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Preview: Catrice - Sense of Simplicity LE :)

Simplify your life. Minimalistic design with maximum benefits. The look of the 90ies is back and it’s conquering the catwalks. Clean. Casual. Chic. Designers are creating a fashion flashback with linear cuts and selected high-tech materials like neoprene. Black and white, the messengers of understatement and luxury, are combined with clear colours such as bright pink and orange. Silver with a mirror glaze provides a cool twist and sets innovative highlights. The Limited Edition “Sense of Simplicity” by CATRICE brings the look of the 90’s to the here and now. From August to mid September 2015, conspicuously minimalistic beauty products underline the fashion trend of the season with must-haves like the Bouncy Eyeshadows with a metallic finish, the Cream to Powder Blush for a powdery-matt look as well as nail polishes with a semi-matt latex or mirror finish. There is beauty in simplicity – by CATRICE.

Bouncy Eyeshadow - Explore the 90ies. Expressive eye make-up looks are easy to achieve with the Bouncy Eyeshadows, which have a particularly supple, slightly convex texture that spreads wonderfully on your lid. The long-lasting, trendy eyeshadow is available in black-graphite with a subtle diamond shine, plain silver and shimmering rosé. All colours offer a convincing high coverage and a metallic finish. Available in C01 Strike a Rose, C02 Straight Silver and C03 Linda Evan-Grey-Lista.

Cream to Powder Blush - More Pink. The pink cream blush with a powdery-matt finish can be applied with your finger or a brush. The smooth and creamy texture offers a fresh boost of colour without a shimmer – for a long-lasting, healthy glow. Available in C01 Pure Pink. 

Juicy Gloss - Unforgettable. The Juicy Gloss is the new icon amongst lip products. Its semitransparent texture feels pleasantly light on your lips and veils them with a hint of colour in a choice of soft apricot-rosé, bright pink or warm orange – each with a subtle wet gloss finish. Available in C01 Strike a Rose, C02 Pure Pink and C03 Orange Obsession. 

 Latex Lacquer - Backward Future. White, mint, apricot-orange and pink – the nail polish range presents two purists and two feminine splashes of colour. A special highlight: the unique, semi-matt latex finish.. Applying two layers is recommended. The respective colour is shown on the lid of each nail polish bottle – this way, it’s easy to find your favourite shade. Available in C01 Pure Pink, C02 Orange Obsession, C03 Minimalistic Mint and C04 Simply White. 

Mirror Glaze Lacquer - Mirror Memory. Metallic silver with a mirror glaze effect is highly coveted and gives the nails a clean, luxurious look. Available in C01 Straight Silver. 

Transparent Mattifying Powder - Straight. Suitable for every skin type, this transparent powder has a mattifying effect and sets your make-up. There is a mirror on the inside of the packaging, making the Transparent Mattifying Powder an ideal beauty helper for a silky finish and a smooth, flawless complexion. Available in one transparent version. 

“Sense of Simplicity” by CATRICE will be available in stores from August to mid September 2015.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review: CAUDALIE - Beauty Elixir :)

Hello! Another review for you! And it's so perfect for all of you looking for summer staple products!
I had this product for a quite a long period of time, as I wasn't really using it regularly. I did use it a lot when I bought it and than some, than for a couple of months it only stood there in my bathroom until I decided it's time to start using it again and finish it up! Then I remembered I could do a quick review for this product and so here it is!

As Caudalie is known for use of grapes and grape seed oil and such it would be much more appropriate to use some grapes in the background, but as I didn't really have any I used some sunny, warm and colourful oranges!

Packaging and price: Glass bottle with silver cap, elegant print on the bottle with grapes. Can contain 30 ml or 100 ml. Prices are around 11 to 13 euros, depends when and where you buy it. Mine is from, and it cost less than 10 euros as I had a special discount.

The scent: Fresh, herbal and you can also sense a hint of grapes. To me this is mainly just herbal and well fresh, so I find it pretty perfect for summer time.

What it is? It's a really fine mist you can spray all over your face and without worry it would ruin your makeup or anything like that, it's more like an enhancer of your natural glow.

Application: It's easy, you just spray it. As it's a very even mist you won't end up with whole drops of the product melting your makeup off. You do however have to spray it from at least 20 cm away from your face.

What it does? It's a spray that instantly refreshes your face and gives it some more hydration during hot summer days!

Is it worth it? Well, I kinda want to say both, yes and no. I like that it feels luxurious and like a touch of added skin care and just a little something to pamper yourself with. However in the end it's just a spray and it's not that special at all. You can get more for less at other brands that offer similar products, and there are of course even more expensive face mists. This one is well very nice as I like the fresh scent and the way it helps me relax. I also liked to use it instead of my regular toner and just spray it after washing my face. A couple of times my skin didn't react well to the product as I would wash my face, dry it and than spray this on top and I would feel a burning sensation all over my face! Nothing visible though, no other reaction than that, and it stopped as fast as it began, the moment the mist was completely dry on my face I wouldn't feel any burning sensation anymore. I don't even know why this happened as it only did a couple of times, but I guess the combination of the product I used before and maybe my own skins pH level didn't want to work well with it. Anyway, aside from those couple of times I really loved the product and it felt really gentle on my skin! For now I have decided not to repurchase just yet as there is another similar product by L'Occitane I want to buy and try :)

Hope this review was helpful to you! If you have any recommendations what should I try next let me know!

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Hello! Every year at the end of summer Catrice changes their offer and  this year the products leaving us will be ....










Happy hunting for the products you want to stock on Don't miss your last chance to try some of these products!

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Preview: CATRICE - Lumination LE :)

Future  Reflection.  This  summer,  pastel  rosé  and  bright  pink  shades  are  elegantly  combined with shimmering  metallics.  The  implementation  of  modern  rosé  gold  during  the Spring/Summer fashion shows  already  demonstrated  the  ubiquitous  strength  of  this  extravagant  trend.  The designers presented futuristic cuts, reflecting surfaces and flowing fabrics. Even the key pieces of the collections, such as decorative golden collars, are solid and stand for newly gained strength, energy and feminine power. In keeping with this, the new  Limited Edition “Lumination”  by CATRICE  is offering multifacetted beauty products with unique effects from the  end of July until the end of August 2015. The must-haves include the new  Pure Chrome Eye Shadows  with a metallic glow , the Powder Blush  in warm rosé gold with a matt finish as well as the baked Luminizing Bronzer with elegant marbling. The blush texture  is a true eye-catcher  with its  rosé gold artwork and relief structure reminiscent of liquid metal. A bright outlook is guaranteed – by CATRICE

Lumination by CATRICE – Pure Chrome Eye Shadow 
Prism.  The  three  Pure  Chrome  Eyeshadows  offer  a  metallic  shimmer.  The  high pigmentation guarantees fabulous colour results in pastel pink, elegant champagne or  warm  rosé.  Easy  to  apply and  blend.  Available  in  in  C01  Radiant  Rose,  C02 Stargazer and C03 Interstellar.

 Lumination by CATRICE – Lip Colour
Precious Lips.  Lips  –  either  in shiny nude-rosé with a holographic effect or semimatt  in bright pink  –  are  the  must-have  accessory  of  the  summer.  Both  colours have a creamy texture that feels wonderfully pleasant on your lips. The rosé gold packaging is like a magnet for all trendsetters. Available in  C01 Radiant Rose andC02 Pink MATTrix. 

Lumination by CATRICE – Powder Blush
Gilded  Rose.  Warm  rosé  gold  provides  your  cheeks  with  a  fresh  touch  for  a naturally healthy look. The blush has a powdery matt finish and feels lovely on your skin. A limited highlight, which is easy to blend and provides a long-lasting finish. Available in C01 Flushed-Fiction. 

Lumination by CATRICE – Luminizing Highlighter 
Perfect  Glow.  Set  subtle  light  reflections  quickly  and  easily  with  the highlighting powder. The delicate texture with unique marbling leaves a fine shimmer on your face and neckline. For beautifully radiant skin. Available in C01 Luminous Light. 

Lumination by CATRICE – Luminizing Bronzer
Marbled  Bronzer.  The  baked  bronzing  powder  with  metallic  marbling  gives  your face and neckline a natural-looking tan with a subtle shimmer effect. The bronzer is ideally applied  with  a powder  brush  –  for  a  smooth  colour  finish  and  a  flawless complexion! Available in C01 New Bronze Age.

Lumination by CATRICE – Nail Lacquer
The  Future.  Ultimate  colour,  ultimate  coverage  and  ultimate  durability.  The  four limited Nail Lacquers provide your nails with a finish reminiscent of liquid metal  - whether  in modern  rosé  gold,  metallic  pink,  soft  nude  or  holographic  graphite. Available  in  C01 Interstellar,  C02  Cosmic  Pink,  C03  Stargazer  and  C04 HoloGREYphic. 

 “Lumination” by CATRICE will be available in stores from the end of July until the end of 
August 2015.

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