Sunday, December 14, 2014

Review: Catrice - Color correcting mattifying powder

Hello! I got this powder to test and try at the Essence&Catrice event and I have been using it ever since. It's the Catrice Color correcting mattifying powder in shade 010 Delicate Blossom. 

The packaging is simple and classic for Catrice and I really wish they did better ones as I seem to keep dropping these ( I had another Catrice mattifying powder, that's now waiting to be posted under Empties) on the floor. 

This powder has different hues to correct uneven skin tone and at the same time mattify your face. Green is supposed to cancel out any redness you might have, pink is supposed to freshen-up tired complexion  and beige shades  are there to bring you the natural skin tone. The powder is really light and fine, it has a slight scent, but I like it I don't know how to describe it otherwise than tha of on old makeup.

It's easy to apply and blend, but at first I had noticed that it really doesn't want to come out of the pan and I thought I simply needed to get throught the first layer and get it really started. At first I didn't notice any changes to my foundation and whole look and thought it just a powder with matt effect and nothing more, now that it's really been used some more I can also say it does help me a bit with my skin tone, but you can still see redness or anything like that through, so this does not do any miracles by any chance, but it does help a bit. It also doesn't leave you looking too powdery, which is really important to me as I tend to look like I have way too much powder on top of my foundation and sometimes need to really go back in and blend and correct some more, and a big plus is that it leaves your skin feeling really soft. As for keeping me shine-free throughout the day it does a fairly good job, My nose- area and chin and forehead start to shine really fast and even here they did too, about after three hours. I find this pretty good, as I tend to get shiny really fast, but the real touch up was needed some time later, after around five hours of wear. 

In general I should be liking this product, and I am, sort of. But it's just something...maybe because the first impression was that this is just another transparent powder with matt effect that didn't do any miracles but simply a good job? I don't know, but somehow I am not liking this as much as I want to and I still think the Bourjois Healthy Mix pressed powder is the best one I have tried so far from drugstore makeup... Anyway, this is still a pretty good budget buy and if you don't have really oily skin and need a really good powder that will also help you conceal well, this is actually a pretty good buy.

Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Js ga obožujem, ker mi matira obraz ampak je dovolj lahek da se ga ne opazi :) But i hit the pan :P Se vidi da ga res uporablam :D

    1. Ja sja je dober, ne rečem, ampak ne vem zakaj jaz nisem bolj navdušena nad tem, čeprav ga redno uporabljam... :Pbom tudi jaz kmalu na istem hehe :P

  2. Jaz tudi že nekaj časa razmišljam da bi napisala review, pa ne vem kaj napisati. Saj je kar vredu in opravi svoje delo, ampak ni pa nek presežek.

    1. Ja saj to, je v redu ampak se ne moreva navdušit nad njim hehe..


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