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NEW IN May :)

Hello! The end of May, already?? Well, this one was definitely extremely fast! I must say I don't even remember much of what I was doing this month, it just flew by me, but I did manage to spoil myself some  with a couple of new lovely bits :) I have also been really lucky again and received a lot of amazing stuff to test and review, so let me know if anything really stands out to you and you would love to read it's review first! :)

AlpStories is a new brand on our market and I had a chance to have my skin checked out by lets say a specialist. They had a couple events where you could come and they would analize your skin, moisture levels, sebum, pores, redness and such and it was for free, so of course when I got the email I had to confirm my visit. Every visitor received a gift, a grapefruit scented  bath salt. I haven't tried it yet, but it smells really fresh, hope I will like it. I was also introduced to all the new products by them and decided to splurge a bit and bought their cleansing gel with sage and mint extracts. I have already tested it out and it's really good, feels very fresh on my skin and as much as I can see it really does remove makeup and oils and other stuff from my skin very well. The only downside of the product is the price, 13 euros is quite a lot, but I was really impressed and wanted to try something, everyone was posting so many great reviews for these products. I also wanted to buy their marigold facial oil, but I already bought two this month and well, enough is enough...

So the other two facial oils I did purchase this month are Omnia Botanica Pure Organic Argan Oil, which was actually a repurchase as I really liked it before and I believe it made my skin really soft and glowing and most importantly it really helped me heal my blemishes faster and also all the scars from scratching them. I know many don't recommend argan oil to younger people, but I feel it's really universal and you don't need to have mature skin to use it and enjoy the results. I haven't started using it yet, it will have to wait a bit in my stash. And the second one I bought was by AVON and it's from their Planet Spa collection, it's called Heavenly Hydration with mediterranean oilve oil. I had my eyes set on this one for the last six months or so and finally had a chance to get it a bit cheaper and I am already testing it out, it smells really nice. It's a fresh scent, but very gentle, and the oil is a bit more liquidy than I'm used to  but still sinks into my skin fast enough. So far, I've been liking it very much.

And some body care :) The first item you see is a kind of massage brush and I have just gotten it so I haven't tried it yet. I exchanged it for another of my products I haven't been using so.. saved some money. Looks really promising thou, hope there will be some results too. :) I needed a new shower gel, as I have finished my stash completely! Congrats to me! I have no more shower gels in my bathroom, I have finally gotten to the part where I buy one when I need one. I bought myself a very lovely scented Nivea Frangipani & Oil shower gel. Really loving the fresh, sweet summer scent! The next two products I bought because I had some discounts to use up and I actually thought I will start using one of these really soon (just finished a bottle of Kozmetika Afrodita anti-cellulite cream), but then I have received another one to test and well, that one will go first and these two will have to wait a bit in my stash.. I will probably start one of these two in about a month - Kozmetika Afrodita Pitaya active cream gel 3in1 slim effect and Nivea Anti-Cellulite Gel-cream. I am leaning towards Nivea one a bit more.. as I have just finished a pitaya one by Afrodita and I would love a bit of change... but I have already started testing a new one by Anaya...

Some more bits I have purchased this month. Honestly all of these will have to wait their turn, as I bought them more for the sake of me wanting to try new stuff and having some discounts I really wanted to use. I got myself new KRASNA cleansing foram for face with lavander, but I actually wanted to repurchase their toner but they didn't have it... As I already have two cleansers open at the moment this one will have to wait a bit... Than I also got Natura Siberica Cleansing tonic for oily and combination skin, which was actually a repurchase, as I am currently already using one. It's a decent toner with a herbal scent I don't like very much, but it's a good toner so... why not repurchase if you can buy it 50% off... Another product from Natura Siberica is Rhodiola Rosea Night cream protection and regeneration for sensitive skin. I don't really have sensitive skin, but other facial creams  they offer at DM store simply don't fit me at all and this seemed really the best option. I have wanted to try some of their creams for about a year now and I have heard some really great comments about them so well, I had to give I a try. Last one is a hair mask by L'Oreal,  L'Oreal Paris Elseve Total Repair Extreme hair mask. I had once a product, also a mask from this same line ( but it was packaged in a tube) and it really did wonders for my hair so I used up my discounts and bought a hair mask in hope it will as good as the other one was. Will see thou, none of these products will be used any time soon, or maybe just the hair mask?

I also bought two new Nivea creams. I am really liking some regular universal creams lately and one of my all time wishes was to have a Nivea blue tin cream with a winter print on it.. but as it seems I never get to see any of those in our stores I randomly stumbled upon these summer cuties at my local Muller shop. I simply had to buy these two, as I couldn't decide which one I liked more. There were total four different designs but I liked these two the most and well it's an univeral cream, I am going to use it up anyway, so it's money well spent :) Look at the cute turtle and the tiny bunny :P

And moving on to makeup! First I got another eyeshadow palette, finally got my hands on Makeup Revolution London Flawless Matte palette! I really wanted to have this one for a couple of months now and it's finally mine! I have already tested some of the shades and they are really lovely, all matte and well, perfect for everyday use! Than I also decided to give it a go with another Bourjois mascara, it's their  1 Seconde Volume mascara Ultra Black. I must say I have already tried it and I am not impressed, not at all. I will try some more, maybe it's just the way I apply it, but simply this mascara did nothing for me, so it doesn't look good. Too bad really, I was hoping it would be better than the original 1 Seconde Volume mascara I bought last year. And for naily I have three new nail polishes. I swaped someting of mine for another nail polish, I got Oriflame The ONE  Long Wear Nail polish in shade Lilac Silk, a very spring like colour I really wanted for some time now. I have also received a gorgeous new shade by I Heart Makeup nail polish Nail Geek in shade 22 Streetwise, I have received this one to test from Makeup Revolution Slovenija, as they have now a new site and you can check all the products there! Also my readers (Slovenia only) have 17% off until the end of June with code BLOG17, valid only for products that aren't on discount already! And the last nail polish is from latest Catrice limited edition, Nomadic Traces LE nail lacquer in shade  C04 Trip Into The Blue with matt effect. I have already tested it, it's a really lovely summer shade and applies really fast!

I have been spoiled again! I got lucky and received this wonderfully scented EdT from Oriflame, it's called Eclat Femme Weekend and it's such a perfect light mix for spring/summer. A review will be coming up in June :) I am really in love with the scent!

From Lierac Slovenija and Phyto Slovenija I have received some lovely bits to test and try. From LIERAC Paris  I have received Phytolastil, a product that helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks. I already have strecth marks for years, there are just a few, but will see how this product helps me, looks really promising. From PHYTO Paris  I have recievd two different testers, I got Phytobaume Eclat couleur express conditioner for color-treated highlighted hair and  Phytocitrus color protect radiance mask. I haven't tested these out yet, but I am really looking forward to some expensive hair care :)

If you've been checking out my blog this month, than you already know I have spent some time at L'Occitane store. I have received a couple of testers and a new Pivoine Sublime CC cream  skin tone prefecting cream in shade clair - light, with spf 20. I have already began testing and I like it so far, I have been wearing it on it's own and also as a base for a heavier foundation and so far it really worked well for me. I hope I will manage to post a review in June, but I do have a lot of work at the moment and it will last for the next two month at least so.. I really hope I manage a full review of this product too. Until than you can still go check out my post from my visit to L'Occitane.

And the last package of lovely products I have received this month is by ANAYA Smart cosmetics. Remember them, I have already posted about them and their products, you can read the Dermasan cream review here and also there's review of their Kristall dry oil for face and body with the lovely lemony scent:) This time I will be testing Anaya Vitanaya cream for body skin renewal, Dermasan skin regenerating cream and  Lotus dry facial and body oil. I hope this two new products will be as good as I hope, I am really having some high hopes for these products. I have already started to test the Vitanaya cream and I am mostly using it on my legs right now, hope I will see some results soon. The Vitanaya cream and Lotus oil should be a perfect combo to help me fight cellulite. 

This is it, all my new products! I am really excited about some of these and I hope they will really be good to me! And also, did you notice something? Two months in a row and I haven't bought or received any lip products at all! And this from a lip products junkie?! I am really proud of myself, heheh :P

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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