Sunday, May 4, 2014

POTW: REVLON Parfumed nail enamel in Bordeaux

Hello! My next product of the week is by Revlon and it's a nail enamel from their Parfumerie range in shade Bordeaux. I bought it with a bit of discount at Click2chic, this was actually the best shade they were offering. The others seemed to bright, too pastel... just not my colours. Also, I was really intrigued if this actually has a scent and how strong it is and whether or not the shade is also as nice as in the bottle.. And than I saw the bottle and I knew this had to be mine :P A bit silly, to want a product just because of the packaging, but I really like this one, it's the only nail polish that I have that has a different bottle and shade of the cap.

The shade is a deep wine red, with a bit of purple hues in it. I also had once a similar shade by Bourjois, I think it was from their 1seconde range. The application is simple, with a classical brush, it's just a bit smaller than I'm used to. Actually, one coat could be enough, but I didn't pay enough attention to even application and ended up needing two. The round handle may be a bit smaller than I'm used to, therefore a bit difficult to use, but I got used to it very fast :)

I have read a couple of revies before the purchase, and some commented that this has quite a strong scent that lasts. Personally, I detect some scent at the beginning, when the nail polish is drying, but that's it. Once dry I don't smell anything. And also, this was promised to smell of red wine.. Which is another thing I didn't get to smell at all. What I did smell was a mix of something sweet and bitter, really hard to describe. Maybe they think that's how bordeaux wine smells. 

Personally I bought this because of the promise of having a scent and because of the packaging. As for the shade goes it's nothing special, you can get a shade like this at almost any brand that sells nail polishes. I would not repurchase or try another shade, simply because this one didn't meet my expectations with the scent and beuase frankly, the regular price of the product is not so cheap and the shades are similar to other brands, meaning you can get the look you are going for with any other brand as well, possibly cheaper. The price for this product is mostly around 7 euros, which is not se cheap at all. The chipping started the same day, but it kinda lasted for three days on me, which is actually already impressive.

And some swatches :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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