Friday, October 17, 2014

Essence & Catrice event for bloggers Slovenia - October 2014 :)

 Hello! Today's post will be about an event I attended on Wednesday, 15th October :) I was invited to participate at a Cosnova Essence and Catrice event for bloggers! This was my first event of this sort, but many other bloggers have been invited for the second time to Essence&Catrice, plus many other events. I am not really sure where to begin so.. let's start from the first thing that happened that day :P

Normally I don't write personal posts or anything like that, but this one will be a bit different :) I had to wake up early, go to Uni, finish my classes, run home, get changed, shower, wash my hair, put on some makeup.. I was kinda happy I didn't really have a lot of time to get ready because than I would complicate with what to wear and what makeup to do and the longest I took was what to choose for my lip colour... I ended up wearing Avon's lipstick Luxe in shade Cheri. But than I was eating and drinking and most of it went off very fast... Plus I had very chappy lips, as I was taking photos of different lippies on Monday for three hours and rubbed my lips so much and so many times they started to peel and cause problems...

So finally, got ready, on the bus and to the center of Ljubljana, where we were to meet before the event with some bloggers and have a drink together, at leats some of us. Than we continued to the Ljubljana Castle, a bit early, but better save than sorry. We entered the Ljubljana castle's White Hall ("Bela dvorana") on time and were greeted by two lovely girls from Cosnova and the one and only Natalija Dečman, who invited us all to the event :) 

First off, I must really comment on the venue and all the arrangemets :) Everything was prepared, very well organised, thought off and simply very lovely! The arrangements of the place, where the stands were, the products, the limited editions, the tables to swatch and compare, comfortable chairs, the sweets and the sour snacks, drinks.. and really loved the white flowers on the tables! 

We started with taking some photos while we were served some fruit cocktails (aperitifs), which I didn't try, but I really liked how it looked.. I think I regret now not trying one :P Than we started the presentation of the brands and their products. The two lovely ladies from Cosnova ( I am really sorry, I forgot their names) presented us the latest facts about the brands, showed us some videos and presented some latest new limited editions. There was one by Catrice that I really liked, called Viennart ( you can check the preview here), but that one was unfortunately not available. The design is so gorgeous, I bet lots of cosmetics lovers will fight for those products!

Than we were told we can check out the products, do some swatches, take more photos and well - have fun with the products! Plus there was  a spot where we could get our nails done or make up, whatever you prefered. Well I didn't go for any of that, mostly because I was so busy checking out the stands and talking :P I had never ever had a chance to get my nails done by someone else, or my makeup.. so this was my chance, but I didn't take it, because I was simply so absorbed with everything else :P We were told to pick up to 10 products, whatever that may be... So we started digging :P I already had my wishlist, so I kinda knew what I wanted to try! Ever since I knew I was invited to this event I really tried to make a list of products I would love to try, to at leats have a chance to see them live and swatch and test them before purchasing, or maybe hear some comments from other bloggers what would be best to buy. As we were lucky to be allowed to choose ten items of our own desire, I was able to get my hands on everything that was on my wishlist! Sooo happy!

And than we talked and chatted and chatted some more! I got to know in person some really great girls, I didn't get to talk to all of them unfortunately.. I feel kinda sad about that, so if anyone of you lovely ladies want to ever talk to me about makeup, make swaps and such, or just grab a coffee I would be really happy if you would contact me ;)

We were able to choose our 10 product from full length stands of Essence and Catrice cosmetics plus from limited editions. I think they offered us some that were already seen in Slovenian stores and some yet to come, like Essence Rock Out!, Catrice Feathered Fall, Catrice Check&Tweed, Essence Come To Town, Essence Hello Autumn, Essence New in Town, Catrice It Pieces, Catrice Metallure

Also if we needed any help or any suggestions, or anything at all, both Cosnova girls and Mrs. Natalija Dečman were available to talk to and answer some questions. I didn't really talk much to them, sorry girls, but how can I talk even more than I already did? :P We were really all over the place, I checked all stands multiple times just to make sure there is no other product that I would rather try than the my top 10 picks, because if you are given an option, why try something you know won't work for you or you won't like as much as something else :)

Than a special paragraph about food! :D Yes, I love food, and I especially love something sweet! And they really took good care of that! I tried a piece of that lovely fruit cake and a cake pop and they were both really really good! I need to learn how to make cake pops! Not too sweet, but than again just the right amount of everything! One of the bloggers commented on the coffe, claiming to be the best coffe she ever tasted ;) Plus there were some salty/sour snacks, that looked really delicious, but I was too excited to feel hungry at all :) I didn't eat much the whole day, didn't really have the time for a proper lunch, I was too busy and too excited :)

So than it was time to go home and on our way out we got a huge, I mean HUGE surprise! Each of us got two really big and full bags of products to take home! I really did not see that coming! They pampered and spoiled us too much! Happy! :D

And as some of us didn't want to really go home just yet we decided to go grab another drink and than home to search our bags and check all the goodies :)

I am really thankful to everyone who helped organise this lovely event and especially to Mrs. Natalija Dečman for noticing my blog and inviting me along :) It's nice to know my blog doesn't go unnoticed by others, plus I was really pleasantly surprised to see so many slovenian beauty bloggers knew UniqaPoly :) It was great to see all these lovely ladies in person, I hope to see you soon! I would do this whole event again and again! ;)

And some more photos.. I didn't take many, plus some were really bad quality.. so I will link some of the posts other bloggers did, or will do ( will try to update it), so you can see what they had to say about the event and some more photos... 

My top ten.. missing the Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster, because I already tried it and is currently in my handbag.. 
Some more contents of my bags... Need to check out the promo material and some pens that came along ;) Really thoughtfull to think of some ballpoint pens, they always come in handy :)

As you can see I got so many goodies.. I need to write them all down, categorize them and make a list what to try first, what to give as a giveaway for my lovely readers... There will be another giveaway, but as I am currently hosting one, this one will happen later in November and I will add some more stuff, not just these two brands :)
And some more photos from the event :) Sorry, some are bad quality.. I forgot to charge the batteries on my camera so I took them with my tablet, which doesn't have the best camera at all.. I know, what kind of a blogger doesn't charge the batteries for an event like this! Sorry ladies, it was a crazy week and plus, it's better I don't show you all the same photos as others, you can expect some more posts from them about the event and sometimes photos or the content can repeat..

And yes I took photos of the food... and no I was not excited to go to this event for free food :P I just really loved how well everything was prepared :)

 Really loved the flowers so I tried to take a photo of them...

And thank you again for invitation and everything :) Also thanks to all the lovely bloggers I was able to meet and I hope to see you soon!

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Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


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