Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: Revlon Lip Butter - Red Velvet, Berry Smoothie, Wild Watermelon, Creme Brulee, Macaroon

Hello!  I was really taking some time with this review but I finally tested all five Lip Butters and it's time to give them a proper review :)

Let's start with the lightest shade - Creme Brulee. It's a sheer light to medium browny shade, with a hint of shimmer and warm undertones. It's really sheer, almost translucent shade, and it adapts to the natural shade of your lips - so therefore it's  hard to say it will look the same on every person. If you like nude, gentle shades, in the sense of my lips but better this is a great choice :) The texture is really creamy so it kinda glides on the lips, feels like applying lip gloss at first. Wear time with this one was for me very short - about an hour or two, also because the shade is so gentle and light that soon you don't even see it anymore. It needs more touch ups than other lipsticks, but as the name already suggest - these are lip butters and not really like regular lipsticks, more like a tinted balm with a glossy finish.

Creme Brulee

berry smoothie
Berry smoothie is a more medium natural pink shade, it seems darker straight from the bullet than it really is on the lips. It's a great colour to brighten up your face and not too strong to look out of place. Again, it wears off quickly and needs to be reapplied quite soon, but the texture is really nice and a little moisturizing. I don't want to say they are really good at it, but at least they don't dry my lips even more.

wild watermelon

Wild Watermelon is a nice coral shade with a hint of peachy pink and it's really just a gorgeous colour to wear everyday or for special occasions :) It gives a luminous finish and has a warm undertone. It has a really nice pigmentation,  but maybe it's a bit less creamy than other shades. Also, it gives a really nice opaque coverage. 


Macaroon is  a darker piky shade, with a hint of shimmer to make it look glossy. It's thick and creamy, feels lovely on the lips. The shade is suitable for everyday wear, also for work/office. The glossy finish fades way after about an hour and leaves a nice pigment on the lips. 

red velvet
Red velvet is dark, natural and neutral red without shimmer. It's very richly pigmented and gives the lips the perfect red shade, sadly my photos are not as good as I hoped... In real the shade is amazing and will suit a lot of different skin colours. It's really bold looking straight from the bullet, but on the lips it's really amazing red - looks really natural, it's easy to wear in combination with other makeup.

I have  also posted about my first two lip butters here, Peach Parfait and Cherry Tart :) I got my first two as a gift, before they were available in Slovenia and I've been loving them ever since ;) 

Hope this was useful to you :) Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Zadnji trije odtenki so mi luštni. :)

    1. :) Wild Watermelon je tak bolj pomladansko/poletni, ravno za čas ki prihaja :)

  2. A so vsi ti odtenki na voljo pri nas? :D

  3. Ja vsi, skoraj vse sem kupila na Click2Chic :)

  4. Maja, imajo jih tudi v Müllerju v Lj :)
    Sama imam trenutno tri odtenke in mi je Berry Smoothie najljubši...Se mi pa zdi, da bom morala kupiti še Macaroon in Wild watermelon :)

  5. Jaz imam samo enega in so res super:) Bi morala nabaviti več:)


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