Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Currently loving - L'Occitane Shea Butter Cleansing Oil :)

Hello! I wanted to make a random post, but honestly it is going to be another short review of a product I have been using a lot lately and really loving!

I wasn't always a big fan of L'Occitane in general, I always loved their products but I kinda disliked the concept of the store and didn't like much entering a L'Occitane store. But than I got a couple of their products as gifts from relatives and friends and they were simply soo good that it tempted me to go inside and check out the goodies! Now I am one of those that never miss a chance to browse their web site or check new stuff in stores, simply beacause most of them smell amazingly and well, the ones that I had the chance to test and try were really amazing! Now years later I am really loving the L'Occitane products and I wish I could purchase some more!

But back to the review, in this post I wanted to show you my latest discoverie (it's been in stores for months and it's a very hyped up product by now, I am always late on the newbies) -  Huile Demaquillante 5% karite or Cleansing oil with 5% shea!

Packaging, price - It's a 200 ml plastic bottle with a dispenser on top, but mine is travel size and has only 30 ml and also plastic bottle with bule plastic dispenser. The dispenser is really good and useful as it allows you to dose just enough of the product! The price for the big bottle is about 20 euros, depends where you buy it and if there are any discounts available. Mine was bought second hand (but new) so I am not sure about the price, as I am unble to fins the traveling sized bottle online.

Who is it for? - This is actually ment for all of you with dry skin type and want to remove your makeup (even waterproof mascara) gently and efficiently with one product instead of two or three and want your skin to be nourished and pampered at the same time. Also important to know, this Shea Butter Cleansing Oil doesn't contain any mineral oil.

Scent - this oil has slight powdery, buttery scent to it. It's not a strogn scent, so it doesn't bother me, actually I find it gentle and pleasing. However, if you are very sensitive and wish to have a product completely free of fragrance, than it might be best to give this a sniff before purchase.

Texture - it does feel oily when you apply it but it rinses away cleanly and most importantly doesn't leave your skin oily or shiny or feeling greasy at all! That's why I fidn this perfect for any skin type really!

How to use? - You apply it on your dry face, I only need a couple of drops, dispense them into my palms than apply on my face. ThanI massage it all over my face, to break down the makeup. Than I apply a bit of water to my palms and go over with it. The oily will turn into a gentle emulsion on your face when you add water, it tends to turn milky, and than I rinse it all off, washing away all of the makeup, dirt and excess oilyness of the day. Since you only need a few drops, a bottle of this should last you a very long time (presuming you only use this in the evenings to remove your makeup)!

My experience - My skin is actually mixed to greasy with some pimples and other skin problems, but I find this product suits me really well! It really works, it removes my makeup really well, also disolves my mascara and it's really gentle. My skin feels soft and hydrated after use, which I really like as I prefer this sensation to the fresh sharp cleanliness of other washing gels that are meant for oily skin types. I have never felt tight or dry after use! Honestly, if you have dry skin or not this is a product I would recommend to anyone!

Have you tried any other cleansing oil? Do you have any recommendations? Please feel free to post a comment and hope this short review was helpful to you!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Jaz imam Lorealovo olje in mi je odlično :D Vse kar imam na obrazu mi odstrani brez problema, tudi vodoodporno maskaro in eyeliner. Pa še diši lepo :D

    1. Aha, kul, potem moram pa tole L'Orealovo dat na seznam da poskusim enkrat kmalu :) Hvala za predlog :)

  2. Meni je tudi všeč:) Sem kupila kar na blef, zaradi dobrih ocen in mi ni žal. Meni je vonj tako zelo všeč, da bi si kar ure in ure masirala po obrazu:) To bo še odlično za zimo, ko bo moja koža spet presuha.

    1. Hehe, jaz sem tudi kupila bolj na blef, pač v kompletu z drugimi L'Occitane stvarmi pa mi je res super! :) Do zime bo treba pa po novo stekleničko :P


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