Monday, February 23, 2015

Disappointing products #4: Revlon Powder Blush in 050 Berry Rich

Hello! Time to talk about another product that dissapointed me. I bought this Revlon Powder Blush in shade 050 Berry Rich some time ago and it's been collecting dust for a couple of months now. And as I was about to clean up and organize my stash I have decided it's past time to talk about this one and why I didn't like it.

I wanted a twist on my regular pink blush or coral brush and well, this looked promising. The packaging is plastic and simple, you get 5,1g of product inside with a little brush to apply the product with. Also on top you get a tiny mirror, so it's useful for those of you who like to take your blushes with you during the day. All in all first impression seemed pretty promising.

I bought mine at local online shop Click2chic but and there are new shades and new packaging. I think mine was about 5 euros on sales, but regular price is 10,85 euros which I find really expensive for a product that doesn't deliver.

The problem with this one is it's lack of pigmentation. The colour simply doesn't show up when applied, At best I get a light rosy glow and that's it. I tried applying this one with the added brush, with fingers and also with my other blush brushes and it's always the same, it just simply doesn't get to be as full coloured as in the pan. If you are looking for a very subtle blush this might be it, but well why would you want to apply blush at all if the colour doesn't show up as it should, if there's not enough pigmentation and well also lasting power isn't good. When I apply this, if I even manage to get some colour on my cheeks, this tends to dissaper off my skin after two hours.

Even the swatches were hard to make as this simply didn't want to get off. So really dissapointed by this blush, I hoped it would work better for me but it didn't. I am happy thou I didn't pay the whole price for a product that doesn't really do much.

Hope this was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Škoda, pa taka lepa barva :( Včasih se na površini naredi taka trda plast, si poskusila mogoče malo spraskati stran površino?

    1. Ja sem poskusila, pa se je samo okrušil stran in ni hotel biti nič boljši.. :S

  2. Res škoda, da ni bolj pigmentiran, ker sam odtenek izgleda prekrasno...

    1. Ja meni se je tudi zdelo da bo super potem pa tako.. še dobro da nisem dala skoraj 11e za njega..ker potem pa ne bi bila samo razočarana ampak pošteno jezna:P


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