Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review: Essence - Come to Town LE - Wrapped in Pink lipstick

Hello! A bit of a more festive review, this is a lipstick from Come to Town LE by Essence and it's one of the two available lipsticks in shade  02 Wrapped in Pink :) The whole limited edition is very festive and preparing you for the holidays and even the name of the lipstick is pretty girly and kinda cheesy but oh well... it's that time of the year again.

This LE is available for quite some time now in Slovenia and I think some stores still have it, otherwise you can still order from Click2chic online store if you want, the price for this lippie is 2,49 euros.

When I first saw this lipstick at the Essence&Catrice blogger event I wasn't much interested in such shades, but lately with all the golds, reds and some greens I feel like I need a break from all of that and I really liked this one. It's not the usual holiday colour, but it's not as girly as the name would suggest either. It's a strong pink, more like magenta shade and has some purple depth to it. So definitely not for the faint harted :P 

The packaging is standard for Essence lipstick, plastic but with the added touch of matching the outer plastic colour with the colour of the lipstick. Nothing special to say about it, but it could be done better. Anyway, with a brand like Essence you can't really blame them as they try to cut down on the less important stuff like packaging and still provide us with a good product for a reasonable price ( or maybe even for a cheap price, as these are really good  value for the product you get, quite a bargain really). 

The formula is similar to their regular range of longlasting lipsticks, but this one seems a bit more creamy and a bit more moisturizing than the other shads I have. Application is easy and even, with one swipe you could be ready to go, but I prefer the full on application and go over it twice to really get the strong pink-ish purply shade. It is comfortable to wear and you really don't even feel it on your lips. The finish is not matte, but not shiny either, something in between. Lasting power on me for about 2 hours and a half as I constantly eat or drink, so this is kinda the normal lasting power for me with Essence liptstick and than they need a bit of a touch up. After a long day and no fixing my lips it still leaves a hint of light pink shade on my lips. 

My final verdict is that this is a pretty good lipstick, especially if you want something different but not really a red lippie, if you want to look a bit different at the parties where most will wear different hues of red, you can always opt for a shade like this. Also, I feel like it really brightens up my face and the whole look and gives me that lived in look, not like the classic porcelain doll with perfect skin ( you really need a good base and make your skin look best possible to work with a strong and possibly shiny red) and perfect red lips... so if you feel a bit of a rebel and don't want to do the red lips every holiday season I would really recommend this shade and this formula, as it's really pretty good for such a low price.

Some more photos for you and an attempt of a swatch on my lips, but the shade is quite more lively than on my photos...

Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


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