Saturday, February 28, 2015

NEW in February :)

Hello! The last day of February... Time to show you my newbies. As you can imagine I didn't stick to no buy policy plus I got some really amazing things to test and you will get to see the reviews in the upcoming month or two. I think I might really have to go on a strict shopping diet, at least makeup wise... but there's Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Frambourjoise I wanted to buy for the last three months and some other stuff I also want to get and well.. I think I will have to make some priorities and a strict wishlist or I will again end up with such an enormous bunch of newbies. Not that I complain, I mean not really :P As you have guessed, there are many new goodies waiting to be tested and well, I will skip my usual list as there's just too many.

Let's start with some face products. Most of these are actually just awaiting their turn, as most of them haven't been opened yet. I bought this Oriflame Sweden Milk & Honey Gold cleansing milk last month, but I forgot to include it in my previous New In post. And as it's still a newbie, awaiting it's turn I thought it's ok to add it to this months list. Next is L'Oreal Paris Infalliable mattifying base, which I have only tested once or twice and it seemed ok, but now it's waiting it's turn, I need to finish up some stuff I already have. Than I have actually already done the Balea 7 days Energy treatment and honestly I can not say if I have noticed any difference at all or not, my skin feels and looks like the usual. From Kozmetika Afrodita I bought with 50% discount Clean Phase cleansing gel as I have just ran out of the Nivea one, but I will try to finish off the Nuxe one too, before opening this one. I have read many great comments about this one and I hope it will be good to my skin too. From Green Line, another slovenian brand, I bought ( also with 50% discount at DM store) a new toner, Almond refreshing tonic, as I am slowly finishing up the Kozmetika Afrodita one and I have never had any of theirs so let's hope it will be a good one. The last two items here are from L'Oreal Paris and one is it's new face oil Nutri Gold and the other Triple active anti-shine face cream. I have only tested their oil and it's good, scent is similar to the Alverde, as for a long term effect I am not sure, as I have been testing some other products this month and this one didn't get a turn.

My super package from FeelUnique! I finally had the courage to splurge a bit and bought Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray and eyeshadow primer potion. I got this voucher for my B-day and it would really be a waste not to buy something with it, so basically this is my late gift for my bday from me to me. :P Plus as there was of course a money limit from where the discount is valid I needed to get over a certain number and I got also Rimmel London Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder in Transparent. Why haven't I bought this sooner, this is really amazing stuff!

Some second hand shopping, I bought L'Occitane cleansing oil 5% shea and gentle toner enriched with shea from their new range, I have the small, travel size bottles, 30 ml, just to test and see what all the hype is about :P Plus alongside I also got this perfumed body milk with  The vert & bigarde (green tea and bitter orange), 50 ml. I haven't tested the face products yet, as I was testing out some other stuff for skincare and I didn't want to change too many factors to see if a specific product really made any change or not. As for the body milk it smells amazingly fresh and free and I really like it, I am kind of sick of the heavy sweet winter scents.

Next bunch is a mix of everything I bought during the past weeks. I got Nivea Creme peeling, that was on my wishlist and also on discounts at DM store. I have almost finished my Balea body peeling so this one will get it's turn soon. Than at the beginning of the month I got my hands on Essence Hidden Stories nail polish in shade 03 Mauve-llous Fairy. Nice light shade, but many were dissapointed as it was not very pigmented and needed more layers and even than wasn't as dark as in the bottle. I liked it anyway, maybe even more because I find it more gentle and subtle, therefore more suitable for every day use. Also bought a new concealer, not that I needed it, but I ran out of my beloved Bourjois Happy lights and I wanted something creamy, but cheaper. I got Catrice Camouflage cream in shade 010 Ivory and I am going throught the tiny little pot really fast. Plus a free tester of Melvita  Huile d'Argan repairing argan oil in a tiny cute bottle, 5 ml.

I couldn't stay away from Avon :P I got a new hair care product Advance Techniques Supreme Oils duo treatment spray for all hair types. I am almost done with my Gliss Kur Schwartkopf spray and I can't wait to start using this one. Plus I bought Ultra Colour Indulgance lipstick in shade Honey flower and with it I got some testers of shades Tea Rose, Creamy Melon and Pure Peony. Plus I bought Planet spa Sleep Serenity pillow mist. An interesting product, not my usual choice, but this seemed like something I would want to try. I have been on a hunt for a DM baby product, similar to this one that smelled like lavander and was also ment as a pillow mist, so well how could I resist? This product is scented with camomile and lavander. I have also received two perfume testers, Little Black Dress EdP and Fergie EdP.

Oh my lips! I had to.. I really did. There was no way I could not buy these gorgeous gems. :P I have ordered, with a bit of help from Nuša - Moonchild, my first ever Etude House lippie Color Lips-fit in shade #OR202 Wanna Fit Orange. Pretty and strong liquid lipstick that you don't even need much to get a strong statement lips, really loving this one! Than second hand, but new, another Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in shade 205 Snow Pink. A classic, everday shade, just to carry with me in my purse and use whenever I need a touch of a little something to pick me up. Two new Deborah lip glosses in shades 02 and 10 Strawberry Kiss. One of my favourite lip glosses and well they wre 1+1 so why not... Than my third Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in shade Nude-ist, a classy shade suitable for everday as well as special occasions and I'm in love... I want also to get shade Frambourjoise, it's a bit more spring like than the others I have. And another L'Occitane product, this time it's Cherry blossom lip balm, pretty good, but not much over the average lip balm. 

I won a giveaway! I got really lucky, again, and I have won this lovely prize at Parokeets last month. I got this lovely eyeshadow paletteby Deborah Secrets of the smokey eye in shade 01 Nude Rose. Plus a new nail polish Gel effect in shade 06 and a lip lacquer in shade 2, a lovely nude colour, Kajal pencil in shade 104. Bonus were two new fragrance testers, Just Cavalli - Just and Marc Jacobs - Daisy. It doesn't happen often that I get to win something but when it does I really get the stuff I like :P

Moving on to stuff I received to test and review. From Dvorec Trebnik, another slovenian brand, I received a mix of testers. and a lot of them. I can actually make a bit of a review since I mostly got at least three or more testers of a certain product. I got testers of Lavander body milk, Lavander shampoo for normal hair, hand cream gel Sea-buckthorn, shampoo for dry hair Sea-buckthorn. shower gel Marigold,  Marigold ointment, Argan ointment and a whole bottle of Jumpy Coconut shower gel.

From Melvita Slovenija I received  Apicosma Soothing cream sensitive skin moisturizer, so far so good, but a more detailed review will probably be sometime in March. This will be a part of their new range and it's not on sale yet, as I was told, this will be released 5th March.

From Babor Slovenija I received a new Skinovage advanced biogen anti-aging BB cream  with SPF 20 in shade 01 Light. I liked it so far, but I've just started testing it and we will yet see how well this actually works for me. I have also received a tester of their new face cream that will be released in March, it's their  ReVersive anti-aging cream. As I wasn't the one choosing the products I will be receiving I couldn't tell them I am a bit too young to use anti-age products, but I will give them a try anyway.

From Bocassy Slovenija I have received their  Serum and a tester of  their Light day cream. So far I liked the serum, the cream I have not tested yet. The serum is suitable for all skin types and it's supposed to be a firming and hydrating product with olive oil, vitamins A, E, d-panthenol and comfrey root extract. Hope this will work well for me :)

From Makeup Revolution Slovenija and Lič I have received some more goodies to test. I got the new Lip Lava liquid lipstick in shade Firestorm, perfect red shade and Iconic Pro 2 eyeshadow palette I find absolutely gorgeous! So far I am really liking the palette as it's got really lovely shades and offers matte as well as shimmer eyeshadows.

From Anaya Pametna kozmetika I have received two very good products. I have been already testing  their Dermasan face cream and Kristall face oil, both seem to work with my skin  really well and as I have been already testing these two for some time, the review is also almost done and will be posted soon. 

I also have a bit of new jewelry, a lovely set of black and silver, made from steel and onyx ( from Zlatarna Aura), I have received this as a gift from my parents for my graduation and also these lovely spring flowers. :)

And this last greeny is from my boyfriend, well for no reason, just because... ;)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. vau! Javi kako se ti zdi L'Occitanov tonik in olje - meni je olje super. Pa Frambourjoise rabiš, tako da bo upravičen nakup ;)

    1. Bom ja, morda naredim kar kako krajšo oceno :) hehe, ja zdaj ko je še znižana v dmju bi jo rada kupila :P

  2. Wau, to je pa ogromen New in! :) Sami zanimivi izdelki, komaj cakam na kaksne podrobnejse ocene. Najbolj me zanima kaksna se ti zdi kvaliteta sencil in copica pri MUR paleti? In pa ocene razlicnih izdelkov za nego obraza, ker sem vedno na lovu za dobro kremo, pilingom, gelom, ... :)

    1. Hehe, ja vem, hvala :P Zaenkrat mi je paletka kar dobra in čopič sem uporabila samo eno stran in je tudi ok, bo pa treba še malo stestirat preden vem zagotovo da so vsa senčila dobra. Kar sem prejela v test bom najverjetneje malo prej objavila kot ostale ocene, ampak bom verjetno večino tega ocenila :)


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