Thursday, April 30, 2015

NEW IN April :)

Hello! April is at an end and I must say I was actually really doing good this month, didn't spend much money on cosmetics at all! Therefore this post will be much shorter and will include a lot less products than you were used to in previous months. :)

At the beginning of the month I was invited to Vichy PR event where I received two gorgeous products to test. I got their new Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep  Recovery Night gel-balm and I must say so far I really like it, feels very good on the skin, very light and the texture is really funny, not cream but not gel :P I have also received Vichy  Idealia Life serum Skin Idealizer serum, which I have not tested yet, but heard many compliments, so let's hope it will work well for me too.

From Balea I got two new creams, I bought the mini cream with raspberry scent and I don't like it as much as I liked the previous limited edition with rose-violet scent, but it's good, especially the texture is as it was with the previous product and I really liked that one, so it's still a win. While in Dubrovnik I checked out local DM store and came across this litlle gem, it's Balea Luxury Handlotion Golden glamour, really lovely scented hand lotion and of course I had to get it too :)

Than two newbies by Nivea. The In the shower body lotion Q10 was sent to me, so I will try it out sometime soon, I guess. Have no idea how will it work with my skin, but the previous one I had was too greasy for me ( I think it was the one with cocoa). Also at DM store I bought Nivea Soft Reefreshingly soft moisturizing cream, which I have always wanted to buy but never did, so now I am happily using it every day, really love the scent too.

Two more newbies, I bought L'Oreal Elseve Fibrology shampoo again, really liked it so far and I thought why not simply repurchase it plus it was really cheap at DM store so well, stock up on the good stuff :P I needed a cream with high spf factor and while checking out my local DM store I came across this Garnier Ambre solaire  Sensitive advanced face and neck cream with 50 spf. So far I really like it, but the only downside is that it makes me look greasy faster than usual. 

And some makeup goodies! I have received Oriflame Eyes Wide Open mascara to test and write a review and so far I really like this new mascara, it has an interesting brush. Full review will be up probably in two weeks time, I hope. The rest you see on the photos are products I traded with a friend of mine, she had some stuff she didn't need or use, I had some too, so well this is what I got. Catrice Velvet Finish powder I have already talked about, but I took this one as it's a shade lighter than mine and suits me better, than something for eyeshadow lovers :P I am currently testing Uma Cosmetics Nude eyeshadow palette, Beauty UK Posh Masquerade Smokey eyeshadow palette, Barry M  Dazzle Dust 66 Black and 98 Petrol Black. Really loving all of these, especially the Beauty UK palette :) Thanks again! :D

So this is my April's new in, have you had any of these? Do you like them, do you recommend some other?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. si bla pa pridna ta mesec :P običajno imaš tako dolge new in :D

    1. Hehe je bil skrajni čas, ker imam res zalog kozmetike in tudi v trgovinah ni bilo veliko novosti ki bi si jih želela, tako da niti ni bilo skušnjav :P Sem že od januarja govorila da bom zmanjšala pa mi je končno le uspelo :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ja zelo sta, prav taki za vsako priložnost in vsak dan :)

  3. Uhhh sami super zdelki, paletki sta mi blazno lepi.ampak kaj ko jih imam že toliko:) baleino kremico moram probat, ker sem imela prej obe verziji sivke in češnje in sta bili TOP, pa me zanima kako bi mi tale dišala:) Nivea soft meni tako diš umret:) me pa res mika nakup nivejinega in shower, sem ga mela v drugi različici,mi je bil kr ok in mi je tudi tale kar mikaven,:) Jaz se tudi brzdam pri nakupih, sem si pa tale mesec vzela tele stvari, pa prlepim link, če te bi mogoče zanimale:)

    1. Hvala :) Ja meni je fajn, vonj mi je kakšen dan super drug dan malo manj ampak v glavnem je tekstura te kreme taka kot mora biti in mi je res všeč :) Nivea soft je taka univerzalna krema ki jo lahko kupiš kjerkoli in si je nikoli nisem kupila ker mi je blo škoda, zdaj sem jo pa kar:P Paletke senčil so moja druga pregreha in obsesija, takoj za šminkami in drugimi izdelki za ustnice :) Hvala za link, sem pogledala, sem hkrati še sledila preko blogovina ;)


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