Saturday, August 29, 2015

Currently loving - KIKO Makeup Milano Water eyeshadow - 202 Golden Mauve

Hello! A makeup product I am currently loving is by KIKO Makeup Milano and it's one of their Water long lasting eyeshadows in shade 202 Golden Mauve. KIKO Makeup Milano is a brand that has really grown on me and has become one of my favourite brands of all time thou I have not posted much about them on my blog, at least not yet :)

Packaging, price - it's very simple but not looking cheap at all! Black casing with silver writing, a little mirror inside, which is really handy! The eyeshadow has a very specific design, nothing I have seen anywhere  else at any other brand so far, it's actually ergonomically designed, so you can pick up the right amount of the product, which makes it a quick and easy product! Price online is 8,90 euros but is currently a bit lower as they have sales (at least on italian site). They contain 3g of product and are good for 18 months once opened. A big plus is also that the packaging is so easy to store!

Why I love this eyeshadow - Well, for starters the colour! I love this amazing shade and I regret I haven't purchased some more shades because the texture is amazing as well! Application is really easy! They were designed to use with a sponge blender or a synthetic-bristle brush to maximize texture performance. To get an even better coverage you can wet your applicator or brush and apply it. When I first swatched this one I was really impressed! This is really such a greatly pigmented eyeshadow and also so creamy and smooth! One swipe (when applied with fingers) is already enough to get the full coverage on your eyelids! My favourite way of wearing this eyeshadows is actually by itself just with some black kohl pencil and black mascara! The shade is such a perfect mauve with a tendency to reflect more brown-ish and with some fine shimmer, I find it perfect for everyday use or for special occasions! I usually never wear this eyeshadow applied with wet brush as I normally just use my fingers to apply and blend it. But when I do apply them with wet brush this feels like a cream eyeshadow! I am also in love with the staying power! With Urban Decay eyeshadow primer it stays on  for a whole day, about 9 to 10 hours with no problems at all! When this eyeshadow is used dry it gives soft shimmery metallic finish, that can be esily blended out. They don't settle too fast so you do have some time to reapply, retouch or blend. Though this shade is also shimmery there is no fall out. When applied wet this eyeshadow has a more foil looking finish. I rarely wear it wet as I find it easier and more wearable when applied dry. 

And swatches in the shadow and in the sun - top is applied wet and bottom dry application.
Left dry applicatin, right wet application :)

Have you tried any of these water eyeshadows? I will be purchasing some more the moment I get the chance! I am in love <3

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Kako je lepa <3 Si želim, da bi mi bila katera Kiko trgovina bližja ;)
    xoxo, Nyx

    1. Hvala, se strinjam :) Jaz bi tudi, bi bla vsak dan tam če bi imeli eno v LJ recimo :P

  2. kir pa hud pigment:), joj lahko bi nas kdo uslišal in pripeljal Kiko v ljubo našo Slovenijo:), ne morem razumet zakaj tega ni pri nas.:)

    1. ja pigment je super, nakup novih odtenkov te linije je že na vrhu seznama želja :P očitno se jim ne splača odpreti trgovine pri nas, čeprav bi jo raje imela kot pa recimo kakšen MAC ali kaj podobnega...


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