Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: Deborah Milano 24 Ore Absolute Volume Mascara

Hello! A new week, the holidays are over... And time for a new review :) Today I'll write about a product I really like and use a lot, it's by Deborah Milano and it's a black mascara called 24 Ore Absolute Volume Mascara. I don't remember right now where I bought it, probably DM store or second hand and I am really happy that I did!

This mascara has been used almost every day for the last couple of months, basically since the day I bought it. The packaging is very elegant and simple, kind of hourglass shape, it feels very comfortable to handle. It feels strong and sturdy, not a cheap plastic that breaks the first time it falls. 

It's got quite a big wand, but most of volume promising mascaras do. At first I needed some time to learn how to handle it plus it was really wet and needed to get a bit more dry, so the application wasn't too greasy and messy. 

My lashes are short and very straight, so I am always on the lookout for new products that would actually do what they promise, maybe have some volume, or some lenght, or just really be black and make my eyelashes visible. This may be a better mascara for someone who already has long and curly lashes, but even on me it actually kinda works and makes me look like I have some lashes :P  This gives me a bit of length, gives them some definition, thanks to the really black pigmentation, also gives a bit of volume, but not much. All in all, I can see the difference in the mirror from my natural eyelashes to the ones with mascara and I like it. Defines, makes them pop, but not too much. Would work for a daily look or special occasions. After you scrape off the excess product from the wand, the formula is not too heavy and not too dry. It doesn't make me look like a panda after a couple of hours ( but this also depends on your make up base and concealer, setting powder....). The only problem I have are the inner lashes, where I need to be more careful not to smear the mascara all over my lids. I don't layer it too much, or even the little bit of volume I get gets destroyed immediately. Mostly I use two coats, and even when it dries it still looks really black.

Good mascara, but not that good I would actually go repurchase it. I think I have to find a lighter formula, so I can layer more and still keep the effect.

Here are some more photos for you :)

bare lashes

2 coats

1 coat
Thanks for reading! Hope this was helpful to you!

Love, UniqaPoly

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