Sunday, April 26, 2015

My current hair care routine :)

Hello! I have noticed that I have not talked much at all about my hair care routine :) So I wanted to make a short post presenting my current hair care  and talk a bit about the products :) So kinda one post including a couple of short reviews :)

STEP 1: Shampoo :) I am currently using L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary OIL Nourishing shampoo and I usually take two steps while shampooing, first I go over with L'Oreal shampoo and than second time with  Le Petit Marseillais one. I felt like the L'Oreal one didn't get my hair completely clean and fresh and my hair still felt a bit greasy, but I can not really say if that was just my feeling or not while holding my wet hair. So to really get that fresh feeling I went over with the Le Petit Marseillais shampoo I actually originally bought for my boyfriend to use. That one at first was really good, smelled nice, made my hair really clean, but than after a couple of uses I felt like it's drying my hair and my scalp too much, which is weird as this was supposed to be a fitting shampoo for dry damaged hair and was supposed to nourish honey and shea. After I ran out of this one I was only using the Extraordinary OIL one and I think it was actually ok just on it's own and my hair didn't need second washing. My hair felt more nourished and soft and dried faster and were more shiny than when I was using the double cleansing technique on my hair. All in all I believe that this Le Petit Marseillais shampoo did more damage to my hair than good and I feel like I will not repurchase any time soon, not for me or my boyfriend. As for the L'Oreal one goes, I am sure I will be testing another bottle after I finish up my stash.

STEP 2:  My second step is either hair balm or hair sprey that doesn't need washing after. I am currently using Le Petit Marseillais  1 minute balm for coloured hair ( as I have coloured my hair for the first time and I wanted to preserve the shade as long as possible) and Avon Advance Techniques Supreme Oils hair spray. The balm I usually use once per two weeks, as it takes a bit more time in the shower than just washing, drying my hair and spraying some Avon on top. Every other time I wash my hair I always spray some of this  Supreme oils spray and leave it in a bit before using my drier. The balm is decent, but honestly I have not noticed my hair looking especially good or anything like that, they seem nourished and soft, but nothing more and honestly this didn't impress me. So I believe I will not repurchase again. As for the Avon spray goes, I really love the scent, a bit vanilla like and it makes my hair really smooth, but again nothing special, I feel like the Gliss sprays by Schwarzkopf did the same or maybe a bit better job and this one just doesn't stand out as much as I hoped it would. Anyway, I use it regularly, every time I wash my hair, except on days I use my hair balm, as I want to avoid getting greasy hair too fast.

STEP 3: Step three is a must for me everytime  and I really never skip it at all. I use a mix of a couple of drops of Subrina Elixir hair drops and a couple of drops of Balea  Oil repair hair oil. I find this combination to be best to keep my hair ends sealed and whole and these Subrina drops really do good, I just need to be careful not to apply them too much or they might stick my hair together and than my hair ends look greasy even thou I have just washed my hair. I have been using these drops for a long time now and I actually keep repurchasing them all the time.  As for Balea oil, it smells amazing and it really makes my hair sodt, but again I only use it on ym hair ends, or maybe a bit on the lower part of my hair, lets say maximum the last 5 - 10 centimeter of my hair. I believe the combo of these drops and hair oil makes my hair ends really resistant to fracturing and opening up and breaking  and also makes them stronger and more nourished than using just one of these two products. I will definitely keep repurchasing these two :)

So this is my current hair care, did you try any of these products? Do you like them, how do they work for you?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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