Sunday, February 2, 2014

NEW in January 2014 :)))

Hello! It's Fabruary already and it's time to look back and see all my newbies from January :) I got a lot of stuff as gifts because I had my birthday in January, also  got some late Christmas gifts and some newbies I afforded myself because I wnated to spoil myself a little ;)))
It's gonna be a long list, so get ready :) 

-         Kozmetika Afrodita, Sugar scrub, brown sugar and shea butter
-         Kozmetika Afrodita, Massage oil with jojoba
-         Cottage, Fig – relaxing after shower lotion
-          Deborah, Pret a porter nail enamel in shade  68
-          Profissimo DM, scented candle Schokotruffel, 40h
-          Yves Rocher, Micellar Cleansing water
-          Yves Rocher, Collection Cacao perfumed shower gel with cacao and orange
-           Yves Rocher, lip balms: Cacao and orange, cacao and raspeberry, cacao and pistachio
-           Palmolive, Ayurituel  joyous shower gel
-          Oriflame, Love is in the air hand cream
-          Lip Smacker, Kiwi
-          Yankee Candle, Warm Spice
-          Bourjois, Color Edition 24H, Cream to powder texture in shades  02 and 05
-          Nivea, Pure & Natural, moisturizing day care for normal to mixed skin
-          Krasna, dry peeling for face with lavander, mate and hemp
-          Melvita, Eau de fleurs d'Oranger, orange blossom floral water
-          Essence, Gel tint, shade 02 deep red
-           Essence, All about matt!, fixing compact powder
-           Essence, Kajal pencil in 22 taupe me!
-           Essence,  Love Letters LE, eye pencil in  01 inkheart
-           Balea, Trend it up, dry shampoo
-          Balea, lip balm LE, mandeltraum
-          Catrice, Ultimate Nudes, 05 Bonjour Cherie!
-          Mixa, Soothing BB Cream in natural rose
-          Naomi Campbell, Queen of Gold showe gel
-          Revlon,  nail enamel in shade 736 Elusive
-          Revlon,  Photoready, perfecting primer
-          YSL, Rouge Volupte Shine, shade 12 Corail Incadescent
-          Deborah, 24 Ore absolute volume mascara
     Sleek, Garden of Eden eyeshadow palette
     Maybelline, The Falsies Volume Express Black Drama mascara

Let's start with a biiig gift I got for Christmas, only I have received it in January :))) I got a really amazing gift, lots of cosmetics... XD I got two products from Kozmetika Afrodita, one is jojoba body oil, which I have not  tested yet, because I have some other body oils still open and need to finish them first. Than I got sugar peeling scrub, which I have already tried and it's amazing. It feels nice on the skin, it is moisturizing and smells really nice, like vanilla :) I also got a dm profissimo scented candle with the scent of chocolate truffles, which is perfect for all chocoholics.. it's more gentle scented thou. Also I had this body spray/lotion from Cottage on my wish list and I finally have it now :D It's a great product so far, smells nice and leaves the skin very soft, also absorbs very fast and is not greasy. Last here was a nail polish by Deborah in this mazaing purple shade that was also on my wishlist and I'm really satisfied with the shade, almost as seen on the promo photos!

Another package of cosmetics I got in January, but I have already ordered it in December :) I finally have Yves Rocher products, which I am testing for the first time. I chose the micellar solution and three lip balms, and as a gift I also received the orange cocoa scented shower gel :) I really like the lip balm orange cocoa so far, the others I have not tried yet. Also love to use the micellar solution. This is my second one, before I had L'Oreal micellar solution and I can already say that Yves Rocher fits me better and does the job better :)

Than it was my birthday and I got also some more make-up related gifts :) As well as a lot of other goodies :DDD Here's a Palmolive shower gel from the Ayurituel collection which smells heavenly, I also got the hand cream by Oriflame, which I have not tried yet and also I got my very first Lip smacker in taste Kiwi :)) It is amazing and really smells like a kiwi! Love using it!

For face I bought myself some new products :) Because I really wanted to try something from Melvita I finally bought this Orange blossom floral water and it really does smell great, I love the scent. As for what it does - I feel my skin is more gentle, more calm but nothing else... Anyway, I bought it as a product to pamper myself, not as much as for what it would do to my skin... Also it was on sale, so I got it for around 9 euros.. I also got this dry peeling by Krasna, which I have not tried yet, I had 30% discount in DM stores and I figured I would like to try this one, after all I currently have no other face peeling at home. I think it costed me around 7 euros and a little something. Also at the end of the month I got sent home some other Dm discounts and I bought Nivea face cream for normal to mixed skin for 50% off. I haven't tried it yet, but I do need a good face cream and I hope this one will be better than the one I bought from Alverde a couple of months ago.

Another birthday gift! :))) I got this amazingly huge Yankee candle scented with warm spices and it's a perfect wintery scent :) I also got two eyeshadow pots by Bourjois, one golden and one purply and I really love them! I have tested both and I really like the goledn one for every day and the purple one for when I want something stronger, also love to combine them together :) The texture is really soft and the application very easy :) Love these two little pots :P

Next is a mix of stuff I bought myself because I wanted to try them and also needed them. I got two eye pencils by Essence. One is from Love Letters LE and I really wanted to see why it's soo good. I bought it after recommendations from two friends, and if they say it's good, than it's good :P The other eye pencil I got on sales, it was something like 0,80 euros and it fits me pretty well, suitable for daily looks. I also bought, again, Essence gel tint in deep red, because I saw it on my friends lips and it really looked great on her, so I wanted to give it another go and I bought it again. Than also by Essence I got this all about matt! fixing powder, because I have run out of the previous one and I like to have a powder in my bag at all times and it's best when it's in pressed form. Also got this Catrice nail polsih on sales for 1,99euros because they have changed the range. And last here is the Balea dry shampoo, also another repurchase, because I ran out of the previous bottle.

And now the last group of products :))) I got all of these second hand, so I didn't spend as much, but I still did. I got myself revlon nail polish in shade Elusive, which is really dark matte polish with green glitter. It's a very pretty shade, but I expected it to be more green. I got it  from a really nice girl on slovenain beauty forum and she used this once so the bottle is still full :) Next I got myself new BB cream by Mixa in lightest shade. Also second hand but for about half the price in store, because the shade was too light for the other girl. I like it so far and I don't have any other BB cream at home at the moment, only Revlon NN foundation. Than I got the mini shower gel Naomi Campbell Queen of Gold, to match my perfume that I really love! Also two mascaras, both were new, never used only a lot cheaper than buying them in the store. I wanted to try some Deborah mascaras for some time now and I finally got one, it's the 24 ORE volume mascara. Also my first Maybelline mascara, Falsies. Will see if this Maybelline one is worth the hype. Than another Revlon product - perfecting primer, I got almost zero used, maybe twice, but it has a pump and all so you know the product is clean. I got it for almost half the price in stores and man, I LOVE IT! This is such an amazing base, it really works miracles on me and it actually helps keep the foundation last longer. Last here is YSL lipstick in shade 12 Corail Incadescent and this is my first YSL lipstick I have. I love the shade, just enough pinky, creamy, peachy - it's a more springlike shade but I love to use it anyway!

I also got some new clothes, a hand bag, some stuff for kitchen ... some really gorgeous gifts and some really useful stuff that I actually need at home and some stuff I bought myself! I love the most this gift from my bf - Arwen's pendant from LOTR :)))) I'm the happiest girl alive :DDD

To finish off this post, I will show you another gorgeous piece I bought myself at the end of the month - Sleek Garden Of Eden eyeshadow palette :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Afroditino olje sem pa jaz tudi dobila in takooo božansko diši:) Se veselim ocene Sleek paletke. Odtenki izgledajo super:)

    1. Super, komaja čakam da ga načnem :) Sleek bo kmalu, obljubim :P

  2. wow, sam dori izdelki. Tudi sama moram it pogledat te bourjois senčila :)

    1. Hvala :))) Bila so v limited edition, upam da se še kje dobijo... nazadnje so jih imeli na voljo še v Mullerju :)

  3. Hmm tale Afroditin sladkorni piling bi takoj sprobala :3

    1. Je fajn izdelek, mehko kožo naredi, lepo jo nahrani pa diši lepo po vaniliji :)))

  4. Super nove pridobitve :) komaj čakam na oceno sleek paletke, zgledajo krasni odtenki

    1. Hvala :))) ja meni je tudi noro lepa, sploh kombinacija naravnih rjavkastih tonov z zeleno.. :)

  5. Super izdelki. Upam, da boš povedala kaj več o Krasna peelingu, mam pa tole micelarno od YR tudi jaz nagledano :)

    1. Bom napisala oceno ob priliki, do sedaj sem brala že nekaj pohval o tem pilingu, bomo videli kako se obnese na meni :)

  6. Kje kupuješ ta Essence pressed powder? Jaz ga vedno vidim sam v tisti veliki škatlici v prahu in bi raje imela takšnega, ker tisti je ful nepraktičen :/

    1. Jaz sem ga kupila v DM, saj navadno ga nimajo na zalogi, zato ga je težko dobit, mogli bi ga met vsi Essence štanti..:)


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