Friday, December 19, 2014

Review: Bourjois BB cream 8in1 - 21 Vanilla

Hello! As promised I took some time to review and test this product :) Now it's time to write a review :) 
I have bought this at DM store and it was on sale for 50% off, I think it's still available with discount in Slovenian DM stores. It was a bit of an impulse buy, because I really didn't need this but didn't want to miss an oppurtunity to test and try a new product.

The packaging is simple and reminds me of the BioDetox collection Bourjois had a couple of years back..I had their pressed powder and it had similar packaging, with a big mirror inside and a sponge to apply with. You can twist the upper lid with the mirror around as much as you like and it's very practical to carry in your bag especially for the touch ups and the use of the mirror :) Inside you get 6g of product and it's supposed to be good for 18 months once opened.

This is 8in1 BB cream and promises to even the complexion, create irresisitible baby-smooth skin, to perfect, smooth your skin, to be anti-shine and anti fatigue, also anti-aging with targeted correction, long lasting hydration and 20 SPF. I have mine in the lightest shade available 21 Vanilla.

What it really is? It's creamy and soft, it blends well, somewhat melts into the skin, the finish is very natural, like you have no foundation on top. It doesn't give you matte finish, but it's not too shiny either, so you will need just a little bit of mattifying setting powder on top. I usually apply it with a brush ( Real Techniques - stippling brush) as it helps me to really blend it well, I haven't tried with my fingers yet as I don't want to get it all messy and dirty too fast. I have oily to mixed skin type and this is not ideal for my type, but it still looks pretty good. I do need quite a lot of setting and correcting later with mattifying powder. The coverage is light to medium, a bit more medium on me, but I was really surprised how well it covered up my pores and I must say I didn't expect it to be as good at it, I really like it. Plus you look like you, just better, no visible lines you have your foundation  on... It doesn't cover enough to be completely spot and pore free looking, but I don't like full coverage as I don't like to look like a doll when I know my skin is everything else but perfect. What does bother me is the amount of the product, because I have been using this a couple of times a week since purchase and I feel like I have already gotten to half of the product...which is a bit fast, in comparison with any other foundation which can last you a couple of months easily..

Staying power is good, but average, at least on my oily skin. It lasts well over 5 hours on me, than I can already see where I have applied smaller amounts that it simply faded. It still looks ok, but it needs some touch ups on me. Small ones, but sometimes I really have to fix it a bit. 

I really like it because the shade fits me quite well, also like the packaging and the effect and finished look on my face. However I wish there was something I could do to prolong the wear and also that it would contain more of the product inside as it is not that cheap for a drugstore product, the regular price is about 15-16 euros I think. All in all, I must say I like it, mostly because of the way it looks on my face and well because the first impression of this was very positive and this product keeps working for me I am not as bothered by the fact it is not a very longlasting and that I need to do touch ups and use a lot of mattifying powder on top throughout the day. I got used to it and I really love how light it feels and looks on the skin. So if you don't have any major skin problems or need to conceal them, if you like lightweight products and light to medium coverage than this would be a good thing to try :) Also if you have normal to mixed skin, or even if you are a bit on the dry side this could still very well work for you even better than it did for me :)

And some more photos for you :)

the sponge - you can see the holes under, that go  through the packaging, so I guess the sponge can pick up some dirt from your surroundings..
quite yellow toned, as the rest of Bourjois foundations
full and fat swatch ;)
blended a bit
Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading! :)

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Večkrat sem šla mimo pudrčka in ga hotela kupit, ampak se nisem še odločila. Izgleda super ....xx

    1. Priporočam nakup, v kolikor najdeš ustrezen odtenek :)


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