Friday, December 5, 2014

Review: Bourjois - Rouge Edition Velvet 08 Grand Cru

Hello! Time to do another review :) I have wanted to post about this one for some time now and I finally have some time to write a proper review for this beauty! I like matte finish on my skin, but usually I go for more of a semi-shiny finish on lips, especially since I have quite smaller lips, or at least that's what I think, and the shine gives them a bit of pop and volume. But the main reason I never chose matte shades is mostly because the shades that were available. Mostly they were too bright and too neon and I didn't like the swatches on my hands or my lips and well.. we don't have many brands in Slovenia that do drugstore makeup and matte lipsticks. So this is quite a hyped up product and as someone who loves Bourjois and loves most of their products I really had to give it a go! There is 8 shades available in total and I got my hand on the darkest one 08 Grand Cru.

What makes these different than any other drugstore product I have tried is texture. This does not feel like a cream at all, as someone might expect, but more like a mousse, therefore the application is really smooth. The applicator is small regular one, just like with any lipgloss or similar product. 

The colour I have chosen is the darkest one available, shade 08 Grand Cru and it's a really perfect burgundy shade for fall/winter time. It could look a bit vampy if you wanted to creat that look, but didn't want to go even darker with your lips. 

Pigmentation with this one is a bit funny. I have had some problems at first with this product as it didn't really do anything for me and it was so hard to get it on and stay put. I thought I have bought a bad product or maybe there was a trick to how to use it or something. The tester in the store was fine and than I get home and I see that this one is way different? Well, that's when I did finally go online and checked if anyone else reported any problems with this shade and well.. they did. I am used that my products are easy to use and especially easy to apply, but this one need more work as the pigmentation really looks just.. weird. You can see on my swatches that this one looks like the pigments have been glued together and that there is no way you can blend it in and break the molecules to work between them. So the swatch here is a lot more sheerer than the shade really is. On the lips I needed my fingers, my lip brush and more than three coats to finally make this work. It does leave a strong stain thou, so something is working here. The first coat looked very uneven and as I tried to blend it the pigment transfered to my fingers or brush or back to the applicator and I couldn't get it to look normal. So I kinda gave up and well after a couple of minutes tried again and well, it appears to be ebst if you apply one coat, let it dry and than apply another one on top of it. With some more blending I was able to make clear edges but than I already ruined the middle and needed to touch up, so that was already my third layer of the product. On the lips it feels like a feather, so it's amazing how much more complicated this is to apply and how natural, soft and easy it is to wear once it's applied. 

Finish of this lip product is supposed to be matte, but at first it's still abit shiny and needs some time to really go matte. I like both finishes, a little bit shiny one and the completly matte one, but once it's properly matte, on me it took some time, I can not say exactly but I think the three coats needed about 20 minutes or so, it's a really perfect shade and looks amazing. If blended well it doesn't even look like you have anything on but more like it's the natural colour of your lips. I really loved that it looked a bit vampy and the impact it has on your whole face is amazing. If you are willing to put up with the work needed to make it even I really recommend it! 

Staying power for this one is also very good, once it's on, even if you eat or drink it will not transfer or fade or anything. Well even this has it's limit. On me it lasted for about 5 hours but than I needed to do some serious touch ups. I must say I did eat and drink a lot in that time, as it was lunch time and than coffee break and than chocolate time and than some banana time...

Of course, as this is matte lip product it is a bit more drying, but not too much, at least not to me. Also it does require a good prep before application, meaning a scrub and well pampered lips. I however do not recommend waxy types of lip balms, such as Nuxe Reve de Miel as it creates a film on your lips and you can forget that you will work in that pigment any time soon.

On my swatches it looks more like a classic red and I have to apologize but I was unable to catch the real shade with my camera, in fact it's a lot darker than this. At the moment you can buy it for 9,99euros at DM stores :) Actually I have treated myself with another shade, as a part of my late birthday gift :P

Have you tried any of these? Did you like them?

Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Barva in finiš tega Velveta je amazing, ampak je pa dosti dela s formulo. Drugi so odlični, ta ima pa tako čudno mrvičasto teksturo, čeprav se da dosečt super rezultat, samo par plasti pa lip liner je potrebno nanest :)

    1. Ta teden sem ga hotela nanest za en večerni izhod pa nisem imela časa in sem si premislila, ker sem poskusila in je zgledalo grozno, sem raje zbrisala dol in vzela drugo šminko. Imam še Personne ne rouge! in ta je res čisto drugi, enostaven nanos in si res takoj ready to go :)

  2. Jaz mam nude-ist pa to kot ti :) nude-ist je doooosti bolj enostavna za nanesti, ne vem kaj so pri tej grand cru zafrknili :s nude-ist sem si veckrat na hitro nanesla,pa je super zgledala. Za to pa si moram čas vzeti.. iin jooj tak tezko je pravi odtenek na fotoaparat dobit, meni je skoz na pink povleklo :)

    1. Nude-ist sem si tudi jaz hotela kupit, pa zaenkrat še nisem.. se pa zna zgoditi, heehhe :P


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