Sunday, December 28, 2014

Empty products of the week 6 :)

Hello! Time to clean up a bit and do some empties :) I have finished some more products and now I will write a sort of short review for you which of these I find good, which are really good and worth repurchasing :)

Starting with some shower gels :) I have finished two  and the first one is by Kozmetika Afrodita and it's from their latest update, the new Coconut Milk line and also includes a body lotion, which I will also finish soon. I must say I really loved this creamy shower gel and I would repurchase it right now, but I really have to finish the ones I have first. The price is also pretty good, a bit less than 2 euros I think for a bottle and I really have to look away in the stores not to buy it already :P I have also reviewed this one here, the post is unfortunatly only in Slovenian. Next is another shower gel, by Fa and it's their vitamin&power Vitamin B nd Honey Melon. I really liked this cent in summer time and than I didn't use this one for quite some time and once I started it again it was already winter and well, I didn't like it as much. It feels very light on the skin and does the job well, but doesn't leave the scent on the skin for very long, at least on me I can not really smell it after half an hour.. I think I will not repurchase this one, at least not right now, maybe next summer.

Than moving on to deodorants. I have finished two, one is by Nivea and it's from their Pure&Natural collection and is a roll-on, it has the jasmin scent. Honestly, when in store, I thought this would be great and really smelled good on me, but when applied I really didn't like the scent and probably won't repurchase. At least not this one, otherwise I like their roll-ons as they are small, portable and pretty good at doing their job - preventing any unpleasant scents to break out. The only thing that might not be practical is the glass bottle, as I am really clumsy and always fear I will break the bottle in the bathroom. Next to it is one by Rexona, it's the Clear Diamond one and it's a spray. I liked this one, but I would much rather this was a roll-on and not in spray can. Plus is also that this didn't leave any white marks on my clothes as I mostly wear darker shades. Repurchase is a maybe, well, maybe if I find it in roll-on shape.

Moving on to some face products, I have finished  one toner and one face  wash foam. the toner is by Kozmetika Afrodita and it's from their Clean Phase collection and has some lemon extract and hyaluron acid plus astringent effect. I really liked this one and will probably repurchase in about a month or so, as I am already half way through my latest toner, which was also a repurchase, the one by KRASNA, I have already reviewed here. I will probably repurchase this one as it is much cheaper than the Krasna one and also it's pretty good and worked well for my skin, and I think it actually helped with my problematic skin. The price is about 5 euros and you get 200 ml of the product which is pretty good, considering the Krasna one I am using at the moment costs 12 euros and also offers 200 ml. The next product I have finished is this face wash foam by Nivea and I really liked this. I was using it in the morning and it did really well, refreshed my face and cleaned up well.  I had this for quite some time before I started using it and before this one I had the Balea one and that one was also good, but less gentle. This one really causes me no problems or irritations and still does the job well. In the evening I used first micellar water and than went over with this foam cleanser and really washed my face well and I think this is realy worth repurchasing. I will repurchase but probably not just yet as I have two more cleansers at home to finish first.

And some more face products :) I have finished this Alverde Waschcreme Heilerde, which was already my repurchase as I have known this collection since I was in high school and really liked it. It's reasonably priced, they try to be as natural as possible and does the job just the same as  any other cleanser. But if you use foundation with very good coverage and staying power this might not work well for you as you will need to cleanse again to really get everything off. All in all, it's pretty good and gentle, doesn't irritate my skin and leaves it feeling fresh and soft so I might repurchase this in the coming months, once I finish my stash. Next to it is Visibly Clear face peeling by Neutrogena. I bought this after I saw and tested it at my friends house and I really liked it at first try, It's soo light, and creamy at the same time, it's gentle but effective, not too gentle, you can still feel the little parts working in your skin. I didn't use this every day or anything like that, mostly I used this once a week or maybe once per two weeks and it did work for me. It didn't cause me any more skin problems and I would repurchase but I have decided to test a Garnier with wasabi extract first. And I really did love the fresh and cooling sensation this gives, plus the pleasant scent. The price is about 5-6 euros, if memory serves me right, but it could be some more. The only problem I had with this was that I had to cut open to use up the product as it wouldn't come out anymore at the end. The last item here is not for face but for hair and it's by Scwarzkopf Gliss Hair repair 6 miracles oil essence. It's just an oil for hair and I used it mostly for hair ends, but it didn't really do much change, it just kept them in good shape and gave them enough care so that they didn't split as much as before and also helped a bit with the health of my hair in general, kept them strong and neat. I will not repurchase this as it didn't do anything special, it was an ok product but not that impressive and that good I would want to repurchase. I will test some other products first before coming back to this one. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad product, it's a good one but just not that amazing.

Some L'Occitane empties, I have finished a hand cream Dry skin hand cream with shea butter, their bestseller I think, and I must say this is also my favoruite product from this brand,from their body and skin care range. This  was already a repurchase and I will treat myself with another cream when I save some money for it, plus once I finish with my hand creams stash. I have also finished the Pevoine Flora EdP, which I have recieved as a  Christmas gift from my bf's mother, about two or three years ago and I finally finished it. I really loved this scent and would repurchase now if I could, but it's simply too expensive and I have quite a stash of EdT's and EdP's... soo.. I really shouldn't. I also really like the bottle, the colour and the shape... I might reuse it and buy some perfume copy, like from Refan shop..

And finally some finished makeup products. I have finally decided to throw away Deborah 24 Ore mascara, as it was really old and I didn't even use it anymore it just was there in the bathroom and waited. Than I finally decide to give her one last try and it was sooo baad... I mean it, the formula went really bad and I couldn't even apply this well without getting it all over my face and I have finally given up that this will ever again work for me. After all mascaras are supposed to be good for about 6 months and I have kept this mascara for a lot longer... The review is here, but as for the repurchase.. I don't think so. It's good, but I already have better ones and well, I will not repurchase.
Than next is a face powder by Essence, All about matt! fixing compact powder. It was an overall ok product but sometimes I tended to look too white with this, I don't know why, maye because of the foundation or maybe I applied too much? This didn't really do much for me, as for the matte effect it was more or less average, so as expected for the price - less money, less music... It's not bad and some really like this, but my skin is too greasy and in combination with my foundations this simply doens't work as well as I hoped it would. I have finished it almost completely but than the rest of the product broke and well, I had to throw it away. Anyway, if you are on a budget this would be worth trying, but if you really need a good powder that will keep your face matte for a longer time than I would recommend investing in something else. The last product of my empties is another powder, by Catrice, All Matt plus shine control powder. An ok powder, again pretty average at keeping my face matte, easy to work with and natural finish, but well, I will not repurchase. It's quite similar to the Essence one but a bit more expensive and really, I still prefer the Bourjois one and will rather buy that one, even thou it's more expensive, simply because it's so much more fine and looks so much more natural and also helps me stay matte longer than these two did. I didn't even finish the product really, I kinda broke it when it fell on the ground and some time later the product completely broke inside and I decided to throw the remains away.

Did you try any of these? Do you recommend me something similar?

Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Jaz tudi uporabljam Afroditin tonik, ki mi je super. Essencova matirna pudra pa sem že dva razbila po nekaj uporabah, tako da niti ne kupum več.

    1. Ja res je dober, ga bom res najverjetneje kupila še enkrat v kratkem :) Hehe tale Essence sem imela samo doma ga nisem nosila s sabo, ker če bi ga bi se mi zdrobil še prej..

  2. L'Occitane meni najljubša krema za roke!!!

    1. Ja res je dobra, komaj čakam da si kupim drugo :)

  3. Nivejina čistilna pena mi je res super. Obraz je tako svež in odstrani vsa ličila. :)

    1. Jaz sem bila tudi prijetno presenečena nad to peno, si jo bom kmalu spet kupila :)

  4. Hey! I use the Fa shower gel (the same) now :) The scent is ok but that's all with this gel :)

    Ps. If you wanna try some new products and in great prices, I recommend you to visit your drug stores now. At least in Poland, there are great discounts (to - 50%) for X-mass boxes of cosmetics. Great opportunity to do the supplies for the upcoming year :)

    I wish you all the best in the New Year, Poly! I hope your X-mass was wonderful and you like the gifts :)

  5. Meni je Krasna tonik tudi odličen, sem ga enkrat kupila ravno zaradi tvoje ocene.:) škoda, da je tak drag..
    sicer pa imajo do jutri v Tuševi drogeriji 30% popust na Krasna izdelke. :)


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