Thursday, May 29, 2014

NEW in May :)))

Hello! May is at an end... and here are my newbies :) I haven't posted as much as I hoped I will because I had some exams that needed to be finished with and well, honesty I really didn't feel like posting. I don't like to write anything, any kind of post or review here if I'm not really into it. So May was kinda like that, so many other things that I liked doing more.. But now I got the "itch" back and I simply have to post some more :P For the ned of the month I have for you my list of new products :) Check out the list and some quick comments about each product :)

Here's a list:
- L'Occitane Almond Shower oil
- L'Occitane Hand cream with shea butter
- Fruttini Coco Banana body lotion
- L'Oreal Paris Elseve Total repair Miracle instantane hair mask
- La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Corrective unclogging care
- Balea Teint Perfektion face cream
- Oriflame The ONE Illuskin Foundation spf 20 Fair Nude
- Oriflame Very Me Spring tenderness nail polish Tender green
- Oriflame The ONE Volume blast mascara in Black Blue
- Oriflame Giordani Gold lipstick Wispy Prune
- Oriflame The ONE Colour impact eyeshadow in Beige Pearl
- Makeup Revolution Focus&Fix eyebrow shaping kit in light medium
- Makeup Revolution  Vivid blush lacquer in heat
- Makeup Revolution Amazing curl mascara
- Makeup Revolution  Salvation intense lacquer in No ordinary love
- Deborah Eye design quattro 07 Turquoise touch
- Essence Beach Cruisers LE waterproof liquid eyeliner in shade 02 keep calm and go to the beach! and 01 sun, fun &copper
- Catrice Eyeliner pen waterproof
- Catrice Le Grand Bleu eyeliner pen in c01 Entering Atlantis
- Catrice Le Grand Bleu LE 01 Never leave Coral Reef matt lip cream
- Deborah Rossetto Milanored lacque in shade 7
- L'Oreal Color Riche serum in shade s103 Radiant rose
- Essens parfum copy of armani Acqua di Gioia
- O.P.I. nail polish in Vesper
- Revlon Photoready Airbrush foundation in 020 Shell Coquillage
- Vichy Teint Ideal illuminating foundation spf 20 in shade 25

Starting with body and hair care :) I have bought this Fruttini body lotion at DM store, I think they still have all of them on sale. I was summer inspired and craved coconut scent so I decided to try this one. Coconut scented products can be too strongly scented or maybe too fake, too plastic but this one is pretty gentle and I like it so far :) Not a great skin care product, just an average body lotion with a really nice scent :) Than I got a super deal and bought second hand (but new) L'Occitane almond oil shower which I already had a couple of years ago and really loved it. Also the hand cream with shea butter is really nice, especially because of the little simple packaging. Perfect for summer and carrying it around in your bag. Than for hair I had some 50% off DM coupons and I decide to try a L'Oreal hair mask and I must say it' s pretty damn good, butter than the one by Gliss Kur I have been using lately. Positively surprised and will definitely try some more of their hair products. I hear the new range Fibrology is really good. For face I got  La Roche Posay face cream, traded some other product for it and so far I like it, light texture, easy to use, but as for the effect - none so far. And than I also got Balea cream at DM store, which was also 50% off and I want to use it as a base for my foundations, since my Revlon Photoready primer is running out... Haven't tried it yet thou... have to finish the previous product first. :)

Next is special bunch of products that I have received from Oriflame Slovenija to try and review :) You can expect more detailed posts in the coming weeks, but so far I can say I really love the mascara, nice blue shade and gives good definition :) And the foundation is pretty awesome too, very light on the skin, feels like I have nothing on. I have been using the eyeshadow cream every day and been loving that too :) Unfortunately the nail polish doesn't look that promising as it did in the catalog but I will try that one for sure :) Also the lipstick is nice, maybe I just missed the shade a bit, thought it will be more light, more pinky, still really like that one too :)

And some more make up to test :) I received Makeup Revolution London from Lič and I am trying out the eyebrow kit and I really like it, this is my first eyebrow kit like this and I love to use it. My first thought was maybe this will be too light for me, but actually it's quite a good fit :) The mascara is unfortunately a dissapointment, I have so many better at home already I don't even want to use this one... Also blusher is my first one like this, in creamy formula. Very strong shade but kinda perfect for summer with a little of natural tan. Really positively surprised by the lip gloss - what a lovely shade and such a great pigmentation. I really recommend you try some of these, they are really cheap, like 1,95euros at the Lič store and so much better than any Essence lip gloss I ever had.

 And now some of my own shopping :) I bought Deborah eyeshadow quattro at Click2chic, they are still 30% off I think... This is my fourth quattro from this brand and I really like to use them a lot. The shades and packaging are simple but usefull and easy to take on your travels. As it looks like this has been a month of eyeliners.. I got both available from Essence Beach Cruisers LE and I've been loving both of them! Really great summer shades and actually waterproof! Pity they don't make such quality in regular range and offer even more shades, from the usual ones to the crazy ones.. This is definitely worth every penny :P Also got two eyeliners by Catrice, have yet to try them. One is black waterproof from their regular offer and one is from Le Grand Bleu LE called Entering Atlantis, just got it yesterday and have to test it :) Blue is everywhere this summer... and gold shades... will make a great combo for make up looks :)))

For lips I traded one of my products for a fresh and pinky shade of L'Oreal's Radiant rose, kinda like it. Maybe a bit too strong for me, but applied more gently it looks good :) Also bought Deborah Lacque shade 07, a kinda bright red with a twist and I must say I love wearing it, even thou the shade might not be just that good... I have a type  for reds now and I kinda sometimes don't like a shade of red lipstick or gloss because it has a bit of something I don't know how to describe and this simply just has it.. I need some more work to make the shade more even and "fat" on the lips, more covering and than it's the shade I want. If I let it wear down it looks really bad, like my lips are too dry, the shade makes me look kinda sickly.. Alright, maybe I'm a bit exaggerating but still... this just needs to be applied right or I don't feel good wearing it. Thou it is soo smooth and feels so good to have it on the lips.. Last is one by Catrice, a matt lip cream I just bought yesterday, also from Le Grand Bleu limited edition. Looks more like a raspberry red, but because it's matt it actually looks good on me too :) Love the texture :)

And some nail polish - O.P.I. in shade Vesper :) Muller is again offering discount on certain shades  and this was one that I was looking over and over for many months now.. like since December, each time they had a sale this was somewhere inside too... so I finally stopped resisting and here it is. Already wearing it today and loving it! Next to it is a copy of Gorgio Armani perfume Acqua di Gioia and it's just the same! Also lasts the same as if I bought the orginal, surprisingly thou. Plus, lucky me, I got this one for free ;)

And for finish.. some foundations :) I got myself one by Revlon ( did you notice I didn't buy anything from Bourjois this month? At all...? And also just one product by Revlon... hehe, it's hard to buy anything new from those two brands once you have such a selection of their product as I do XD). Haven't tried it yet, will see if this works for me, some online reviews I've read said this was a waste of money.. Hope it wasn't because this is pretty damn expensive for a Revlon foundation, will have to try and see for myself. Last product this month is Vichy Teint Ideal illuminating foundation :) I had a tester of this in the exact same shade  and I really liked how gentle this is and the shade matches me pretty good. So I got it also second hand, new and originally packaged with four little chocolates inside the large Vichy box. It says it's more for a dry skin, which I don't have, but this still worked for me and I think it will be a perfect summer foundation. Alongside with Bourjois CC cream and Revlon Nearly naked foundation :)

Have you tried any of these products? Any recommendations for me?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Poly. How do you like Bourjois CC cream? What shade do you have? :)

    1. I like it very much, I have shade 32, here's a review I wrote about it :)))

  2. Odlični izdelki:) Se veselim ocene Revlonovega pudra. Essence eyelinerja sta pa res oba super. Catrice moder izgleda tudi super, upam, da napišeš oceno v kratkem ;)

    1. Hvala :) Ja upam da bo Revlon dober, sem brala več kritik kot pohval... Catrice pa pride na vrsto naslednji teden, če mi bo le uspelo poslijat :))

  3. Od frittini imam coco&banana body spray in je res super :) Pa tudi essence eyeliner
    Nika x

    1. Hmm, mogoče si omislim še sprej :))) Essence eyeliner je res dober, ane? :)


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