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Review: Catrice - Velvet Finish foundation, powder and concealer :)

Hello! Velvet Finish is a new collection from Catrice, and consists of a foundation, powder and concealer. The range was designed for more mature skin as it promises to give optical illusion of lifting and disguising your wrinkles. Also this line contains hyaluron, vitamin E and B5, alantoin and spf 30.

I will start with the first product I would apply on my face, the Velvet Finish  foundation with hyaluron, spf 30 and a promise to be longlasting. The packaging is simple glass bottle, very small and handy and I really like the shape of it. On top you have a pump and a plastic transparent cap. You get 30 ml of product and it's supposed to be good for 12 months after you open it. 

There are four shades available and I have the lightest one in 010 Light Velvet, which is a bit too yellow and dark even for me, or at least it was at first, but than I got used to it and blended it well with Oriflame Illuskin foundation and it worked quite well. I usually use the other foundation to blend only when I apply this foundation all over my face, but most times there is no need to. I would say this is a shade too dark for me, but somehow I manage to make it work, but first application was quite a shock and I was like: "Oh this is bad, very bad, very bad, I need to fix this and I am already late"... 

The texture of this product is quite thick and I have never had a foundation that was so solid. But don't fear, even thou it's not like Bourjois HM foundations with silicones, it still goes on very well and  forms a pretty good surface, it's more like a cream than a liquid foundation. I really love the finish on my skin and that's why I really wanted this shade to work for me, this really covers up my pores and blemishes and really makes it look like a second skin, exactly because it's soo thick. This might not be a good choice if you like lighter foundations, or something soo light as BB and CC creams. It also has a bit of scent, but it's gentle and powdery, reminds me of Nivea...The finish is really good, it's matte but not dull, a bit more luminous. It's not cakey or anything like that, it really looks very natural and not out of place at all. I guess the only problem here is the shade selection. 
Staying power is also pretty good, I think it's even better than with Bourjois HM foundation.  The finish lasts for a very long time, I would say about three hours, which is really long for me as I have oily skin. And once applied and dried at first you don't even need to go over with powder. As for removing it off, I must say it stays on all day and I need to really put in some effort to really remove it in the evening. 

Next one is Velvet Finish powder with hyaluron in shade 020 Natural Velvet. This is actually the last step, but I will just talk about it now :P 

The packaging is again just like with any other Catrice powder. I think it is a bit more sturdy and stronger, this powder was lucky enough to only have fallen from my hands once and lucky for me it's still whole.  You get 10g of product inside and it's good for 12 months once opened. I have this one in shade 020 Natural velvet which is the second lightest shade, but you can choose from four different shades, and I would really like to try the lightest one as I bet would fit me as well too. Also tthis shade is quite lighter than foundation, I am really curious why they chose to create such dark foundations...

The texture of this powder is very good and I actually use this almost every day for the last month or so, it's very finely milled and doesn't make you look powdery at all. It's easy to apply and blend with your foundation, and if in combo with this foundation here you don't even need it at first as the foundation is matte enough already. And that's coming from me who never has enough matte finish and who always looks oily. Anyway, I mostly use this in combination with my Bourjois foundations ( HM serum, HM foundation, 123 foundation and Flower perfection foundation) and it really does the work well. It gives a bit of colour but it's neutral enough to fit my foundations, or better, it's yellow enought to fit with them.The finish is really great, really matte, but not looking dull and dried out, but soft like baby skin.  

As for coverage I would say light to medium, as by itself it's still just a powder and you can not expect to really cover all your skin problems, but if you do have almost flawless skin this could work for you on its own. Staying power is good too, but nothing too impressive if you ask me, I can get away with no touch ups for about 3 to 4 hours, and than I will need to do my forehead, chin and nose area again, after five hours I will definitely need to go over my cheeks again. The feel on the skin reminds me of my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix powder and this could be an alternative to it and a cheaper, budget buy. 

The second step (and last review) is concealer and this one is Velvet Finish concealer with hyaluron in shade 010 Velvet Ivory with spf 6 and soft-focus effect. I still can't explain what the soft-focus effect is so I will just leave it to your interpretation...

 The packaging is simple that of actually any concealer, plastic bottle with doe foot, just a simple tube. Inside you get 5 ml of product and it's suppsed to be good for 12 months once opened. This is the lightest shade available, you can choose from three different shades. Unlike foundation this is really light and can be combined with many other foundations, which I really like. It has a bit of peach undertone, but it goes well with my Bourjois foundations and so far I have been using this mostly for under my eyes and also for some blemishes. 

The texture is as with foundation more creamy and thicker than usual concealers from tubes, it blends really well and is easy to apply, it really melts well with the skin and leaves no visible edges ( if I apply one layer). The finish is not as matt as with the foundation, it's more shiny, so I need to go over with powder. It workes best for under eye area, but for me it doesn't have enough coverage and I need something more to really get the coverage I want, so I would say it's medium. I really hate applying concealer under my eyes in layers as I usually get it all rubbed off by the end of the day and it looks even worse than, as you can see the edge where I tried to repair the look but was unable to and than I get that ugly contrast where I still have two layers and where I have almost no concealer at all. I know this is not really the products fault but this one tends to crease by the end of the day if I apply too many layers. So staying power, is also thanks to my restless fingers, more or less medium, for a couple of hours but I think I will need to start taking this with me to do touch ups. 

from L to R: concealer, powder, foundation
Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Oobžujem vse 3 izdelke od prvega dneva dalje :D Prva tekoča podalga ki mi dejansko ustreza po odtenku, prekrivnosti, obstojnosti, fininišu in teksturi :D Edino v prahu ga šparam za poletje ker mi je trenutno rahlo pretemen :D

    1. A res? se ti zdi tekoči puder svetlejši od tega v prahu? ker meni se je zdel pa svetlejši...


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