Thursday, April 2, 2015

Empties of the week 8 :)

Hello! Time to talk about my latest empties :) I think I am doing pretty good finishing up my makeup products and skin care and cleansers and shower gels... very proud of myself that I managed to still stick with my original plan to finish up the products that are already open :)

I have used up a bottle of Johnson's baby softwash that I was actually using just for washing my makeup brushes. It did the job well but I am wondering  if it really got also all the bacteria. That's why I have a new Ebelin cleanser and I hope that one will be working also against potential germs so I can really assure my skin the best care possible. Or otherwise what's the point of having anti blemish skin care if I keep using only half washed brushes... Next to it is another empty bottle of Inell Lait Demaquillant Douceur, I already have repurchased another one and I keep using it as it's really cheap and works well with my makeup ( I do not use waterproof stuff). Another cleanser finished, this time I used up Nivea Aqua Sensation invigorating cleansing gel for normal to mixed skin. This was pretty good, it worked well for me, also together with my Braun face brush. It did however sting a bit at times, when my skin was really sensitive or I had a reaction to something..

Empty hair products, I have finished a dry shampoo by Balea, Trend it up spray-on trocken shampoo. I have already repurchased this one many times and currently I have another one by Balea, but both are good. Also my boyfriend likes to use it so sometimes a bottle can be finished up pretty fast. I have also finished another L'Oreal Paris Elvital Fibrology shampoo, I think this one is still my favourite one from the ones I have tried. I also really like the Fibrology hair balm, the scent of both products and how my hair are really soft later.. I will definitely repurchase again after I finish my stash. Third product is by Schwarzkopf, it's Gliss Hair repair conditioner. I have been using their leave-in spray conditioners for a couple of years now and I really like them. Usually I use this product on days when I don't use any hair mask or hair balm, so I don't get my hair too greasy and heavy before even drying them. It workd really well for me, I might repurchase this one really soon.

I have finished up a couple of shower gels. I usually have more than one open at a time, so don't think I used four shower gels in less than two months:P Plus I tend to use up shower gels as a liquid soap, especially if I get bored of the scent or I have it in my stash for so long I can't even remember why this product ever smelled nice to me. I have done so with Balea Black secret shower gel. It does smell nice, but I don't like the scent all over my skin so I used it up as a handwash liquid soap. The other three were actually all gifts. I got the I love ... Minty choco chip as a gift and I have been using it up pretty slowly as it really had a strong specific scent and I wanted the product to last  for as long as possible. The same goes for The Body Shop Moringa Shower gel. Until I had enough of these two crowding the space on my bath and I decided to finally finish them up. After that I was using another shower gel I got for my birthday L'Angelica Officinalis Purificante with a fresh scent of tea tree plant. Really loved the scent and the refreshing feeling. I think I might try the lemon scented one also, if I get a discount or something.

It's been a long time since I finished up a body lotion, but I finally did. I really wanted to create some space so I decided this one is the first one to be used up and it's by Dove Purely pampering with pistachio cream and magnolia. Smells really amazing and works well with my dry skin, especially on my legs. I would repurchase, but I have too many similar products to use up. Also, I have finally finishe up another hand cream and it's by Alverde Naturkosmetik Intensiv handcreme with pomegranate and shea butter. This was a really greasy hand cream and I've been using it only at home or before going to bed as it really took a long time to sink in. I liked it but not that much to want t repurchase it ever again.  And who would have thought, I have actually finished up a lip product, Labello lip butter vanilla and macadamia. I had this for quite some time and I really liked it but I usually just used it at home as it's a lip product ina pot and you really need to keep your hands clean when applying. I would repurchase, as I really liked the scent but I have an enormous stash yet to finish and I keep purchasing new lippies.

As for facial skincare I have so many opened products yet that are close to being finished but not there yet, hat I have only managed to use up two products. I used up Balea 7 tage energie kur. There were seven ampoules inside, I used one each evening, for a week. It was supposed to help my skin get back some hydration, energy and freshness.. well I must say I did not notice any differences so I will say this did not work for me and I do not plan on repurchasing. I have also used up Paula's Choice Clear anti-redness exfoliating solution with 2 % salicylic acid regular strength. This did nothing for me. I used it only in the evenings and after three days, three uses there was no more  visible change. The first two days I could really see my acne shrinking and drying out but than there was no more change. So I kept using the product more or less on and off, when I had a major breakout to help me dry it out faster but that's it. Some say they used this every day and it worked miracles on their skins, well mine was not one of them and I will most definitely never repurchase again.

Finished up two deodorants, Nivea Dry comfort and Rexona Clear aqua. Both were pretty good, the Rexona one had a better scent if you ask me. In terms of keeping me dry none of these two ever really do much for that, if my body needs to sweat it will and it doesn't matter what I use, but it did help me keep smelling freshly and clean and this is actually most important for me.

I ahve also used up a face mask I got as a gift Schaebens Schoko maske and it really smelled so amazingly sweet, I really liked it. Than I finished up some testers of Nivea Diamond volume conditioner and shampoo. They were ok, but I have nothing much to say about it, decent products, but did not wow me or anything, so i don't think I'll be switching my L'Oreal shampoos for Niveas one. I have also finished up a tester of Nivea Soft  refreshingly soft moisturizing cream and I really liked it, I think I will be repurchasing a whole bottle/pot as soon as I will be able to.

Some eye makeup I finished up. I actually really loved this Wet'n 'Wild eyeshadow palette in Silent treatment, but I dropped it and it broke and there is more or less just some mixed dust left inside. Too bad, this was really one of my favourites. I would definitely immediately repurchase if I could. Than checking out my mascara stash I figured out there are two mascaras that really must go to the trash bin asap! The L'Oreal Paris False Lash Wings in black  and Terra Naturi Fine definition mascara in blue. Both were still usable but so very old and I didn't even use them anymore that I have no regret throwing them away. I really really liked the L'Oreal one, this was actually one of the best mascaras I have ever tried. So a repurchase is highly likely, but not just yet :) The Terra Naturi one was never used much and well very old, so very ripe for thrash bin. Also throwing away Catrice  Calligraph Ultra slim eyeliner pen waterproof. This product never worked for me. I used it maybe three times and it already went grey instead of black, it transfered all over my lids and well.. I didn't use it anymore, it just was there in my stash and it's time for it to throw it away. Last one is by Essence, their Long lasting eye pencil in 10 almost famous I used for my waterline. It was also very old and it started to crubmle right after application so it was past time to get rid of it and I already bought another one, this time by Catrice , Kohl kajal in shade You're my Rosen one!

Last three empties are also makeup related. I have used up a liquid foundation, and I must say I am pretty impressed with myself as it's really been a long time I have finished up a product of this type. I have used up Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation in shade N51 Light Vanilla. This was one of my favorite foundation ever and I would repurchase, but I have an enourmous stash of not yet used up  foundations.. Than also by Bourjois I have finished up their Happy lights ultra - covering concealer in shade 21 Ivore. I will be definitely repurchasing this one soon, it's one of my all time favourites! For the time being I bought Catrice camouflage cream and it's good but not as good as the Happy light one. Plus it's  got a better packaging, gives better coverage and also has a tiny mirror inside. It is however a lot more expensive, about 8 euros, while Catrice one is  only 3,29 euros. Last item I am throwing away is a portable powder brush by Deborah. I have never been really using this one much, I had no idea the bristles would be so rough as there was no tester available for a brush at the store and I have regretted purchasing it from day one. I hoped that with regular washing I would get it to be more soft but it never was. Then the mechanism to roll it out broke and it only goes out just half way and it just stood there in my bathroom, so it was time to get rid of it too.

And this is it for now :) As I've been prolonging this post for so long I already have a couple of empties for my next post and I think it will be up sometime in April :) Have you been using any of these? How did they work for you?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Si pa res veliko izdelkov porabla :) večine od tega nisem sprobala :D

    1. hehe, hvala :) sem poskušala res najprej tisto k je že blo na pol prazno pa je stalo v kopalnici :P

  2. Waw....Bourjois puder sem tudi jaz porabila ta teden :D maš kar nekaj izdelkov ki jih jaz redno uporabljam, btw tale suhi šampon je tudi špica!

    1. Hehe, me veseli, da so tud tebi ti izdelki bli okej, ja res je tale suhi šampon res dober nardi, ampak sem šele zdaj ugotovila, da dejansko sem ga vedno premalo dala gor in sem mislila da ni nič posebnega.. :)

  3. Pa si res bila pridna :) Empties objave so vedno super :D

    1. Heheh, hvala :D Ja meni se sploh zdi fajn ko vidim da praznim zaloge in mam manj slabo vest za vse stvari, ki sem si jih privoščila, ker sem jih tudi porabila :)


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