Monday, June 22, 2015

Preview: CATRICE - Lumination LE :)

Future  Reflection.  This  summer,  pastel  rosé  and  bright  pink  shades  are  elegantly  combined with shimmering  metallics.  The  implementation  of  modern  rosé  gold  during  the Spring/Summer fashion shows  already  demonstrated  the  ubiquitous  strength  of  this  extravagant  trend.  The designers presented futuristic cuts, reflecting surfaces and flowing fabrics. Even the key pieces of the collections, such as decorative golden collars, are solid and stand for newly gained strength, energy and feminine power. In keeping with this, the new  Limited Edition “Lumination”  by CATRICE  is offering multifacetted beauty products with unique effects from the  end of July until the end of August 2015. The must-haves include the new  Pure Chrome Eye Shadows  with a metallic glow , the Powder Blush  in warm rosé gold with a matt finish as well as the baked Luminizing Bronzer with elegant marbling. The blush texture  is a true eye-catcher  with its  rosé gold artwork and relief structure reminiscent of liquid metal. A bright outlook is guaranteed – by CATRICE

Lumination by CATRICE – Pure Chrome Eye Shadow 
Prism.  The  three  Pure  Chrome  Eyeshadows  offer  a  metallic  shimmer.  The  high pigmentation guarantees fabulous colour results in pastel pink, elegant champagne or  warm  rosé.  Easy  to  apply and  blend.  Available  in  in  C01  Radiant  Rose,  C02 Stargazer and C03 Interstellar.

 Lumination by CATRICE – Lip Colour
Precious Lips.  Lips  –  either  in shiny nude-rosé with a holographic effect or semimatt  in bright pink  –  are  the  must-have  accessory  of  the  summer.  Both  colours have a creamy texture that feels wonderfully pleasant on your lips. The rosé gold packaging is like a magnet for all trendsetters. Available in  C01 Radiant Rose andC02 Pink MATTrix. 

Lumination by CATRICE – Powder Blush
Gilded  Rose.  Warm  rosé  gold  provides  your  cheeks  with  a  fresh  touch  for  a naturally healthy look. The blush has a powdery matt finish and feels lovely on your skin. A limited highlight, which is easy to blend and provides a long-lasting finish. Available in C01 Flushed-Fiction. 

Lumination by CATRICE – Luminizing Highlighter 
Perfect  Glow.  Set  subtle  light  reflections  quickly  and  easily  with  the highlighting powder. The delicate texture with unique marbling leaves a fine shimmer on your face and neckline. For beautifully radiant skin. Available in C01 Luminous Light. 

Lumination by CATRICE – Luminizing Bronzer
Marbled  Bronzer.  The  baked  bronzing  powder  with  metallic  marbling  gives  your face and neckline a natural-looking tan with a subtle shimmer effect. The bronzer is ideally applied  with  a powder  brush  –  for  a  smooth  colour  finish  and  a  flawless complexion! Available in C01 New Bronze Age.

Lumination by CATRICE – Nail Lacquer
The  Future.  Ultimate  colour,  ultimate  coverage  and  ultimate  durability.  The  four limited Nail Lacquers provide your nails with a finish reminiscent of liquid metal  - whether  in modern  rosé  gold,  metallic  pink,  soft  nude  or  holographic  graphite. Available  in  C01 Interstellar,  C02  Cosmic  Pink,  C03  Stargazer  and  C04 HoloGREYphic. 

 “Lumination” by CATRICE will be available in stores from the end of July until the end of 
August 2015.

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  1. Joj zadnji lakec kliče moje ime :P Drugače mi pa ni ravno všečna kolekcija. :/

    1. Mene pa laki ne pritegnejo, bolj zanimiv mi je blush ter highlighter!


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