I can still smell it on my skin.

Anyway, as we all like different scents I recommend you try this first in store before purchase, but if you do like Roberto Cavalli scents than you may already know they are very sensual, strong and not for shy people!

Hope this review was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


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    1. Po novem jaz tudi! <3 Da ne omenjam te embalaže, prava paša za oči :)

  2. Bemtiš kok ma tale Cavali hude embalaže..jouuu:), včasih sem bila obsedena s parfumi, zj sem se mal umirila, ampak ja za tega lepotca vem, da vsaj meni osebno dišiii TOP:)

    1. Jaa, res je, se ti oči kar ustavijo na njej. Najprej sem hotela kupit kar repliko stekleničke, magari prazno, pa je nisem nikjer našla... diši pa res noro dobro! :D


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