Friday, February 28, 2014

NEW in February 2014 :)

Hello! It's already the end of Fabruary and damn, time really flies... Today's post will show you my new products of the month, my recent purchases :) This time the list is quite shorter, especially comparing to January when I also had my birthday and got lots of goodies as gifts :)

So here's the list:
- Neutrogena Visibly Clear Peeling for face with lemon & mandarine extract
- Aok Pur Balance Waschgel with ginseng extract for acne prone skin type
- Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in shade 32 Beige Clair
- Essence I love stage eyehsadow base
- Alverde duo eyeshadow in shade 30 Felsenklippe
- Essence Longlasting eye pencil in shade 18 Berry Merry
- Bourjois 10 days nail polish in shade 18
- Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss in shade Nude Candy
- Deborah Euphoric Shine lipgloss in shade 06 and 13
- Chanel Lipstick in shade 81 Fiction
- Labello lip balm in Peach
- Accessories: Two hair clips and a pair of gorgeous blue earrings, all bought in DM store

Let's start with face and skin care. This month I wanted to try some new face products and I bought new Neutrogena face peeling. It smells amazing and does the job well, it's gentle but still works. I really like it so far. The next one for face is by Aok and this has been on the market for quite some time now. I don't have any waschgel at the moment so I thought why not try this one. It's designed for skin after age 20 which is still prone to acnes and blemishes. So far I've used it a couple of times and I really liked it. The last for face is CC cream by Bourjois.. which I really didn't need to buy since I've been mostly using my Revlon Nearly Naked foundation and Mixa BB cream.. but I have succumbed to the advertising and once seen on Lisa Eldridge... I just had to try it! And I am really satsfied with it, it's a great product! It's even better than my Revlon NN, I think I have found my new favourite for my base :)

Also, got some accessories - one hair clip and another that's more like really just an accessorie, but I really liked these two the most from the bunch. The earring are also bought in the same store, also in DM, and the best part is that all three of these products have been 50% off :) So I feel no regret there XD

For eyes I wanted to try this new shade of Essence Longlasting eye pencils, which is simply a gorgeous mix of deep purple with a hint of brown :) Really great daily colour or to match it with an evening look :) Another eye product - I got myself Alverde duo eyeshadow, for no reason other than I liked the shades... plus they were on discount. Last was this eyeshadow base, also by Essence, which I actually needed to buy, since my ArtDeco little black pot is running out, I have heard many recommendations for this oen, so I decided to tyr this one first.. also MUA has been suggested a lot of times, but since I only need this product by MUA I will wait with my order for now...

For nails I got only one nail polish this month, I'm really proud of that, since lately I haven't been using many nail products at all... I got this very beautiful denim blue shade by Bourjois, also as you can see, on 50% discount at DM store.

And my favourite part - LIPS! I got quite a bunch of new lip products XD First I bought this gorgeous lipstick by Chanel in shade 81 Fiction :) Don't worry, I got it brand new but second hand, so it wasn't as expensive as buying it in the store. I really love the shade, I think it suits me pretty well. It's also well pigmented and lasts longer on my lips than my first Chanel lipstick Pygmalion ( from last summer's LE). Essence had sales this month, due to the change of range so I got myself a new lipgloss for 0,99e XD I wanted a nice shiny, but nude lipgloss to top it over my nude lipsticks and I think this will do just fine. Also Deborah had, again, their Euphoric Shine on sale, also 50% off and I couldn't resist getting two more shade... one is pale pink, suitable for pastel spring and one is a more nude, browny colour and suits me really well ;) Than I saw Labello had a new lip balm out and I have resisted it for about three weeks... but than I just wanted to see if it really does smell like peaches and  omonomonomnom... it smells great! I love it, and it leavse a nice sheer shine on your lips. Also a nice product to top over orange lipstick ;)

Chanel lipstick 81 Fiction
Last beauty item of the month was another Revlon Lip Butter in shade Tutti Frutti :) Yep, I am a freak for lip butters, as you can see here and here XD

To finish my post on a more geeky side - I have finally purchased the rest of the Wheel of Time books, so I finally have all 13 of them XD Happy reading to me :D

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: Revlon Lip Butter - Red Velvet, Berry Smoothie, Wild Watermelon, Creme Brulee, Macaroon

Hello!  I was really taking some time with this review but I finally tested all five Lip Butters and it's time to give them a proper review :)

Let's start with the lightest shade - Creme Brulee. It's a sheer light to medium browny shade, with a hint of shimmer and warm undertones. It's really sheer, almost translucent shade, and it adapts to the natural shade of your lips - so therefore it's  hard to say it will look the same on every person. If you like nude, gentle shades, in the sense of my lips but better this is a great choice :) The texture is really creamy so it kinda glides on the lips, feels like applying lip gloss at first. Wear time with this one was for me very short - about an hour or two, also because the shade is so gentle and light that soon you don't even see it anymore. It needs more touch ups than other lipsticks, but as the name already suggest - these are lip butters and not really like regular lipsticks, more like a tinted balm with a glossy finish.

Creme Brulee

berry smoothie
Berry smoothie is a more medium natural pink shade, it seems darker straight from the bullet than it really is on the lips. It's a great colour to brighten up your face and not too strong to look out of place. Again, it wears off quickly and needs to be reapplied quite soon, but the texture is really nice and a little moisturizing. I don't want to say they are really good at it, but at least they don't dry my lips even more.

wild watermelon

Wild Watermelon is a nice coral shade with a hint of peachy pink and it's really just a gorgeous colour to wear everyday or for special occasions :) It gives a luminous finish and has a warm undertone. It has a really nice pigmentation,  but maybe it's a bit less creamy than other shades. Also, it gives a really nice opaque coverage. 


Macaroon is  a darker piky shade, with a hint of shimmer to make it look glossy. It's thick and creamy, feels lovely on the lips. The shade is suitable for everyday wear, also for work/office. The glossy finish fades way after about an hour and leaves a nice pigment on the lips. 

red velvet
Red velvet is dark, natural and neutral red without shimmer. It's very richly pigmented and gives the lips the perfect red shade, sadly my photos are not as good as I hoped... In real the shade is amazing and will suit a lot of different skin colours. It's really bold looking straight from the bullet, but on the lips it's really amazing red - looks really natural, it's easy to wear in combination with other makeup.

I have  also posted about my first two lip butters here, Peach Parfait and Cherry Tart :) I got my first two as a gift, before they were available in Slovenia and I've been loving them ever since ;) 

Hope this was useful to you :) Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Review: Sleek - Garden of Eden Palette :)

Hello again! Yes, finally!- I have time to properly review Sleek's newest  eyeshadow palette - Garden of Eden :) I have been using this one quite a lot in the past two weeks, a lot more than I expected. Since the selection of colours is a bit harder to match with the rest of the make up or clothes I expected this one to be a bit more problematic - but as it turns out, it's quite a daily palette and quite usefull :)

Let's talk packaging :) Classic Sleek eyeshadow palette as always, 12 shades, one double sided applicator, one big mirror, classic black case :) I am sure that when they change their packaging - all the blogs will be posting just about that XD

Sleek Garden of Eden eyeshadow palette is an earth-toned palette with six warm, neutral shades and six cool, greenish shades. The texture of the shades is pretty smooth, almost creamy - especially the frosty shades :) They also have a good colour payoff, and are easy to apply and blend. However, this palette also has a couple of matte shades, which tended to be a bit more difficult to work with. I like the colour combination of the palette, I just wish all the shades were of the same texture and colour payoff, two of them were very sheer and kinda disappointing at the beginning.

First row:

Gates of Eden - a brigt colour, slightly orangey-coppery mix, very wearable and easy to apply, the texture is very smooth and the shade is just perfect on it's own. One of my fav shades in this palette.

Eve's Kiss - pinky, more muted, mauve shade  with shimmery finish. It actually looks slightly more pinky on the lids than it does on the palette and it's quite a nice colour to add in the inner corners, or apply it along the lower lash line to brighten and open your look. 

Paradise on Earth - darker, more purply-browny shade with metallic finish. This one is very well pigmented and I really love working with this one, plus it really looks great on brown eyes.

Python - I love the name of the shade! Silly, but I really like it :) It's hard to describe the shade, something between brownish-reddish with metallic finish. Very smooth texture and easy to work with, I like to use it to line my eyes.

Forbidden - it's a more greyish-minky colour, but this one dissapointed me at first. I expected a better  colour payoff and more use from it, but it's really sheer and takes long to apply it evenly. I use it in the inner corner or when I want to brighten an area.

Flora - warm toned brown with satin - matte  finish, another shade that just didn't want to go out of the palette, it was hard to even swatch it, as you can see it's very uneven.. It's a nice shade, shame the texture is so hard and it takes a lot longer to make this shade work with the rest of the make up, simply too hard and takes too long to make the shade look even and build the colour to looking as it does from the palette.

Second row:

Entwined - a more yellow toned brown shade, another shade that is a bit too sheer and hard to work with. The texture is stiff and the product is so hard to get onto the brush... really a pity, because from the palette the shade looks gorgeous!

Adam's Apple - yellow toned light green with matte finish. I knew when i bought the palette this is gonna be my least favourite shade, and I wasn't wrong. Too bright and too sheer, the texture also too stiff and hard to work with... 

Fig - golden green with metallic finish. I love this shade, the texture is soo smooth, so creamy, so easy to work with and the colour payoff is really good too! It's quite shimmery so I use it sparingly and more in the inner corner of my eyes.

Evergreen - another green shade with frost finish, that I really like. Again nice texture and colour payoff, so nice to apply and blend it :) A bit too minty for me, but I still like to use this one.

Fauna - dark, muted forest green with a bit more warmer undertones and frosty finish. Buildable to full coverage, soft and easy to work with.  The colour of sage, if you ask me andI think  it  would look great on brown or grey eyes.

Tree of Life - medium dark green with matte finish, it can be applied lightly and have a bit more yellow undertone or more opaque and it looks almost cool toned. Another matte shade that was a bit harder to work with, harder to get it to be even, but once you build it up it's a really gorgeous green colour!

Most of the shades lasted on me about 7-9 hours, than they started to slightly fade, but it still looked quite ok, so I was mostly satisfied with it :)  My first encounter with the palette wasn't very satisfying, I was actually quite disappointed and wanted to say that this is the first Sleek palette that I am really not impressed with... first swatches were really.. not convincing me. Actually, I was so sad I almost wanted to say this is the worst Sleek palette I have .. and I have like 10 of them.. But than I started to work with it and the more I used the shades and combined them together - more I liked the palette. Once it comes to life even the stiffer shades don't bother me anymore. The ones I used most convinced me, and I really liked them so far :) Also the colour combo is just perfect, only I have sometimes hard times how to combine a green shade into my look  and final appearance.. Anyway, I began to like this palette more and more, but I would not recommend it to you if you already own shades like these. This is not the best palette by Sleek, but the shades are really pretty and actually quite daily, so I fell for it :) I can not say whether or not I recommend this one, because it really didn't do so well at first, but you know best if this is a product that you woud really love to try :)

Enjoy some more swatches and a quick look at the end :)

And a quick look :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Preview: Essence - Cookies & Cream LE

Hello! A new preview for you today - Essence Cookies& Cream limited edition :) As the name already suggests - this collection is all about gentle, nude, pinky, peachy shades and soft textures :)

Beauty meets sweets: You’re about to experience the sweeter side of life with the new trend edition “Cookies & Cream” by Essence. A deliciously fragrant selection of products combined with nude shades consisting of vanilla, caramel, pink, apricot, brown and taupe ensure gorgeous looks. Delicate eyeshadow and powder textures, trendy nail polishes with matching nail stickers in cute dessert designs, aromatic lipglosses and a handcream with an irresistible cookie fragrance – this trend edition unites fans of all things sweet. Welcome to the essence beauty patisserie!

 Eyeshadow -  Delicious eyes! The eyeshadow has a convincing smooth texture to conjure-up gorgeous, shimmering eye make-up in caramel, pink or brown. Available in shades 01 So hot, donut!, 02 Macaron, c’est bon!, 03 Last night a cookie saved my life.

Blush Biscuit blush… the fabulous apricot blush gives your cheeks a rosy, fresh look and feels wonderfully pleasant on your skin thanks to its silky, soft texture. Bake a pretty blush! Available in shade 01 Cakepop, that’s top!

  Lip Gloss – Tasty lips! The aromatic lipgloss ensures a sweet scent sensation as well as shiny lips in vanilla and pink. Welcome to the beauty wonderland! Available in shades 01 Macaron, c’est bon!, 02 Be my cookie monster.

Hand Balm – Creamy cookies! The innovative formula of the balm contains milk protein and cotton extracts for smooth, supple hands and beautiful nails. It provides moisture, makes your hands feel soft enough to caress and gives them an irresistible cookie scent, too! Thanks to the airy-light formula, the balm is absorbed super-fast. Available in 01 Keep calm and have a cupcake.

Jumbo Eye Pencil – Creamy all-rounder. This pencil is available in dark brown and taupe. It can be used as either a kajal or to create the popular Smokey Eyes look thanks to its super-soft texture. Available in shades 01 Last night a cookie saved my life, 02 Yummy, yummy!

Sweet Mini File – Yummy… the lovingly decorated mini file has a delicious cookie scent and is ideal for shortening your nails to keep them in shape when you’re on the go. Available in 01 Keep calm and have a cupcake.

Nail Polish + Sticker On Pack – Stick-on sweets. Four long-lasting nail polishes in the fashionable nude shades pink, apricot, brown and taupe with a metal finish create ultra-trendy nail styles. Each nail polish comes with a sachet of cool nail stickers with cool designs of various sweets. Available in shades 01 Cakepop, that’s top!, 02 Yummy, yummy!, 03 Last night a cookie saved my life, 04 Macaron, c’est bon!

 Shimmer Petals - Cookies, cupcakes, macarons or muffins? These gorgeous pearls combine the colors of our favorite treats and ensure a beautiful complexion thanks to their light color-dispersion and softly shimmering effects. Available in shade 01 One sweet day.

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly :)