Sunday, February 15, 2015

Guide through Bourjois foundations :)

Hello! I have tested a lot of Bourjois products and I have noticed I have also tested all their foundations, or at least six different ones from them. Instead of writing a separate post for each of them I thought it best to write a comparison post, which will probably help you a lot better when deciding which one to buy. 


I will start with 123 Perfect foundation in shade 51 Vanille clair/Light vanilla. This was one of my favourites and I really loved using it(still do but it's almost at an end). I recommend this one to those of you who have oily to mixed skin type, who have large pores, acne and such and need/want a good coverage. This will provide you with a very good coverage, I would say it goes from medium to full coverage as it depends in what state my skin is. But mostly this gives a pretty good coverage, feels light on the skin, is easy to apply and blend. It is a medium-thick liquid that dries as a powder and gives lovely matte finish. The finish doesn't look cakey or unnatural on the skin. It can be layered, but you probably won't need more than one or two layers, and even that just on the areas of your face you feel need more coverage. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and gives second skin illusion, feels really light and comforatble to wear. I would not recommend it to those with drier skin type as it tends to go dry on the skin and matte, so not dewy and not moisturizing. What I did not like is that when I would have a pimple and I would (of course) scratch it and it would leave a dry area, this foundation would make the flaking more obvious. Which is really too bad, but well.. 

Next one that I would give in this category is Flower Perfection and I have it in shade 52 Vanille/Vanilla. At first I didn't like this one much, it was good, but 123 Perfect was simply better. But later my skin changed and I don't know what happened but this foundation grew on me as it did just what I needed and 123 Perfection seemed too dry for me. I used to have really greasy skin but lately it is still greasy and messy and flawed but a lot more dry and needs more and more moisture and also foundations that don't suck all the oils out of your face. If you want you can apply this with fingers, brush or the sponge that is integrated in the cap, but I never used it so I don't know how well it would work. I use my fingers or my brush (RT Stippling brush). Packaging of these foundations is very similar, they all have the pump applicator, glass bottle and contain 30 ml of product. The coverage is not as good as with 123 Perfect foundation, at least not on me, but more medium, but buildable. Texture of this one is a lot more thick than 123 Perfection and I expected it to be heavy on the skin. But this powder is not heavy at all, feels very light and airy, you don't feel it at all. It gives you a satin feel and matte finish. It's easy to spread this one with your fingers, even though it's more thick.


Next one is Healthy Mix foundation Radiance reveal that promises healthy glow and flawless complexion. I have tested this one in shade 51 Light Vanilla/Vanille clair and I am halfway thorught the bottle. On me this has a more natural finish than 123 Foundation or Flower Perfection, it's more dewy but still a bit matte. Honestly, I have no idea how to say this but I will call it "semi-dewy". It still gives glow to the skin, but does not look shiny at all (shiny as in oily, glittery and such). It is buildable but will never achieve the coverage you can get with 123 Foundation, so if you don't have the need for a medium to full coverage this is it. Lasting power - it does last well on me, at least half a day with no problems, but sometimes it also depends what primer or cream or anything I use under it. It doesn like a combination of rich cream/oily serums/oily to mixed skin type. So if you have the smae skin type as me you need to be careful what you layer under your foundation. Currently I am using Etude House primer and it works well, but I can not layer another cream under or anything like that. For those of you with normal/dry skin type I think this would work really well and even give you a bit of a matte finish. I need to give a good blot with setting mattifying powder or else...As for the packaging I really like the pump system, it's easy to use and the bottle is not too heavy.  Lately I really liked using this one more than the Flower Perfection or 123 Foundation as it was a bit easier to apply and therefore faster to finish up my morning makeup routine. Plus the finish  is not too matte and not too dry looking and it's not too covering, so it's less noticable on my face.

Next one that I would give in this section is Healthy Mix Serum. At first I didn't  like this one much as I was used to 123 Foundation and this was more like a BB cream on me. I wanted at the time more coverage and more matte finish, but this is anything but. It gives nice dewy finish, but really naturally looking, not shiny at all. It also gives light to medium coverage, but on me I would say more light coverage than anything else. When my skin was a bit mixed and I had some dry patches (which is rare, but it happens) I did notice it tends to highlight imperfections. But if your skin is in a good condition and you more or less just need a bit of coverage and something to make your skin look fresh and polished this will seem like a miracle worker. It also evens out the redness well, as it has enough pigment, but it's a lot less thick than any other foundation by Bourjois and really feels more like a liquid bb cream. It feels light on the skin, like there is nothing there at all, if you need a bit more coverage for certain parts of your face you can slightly build it up but will achieve more with a good concealer. I would not recommend this one to those with very oily skin type as you will look greasy in a matter of half an hour, even with good mattifying powder. On me sometimes my skin just doesn't want to get greasy and I don't know why as my skin type is more greasy than not, but on a really good skin day this will look just fine for about four hours and than I will get shiny. I would say this would suit best those with normal to dry skin type with little imperfections or none at all and of course those who wish to look glowing and not matte. As for shade I have this one in 51 Light Vanilla/ Vanille clair and it's lighter than the HM foundation one. Best to check in stores for shades as these vanilla shades vary even thou the numbers or names are the same. On me this serum foundation has more yellow undertone than HM foundation, that one seems more neutral, at least on me.


I have two other foundations by Bourjois, I have tested BB cream in shade 21 Vanilla/Vanille, the lightest shade that was available in Slovenia and this product is not available anymore as it has been replaced with Silk Edition compact powder. I have not tested that one yet and I am not sure I even will, but I have noticed that our drugstores do not have the 8in1 BB cream anymore. I have also tested their 123 Perfect CC cream in shade 32 Beige Clair. I have already posted both reviews for these two and you can read about BB cream here and about CC cream here.

In comparison with other Bourjois foundations this BB cream is most similar to HM Serum foundation in terms of finish, coverage and lasting powder. It gives a light to medium coverage, again depends if my skin is having good days or not. It can be buildable but it takes more time as I use my brush with it and the HM Serum can be applied faster with my fingers. They last well on the skin, but will not last the whole day, more or less about 4 to five hours with the setting powder and all. If you are choosing between this two I would say go for HM Serum if you want something easy to use and practical as it has a pump, and if you don't need much coverage. If you want it to give you a bit more coverage, but just a tiny bit more go for the BB cream, the plus is also the portable size and the mirror. The minus is that you get a lot less product inside than with HM Serum. It's good, but a bit more yellow toned than HM Serum.

 As for CC cream, if you are deciding between BB or CC, I would say go for BB. It offers more coverage than this one, it feels better on the skin. I don't know how to explain this one but simply the BB cream feels more light, even thou the CC cream is also very light on the skin. The CC cream is very liquidy, a lot more than HM Serum and gives a bit less coverage than the two, also gives a bit more dewy finish. From these this is the most yellow toned foundation, the other ones are a tiny bit more neutral, the difference is most noticable at your neck area. It tends to cling to any dry patches you might have, as well as HM Serum, so  if you need something that won't do that rather choose BB cream. If you have oily skin type with a lot of imperfections this will not work for you as well as 123 Perfection foundation or Flower Perfection, as it  doesn't have enough coverage and it gives dewy finish that can quickly turn into oily finish no matter the setting powder you are using. It's best to use a good primer under, the HM Serum and BB cream don't need it so much as this one. In my first review I wrote this gives me medium coverage and it does, but only on my good skin days. For the last 4 month my skin has been acting up and this never gets a turn as I really don't find it a good foundation for colder months. 

I hope this long guide/review was useful to you and helped you decide which foundation would be best for you. I hope you can find a shade that will match your skin tone and if not maybe try mixing two shades together. I have read a lot of reviews saying that they like to mix the two lightest shades and that gives them the desired shade. I personally fit their lightest shades, except with the CC cream I have noticed that it's a bit too yellow even for me and I think that's because I chose the second lightest shade insted of the lightest shade available in 31 Ivoire. Let me know if you have tested any of these and how did they work for you? Do you have any recommendations which ones I should try out and I haven't yet?

 Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Trenutno imam tega CC in 123- z obemi ful zadovoljna. Za tega 123 sem brala ful mešana mnenja in se na podlagi mnenj nebi nikoli odločila za nakup, še dobro da sem kar sama malo po občutku šla-meni je res noro dober.

    1. Ja tale 123 je res dober, meni je ljubši od recimo tako oh in sploh opevanega Revlon Colorstayja za mastno kožo... imam tudi tistega pa je ta bolj mazljiv in sem hitreje zadovoljna s končnim izgledom :)

  2. Zanimiv review in primerjava! Bo treba malo pofirbcat, če ima 123 kak odtenek, ki bi meni ustrezal - upam, da ja, ker se bere dobro. Je pa res, da mi na slikah vse fuuul rumeno zgledajo - mogoče mičkeno prerumeno zame. Bo treba it pa sprobat ;)

    ( )

    1. Hvala :) Ja vsi so zelo na rumeno, upam da ti bo morda kak ustrezal. So si pa slike swatchev med sabo zelo podobne ker uporabljam vedno zelo podobne odtenke, navadno najsvetlejše od Bourjois :)

  3. Jaz sem tudi Bourjois maniak glede pudrov, trenutno me še noben ni razočaral :)

    1. Ja dejansko so dobri pa ne pretirano dragi, škoda ko mi bo tega 123 foundation zmanjkalo, je mel res super prekrivnost :) Sem bila s tem in pa z flower perfection bolj zadovoljna kot z revlon colorstay-jem, ker je bilo enostavno lažje za delat s tema dvema...

  4. Bourjois je res odličen, kar se pudrov tiče. Tudi sama sem jih že veliko preizkusila. Imam aknasto kožo in mi njihovi prekrijejo še največ nepravilnosti, pa tudi ne izpadejo 'cakey' na obrazu. Super prispevek, hvala za temeljit opis vseh.

    1. Se strinjam, Bourjois je res super pa tudi njihov Healthy Mix puder v kamnu je super in korektorja HM in Happy light, zelo priporočam :) Me veseli, da vam je bila objava všeč in koristna :)


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