Thursday, June 4, 2015

Review: AVON Femme EdP

Hello! Let's talk fragrance! If you haven't tried any of the perfumes by Avon yet, maybe it's time that you did. I have not used many but I did get my hands on a couple of testers, but this was the first one I have bought full size. So as you can see, todays post is all about Avon Femme Eau de parfume

I was looking for an elegant scent that would be feminine but stil very daily, something that I could wear every day and not be too ordinary. So I usually prefer to keep my fragrances divided into day time/ night time or beter every day ones and the ones I find very special and were so expensive I use them for special occasions. 

I was checking this perfume out for a while before purchase, I saw it in numerous catalogs and never decided to buy, but than I got a really good deal and well, why not.

The packaging is very lovely, the bottle is a bit different, but still very cute. It's designed to look like a gem stone and with the top looking like a simple gem, it was perfect for my bathroom shelf. Also, it contains 50 ml of product. If you check a couple of catalogs you can get the product cheaper than it's regular price, it can really be a big difference as it really depends when you buy it.

The Femme range also offers body lotion and body spray, so if you like to wear same scented perfume and other body products, you can. The body spray could also be used on the go, for a slight refreshment during the day.

The Femme EdP is supposed to be a mix of pink grapefruit and luscious pear glitter, against gardenia blossom,  magnolia and water lily, and diffuse down into warm amber woods. So basically, a floral fragrance with a hint of fruit freshness that later during the day turns into a warm amber scent. 

And ingredients:

The scent is really feminine, light and floral and I find it perfect for daytime. It also lasts pretty well, especially for a lower price fragrance. I have read that some people find this similar to Versace Bright Crystal, but I can not really say, as I don't know the other scent. I am really liking this perfume.The scent really convinced me as it's gentle, floral but still has good lasting power. Also the bottle adds the glam effect and I like that too! All in all, if you like floral scents, why not give this one a try? :)

Hope this short review was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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