Sunday, August 9, 2015

Empties of the week 10 :)

Hello! Finally coming back with some empties! I have a huge pile to talk you through so let's get started!

I have finished four shower gels! Nivea Pure fresh was a really freshly scented one, loved it, and both me and my boyfriend loved to use it. The second one is Balea Melone and it was really special because of the colour of the gel, it was just as green as the colour at the front of the packaging, really really strong bright green. Loved the secnt too, perfect for summer. The last two shower gels are by L'Angelica Officinalis and they are both scented with lemon. I actually ended up using both of these as hand wash. I liked them but they just weren't what I was looking for. I wanted to get a shoer gel that really smelled like lemons, something like Lush's Lemony flutter.. fresh and juicy.

A random mix of empties. I have used up Femfresh intimate gel, it was ok, nothing special to say about it. Than I have used up a product by Afrodita Cosmetics and it's from their range Clean Phase, Cleansing gel. I liked it was so mild and gentle, but I find that it needed some help removing all my makeup and I did use it up quite fast. I don't think I will be repurchasing it as it simply didn't impress me much. It's a decent product for the money and it's really gentle, so maybe more for those of you who don't wear much makeup and don't have really really oily skin. The last two products are actually repurchases, Inell Lait Demaquillant Douceur/ cleansing milk for sensitive skin and L'Oreal Elseve Fibrology hair shampoo. Realy been liking both of these and have repurchased already many times.

And also finished up some deodorants. I actually already had this one by Rexona, the Invisible Black&White Diamond and I liked it, so I guess I will be repurchasing again. The other one is Garnier Neo Intensive antiperspirant invisible dry-cream that I have had for a really long time and I honestly didn't completely finish it up but I am throwing it away because I simply hate it so much. At first these creams were a big hit when they came to our stores and everyone liked them so I gave it a go too and at first I did like it but than I stopped using it for some reason. Now this is leaving everything I wear white and likes to crumble and I believe it simply dried up too much because it was too old or open for too long. Anyway, I am not repurchasing.

Two L'Occitane products that I have really really loved! One is Fleur D'Or & Acacia perfumed body milk I really loved! This is by far one of my favourite scents of all time, but I never have money to purchase the perfume. Really loved the milk, even though it was really light and didn't nourish my skin as well as a body butter or oil would, but still really love dthe light texture and well the scent. I would love to repurchase, but I find it a bit too expensive. The second product is Jasmin &Bergamote, a shower gel that I have received as a gift from my boyfriend and I really really liked this fresh and revitalising scent! I would love to repurchase, but again, a bit too expensive, especially for an item like a shower gel. Also one of my favourite scents by L'Occitane, would love to have a prefume mini version for summer time.

I have also finished up a product by Dvorec Trebnik that I have received to test alongside a bunch of other products from their new line Sea-buckthorn. This liquid soap was really gently scented and I loved using it, but I will tell you more about it in a separate post, reviewing a couple of the products from the line. And I have also used up a nail polish remover by Aveo that honestly didn't impress me at all, It did it's job and that's it. For the price it's a decent product but I probably won't repurchase.

Two goodies for face that I also loved! I have a full review of  Caudalie Beauty Elixir and I must say I did really like this one and would repurchase, but I am currently saving for another face mist by L'Occitane. I thought that by now I will already purchase it but I bought so many other things that this oen simply didn't stand a chance. You can get Caudalie Beauty Elixir in Slovenia also, at Muller stores or at Leposana store at E.Leclerc. The other product is a cleansing tonic by Natura Siberica and I have already repurchased and started using my second bottle. It's nothing special really but it does the job, it's gentle, it has slight herbal scent and well I believe it would fit almost all skin types, maybe just not the really dry ones. I don't think I will be repurchasing again after second bottle as I have a couple of other products in mind...

Another bunch of goodies I liked! First one is by Anaya and it's their Vitanaya cream that I have been using mainly on my legs and I loved it! It was just creamy enough and really helped my skin heal and also with a little massage helped my thighs look better. But I will tell no more, full review is coming soon! The next two products are two lip balms I really loved! One is by Le Petit Olivier and it's a really good lip balm that actually helps with dry lips and nourishes them really well. It's a bit greasy but I have been using it at home and mostly before going to bed and it really works! It is not that cheap, it's about 7 euros for a lip balm, but I will definitely repurchase for colder months as it actually worked!The second one is by Labello and it's their Olive&Lemon lip balm I have repurchased already many times and I am thinking of getting it again! This one is less greasy, more light and sinks in faster but it does help and nourishes my lips really well. Also I love the scent of this one so much I would repurchase it just because of that! The last cream is  Balea's Pflegecreme with raspberry scent which I didn't like quite as much as the one with lavander-rose scent but it is the same formula and really works well as an allrounder. I will not repurchase but I do recommend it as it's really cheap and actually works!
I have also finished up my Essens perfume that was actually a copy of Aqua di Gioia. I have really loved this perfume, the amazing light scent and it was perfect for summer. I wore it last summer all the time and there was a bit left so I finally finished it up. Really loved it and I am thinking of getting another little bottle of this lovely scent. The second product was one of my favourites of all times and I am really sad to see it empty but oh well, it served me really well and you can read a review here. I will be definitely repurchasing this one! As soon as possible!

And some more empties! I have finished up a hand cream I had for a very long time but I admit I was saving it a lot as it's from The Body Shop and it was coconut scented and I wanted it to last for as long as possible. Really loved this cream and whenever I used it outside my apartment people around me immediatelly started asking "what's that smell, it smells amazing, did someone apply some prefume or something, is someone eating something delicious?".. yeah it was that good! I really hope to get a chance to repurchase it :) Than I have also used up the testers I have received from Phyto Slovenia and you can read the review here :) I have tested a hair mask and conditioner and I have really loved the mask, if I could I would definitely buy it! It made my hair  really silky and soft! I have also used up some face masks by Balea, I had Aqua face mask that spreads up as a sheet and it's a really good one, I have already repurchased two new ones. The second one I have finished was Totes meer face mask that really cleans up your face well and helps with excessive oilyness and I have also already repurchased. There's also Feuchtigkeits maske that was fruit scented and hydrated my skin well, but I didn't like it as much as I liked the other two. Used up a sample of Avon's face cream Nutra effects Hydration and it was good, but I wouldn't buy it. Simply the scent of the cream was a bit off for me and it bothered me. Otherwise the cream was ok, but it was just one sample so I have no idea if it could be good for my skin or not. And also used up a couple of L'Occitane samples. Sublime Essence is one of my favourite products by L'Occitane but I never purchased it as it's really expensive. Than thier Precious Eye Cream is really good too, loved the texture, the scent and that it actually helps me with my dark circles a bit. And from the Pivoine Flora collection I have tested their Essence perfectrice or Skin perfector and Perfecting cream and I have to say they both smell amazing and are really gentle products that my skin really loved. If I could I would purchase the fluid (skin perfector) version, as it suits my oily skin better.

And done! Wow, I did try to use up a lot of products and I was kinda really good at it! have you tried any of these, did you like them? Based on my empties - do you have any recommendations what I should try next? :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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