Saturday, June 6, 2015

Empties of the week 9 :)

Hello! Time to talk some empties! It's been about two months since I last posted about products I have used up... and I have quite a few to show you, so let's get started :)

Starting with products for face, I have finished up my first bottle of Kozmetika Afrodita Micellar solution and I did like it a lot, while using it. But after this one I opened a bottle of Nivea one and that one is more or less the best micellar solution I have ever had, really works the best and removes better than this one.. so sorry, Afrodita, maybe next time. At the moment I am not planning a repurchase, thou it might happen. Next to it is Balea Reinigungs milch (cleansing milk) I had for ever and didn't really use on regular basis, but than got tired of having so many products open at the same time and decided to finish it up. It's good but kinda average. Repurchase is a maybe, as I would really like to try some other brands first... Last product is a really good one and I would repurchase, but it's kinda expensive for a cleanser... also most of it I used during colder months and it felt really soothing at the time, not sure if I would even like it during summer. Really love the honey scent and am amazed how gentle this is! Full review here :)

Some more facial skin care products :) I have used up another bottle of Kozmetika Afrodita Clean Phase Tonic with astringent effect, I forgot how many times I have already repurchased this one... I really like the freshness and effectiveness of this product and will repurchase again for sure! It's actually one of my favourite Kozmetika Afrodita products! Also finished my Anaya Dermasan cream, I have written a full review here and I really like it's so light, I find it perfect for summer time and I have already received another one to test some more (lucky gal:P). Also used up a smaller bottle of L'Occitane's Gentle Toner enriched with shea, and I really liked this one, especially the gentleness and the spray pump! Such a money saver, you use less product and also save on cotton pads! I would like to repurchase, but I find it a bit too expensive for a toner, as this is the type of product I tend to use up really fast, so maybe I'll just try to buy the little 30 ml bottle sometime.The last product is also a cream but it's probably the most expensive cream I have ever tested! It's by BABOR and it's called ReVersive  anti-aging cream. This was unfortunately only a tester, but I really liked it and if I could, I would definitely repurchase.. full review is here:) Check out the amazingly looking packaging, really luxurious!

For body I have finished another Nivea Invisible black&white deo roll on. Nothing special to say about it, it's pretty good for someone who really sweats a lot and wears a lot of black clothes... will repurchase :)Also finally finished up Balea  Totes Meer Salz Ol-peeling with lemongrass scent. I loved the freshness and lemony scent of the product but it was nothing special really. I used this one first than went over with a shower gel as this left me with a coat of grease all over my body.. so the oil part of the name really does stand out.. however it did leave my skin well nourished. Still, I didn't like it as much and I feel like I can make a similar product at home by myself in my own kitchen, so I will not be repurchasing. The last product is by Dvorec Trebnik, a slovenian brand and it's theirs Jumpy Coconut shower gel. I did really love this, as any coconut lover would :P More info soon in a separate post talking just about the Dvorec trebnik bits I got to try out :)

And some more body products... Finished up three shower gels,the Kozmetika Afrodita Green Tea shower gel, Palmolive Thermal Spa mineral massage and Kozmetika Afrodita Coconut Milk cream shower gel. I actually ended up using the first one, the green tea one as a hand wash and it was really lovely scented, gentle, but I probably won't repurchase. I have also finished up the Palmolive Thermal Spa one which I have mentioned in my last months post "My current skin care routine (body edition)". Really loved this product and will repurchase as soon as possible. The last one, the Coconut Milk one was also a repurchase and another of my Kozmetika Afrodita all time favourites, will also be repurchasing again! I have also talked about this one on my blog, full review here.

Moving on to hair products.. I have finished up two L'Oreal Paris Elseve shampoos. The first one is Extraordinary Oil and it's really meant for dry hair, which is not the case with me, but I still noticed the nourishing effect of the product. Thou as my hair tend to be greasy really fast this is not suitable for me and I will not repurchase. I have also mentioned this product in my April's post "My current hair care routine" :) The other shampoo is Nutri-Gloss Light Shine shampoo and it's good, but didn't really do much for my hair, I haven't noticed any promised mirror shine or weightless feel.. to me it was just an average shampoo and I will not repurchase again.

Also used up Le Petit Marseiliais shampoo for dry hair with shea and honey. I actaully bought this one for my boyfriend and we ended up using it up together. Again not something suitable for anyone with greasy scalp and hair as this just doesn't really wash it clean. I mean it does, but it leaves a greasy feel to it and the next day I can already see myself washing my hair again. Anyway, even for dry hair this didn't do much, my boyfriend said he didn't notice any differences.. so well, there will be no repurchase. Anothe ritem is by Subrina NutriSence elixir for damaged hair ends. This is pretty good, does the job, helps my hair ends well nourished and helps prevent split ends. I have already repurchased, I use it every time I wash my hair, just a couple of drops mixed with Balea hair oil, really does help  so I would recommend giving it a go. Also used up a tiny tester of Maroccanoil. Just a regular hair oil if you ask me, I really didn't see what all the fuss was about.. but I did only try a tester, so maybe it would impress me more if I bought a bigger bottle.  

Two more products for body, I simply didn't really know how to categorize. Finished up a bottle of anticellulite product by Kozmetika Afrodita, called Cellulite reduction cream warming effect garcinia. I didn't really expect much from this product as I don't believe such creams can work miracles on your skin by themselves, but in combination with regular exercise my boyfriend claims there is visible change and that my skin really looks better and is more elastic. However I don't really see much difference, but oh well, if I have already bought it and opened it up, why not use it up. I did not repurchase the exact product, but I did get something similar, check it out in my New In May post :) The other product is one of my all time favourites to use on my thighs, Veet Suprem' Essence in-shower hair removal cream. It's just something I have been using for years but have never shown it on my blog as I always just throw it away after I use it up.. hair removal products are simply one of those I never consider as something cosmetic.. it's just essentials, just like cotton buds  or hand wash.

Some makeup related bits. MaxFactor Facefinity all day primer has been in my makeup stash for some time now, I have also already posted about it on my blog here. It's a really good primer and actually helps with extending the wear of my foundation, really preps my skin well. A big plus is also spf 20. I have already repurchased but after that kinda stopped using it as I started using up a couple of serums as primers... still, one of my favourites. And finally managed to finish up another of my foundatins, this time it's by Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in shade  51 Light vanilla. Really been loving this one too, I would repurchase but need to first use up some more foundations.. thou this is a really good one, check out my Guide through Bourjois foundations here. :) Finished up also with Essence Studio Nails hardening nail base. Been working really well for me, but I'm thinking of getting the silver one.. everyone seems to recommend it and I really need something even stronger to get my nails into healthier shape. Next is a tiny hand cream by L'Occitane, 10 ml of Delightful Rose hand cream. Really loved the scent of this product and also the tiny packaging as I was able to carry it with me in my bag. As I have a big stash of hand creams this will not be repurchased. It's been a long time since I've finished up a fragrance but here it is, Naomi Campbell Queen Of Gold EdP. Really loved the sweetness and warmth of this scent, but will not repurchase as there are many fragrances I would love to try. The last product is Stippling brush by Real techniques, which was my favourite brush of all times. The way this little baby helped me do my foundation nothing else did... but oh well it had to come to an end... really sad about this one and am looking for a new one. Hoping the new one won't fall apart like this one did...

And empty samples. I tried L'Occitane Arlesienne beauty milk, really lovely scent :) Bocassy Light day cream was also good, you can read a short review here. Than Melvita Apicosma Creamy cleansing milk for dry and delicate skin, it's an ok product, but I really can't get over the smell of this cream... I think I still have a sample or two, which I will use while traveling but I will most definitely not buy the product ever. Some Paula's Choice testers, tried Hydralight healthy skin refreshing toner and Hydralight moisture-infusing lotion. Both seemed decent but nothing really impressed me.. Than some more L'Occitane samples. Used up a sample of Precious Serum and Precious Fluid form their Immortelle collection, really liked the fluid one, would love to have some more of that :P And some Philip Martin's samples, tested Babassu Wash volumizing shampoo and than Calming Wash detoxinant shampoo and Babassu Rinse volumizing conditioner. All three were okey, but again nothing really stands out for me, so I will not be repurchasing full products.

About the last photo I will not be telling you much as there will soon be a post about these with full reviews. What I can say is that Dvorec Trebnik really improved and is creating some really lovely products. From the bunch I really loved using Lavander body milk and Argan ointment, but the rest are also very good. A short review of all the Dvorec Trebnik stuff I have already tested will be up next week. Also there will be a giveaway on my Facebook page soon and I will be giving away a couple of samples too! Don't forget to check out my Facebook page ;)

This is it, sorry for a long post, but I did use up a lot of products :) If you have any recommendations based on these products let me know, I am always eager to try new stuff :D

 Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. mislim, da rabim ta gel za tuširanje od Dvorca Trebnik. :P a ful fajn diši po kokosu? :))
    drugače pa super empties post, obožujem takšne dolge. :D

    1. hehe :P Ja lepo diši ampak bolj na sladko kot recimo Kozmetika Afrodita :) mogoče celo malo na vaniljasto... hvala, previdevam da bo naslednji tudi precej dolg :P

  2. Uuu, si bila pridna :) Drugače pa glede empties objav je meni vedno the longer the better :D

    1. Hvalaa :) hehe si bom zapomnila za naslednji ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Hehe, hvala, se trudim da dajem prednost izdelkom, ki so že načeti :)

  4. Super post in super pridna, jst se tudi zelo trudim porabit kar dobim, si kupim..stran pa ne bomo metal:)

    1. Hvala, me veseli da ti je všeč :) Ja seveda a ni škoda da kupiš potem pa se ne veličaš, stoji v omari več kot pol leta ali celo leto in več potem pa stran vržeš.. zadnje čase se res trudim da sproti porabim zaloge, kolikor se le da, po principu first one in first one out :P


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