Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Preview: Essence - Tribal Summer LE

 Hello everyone! Todays post will present to you new limited edition by Essence, named Tribal Summer :)

Essence team says: " Tribal dance! In July and August 2013, the new essence trend edition “tribal summer” ensures a stylish mix of patterns, trendy Aztec prints and cool tribal designs in warm colors like orange, pink, red, purple, lilac, copper and gold to spread the pure feeling of summer. This trend edition offers lots of must-haves for all urban squaws. These include our popular pigments in bright colors, longlasting lipsticks and a bronzing powder with a tribal embossment. The absolute highlight is the tip painter set so you can create THE nail trend of the summer – Aztec nails – on your nails. And there are also cool nail feathers and a feather hair extension for the ultimate tribal look!"
 Pigments: Four expressive pigments in intense red, bright pink, sunny gold and warm copper conjure-up endless gorgeous effects for your eyes, lips and nails. They can be applied on their own or mixed to create new and unique styles. Available in 01 na-rock, 02 waka waka, 03 inti inka and 04 copper earth.

 Longlasting lipstick: Simply beautiful… that’s how your lips will look with either of these lipsticks in bright pink or red! The longlasting texture with a high coverage and a glossy finish ensures breathtaking and eye-catching lips. Available in 01 na-rock and 02 waka waka.

 Liquid blush: Eternal dawn… the liquid blush is super easy to apply thanks to its light texture. It gives your cheeks a gorgeous rosy tint for a fresh complexion. And the tube packaging makes it ultra-practical, even when you’re on the go. Available in 01 waka waka. 

Bronzing powder:  Maya gold: this bronzer with a soft shimmer gives your face and neckline a gorgeous, subtle tanned color. An additional eye-catcher: the surface of the powder is decorated with a cool tribal pattern in two different bronzing shades. Available in 01 inti inka.
 Tip painter set: Aztec nails are the ultimate trend in the nail design universe. This tip painter set includes black, orange and pink so you can create totally individual tribal patterns on your nails. Amazingly expressive and an absolute beauty statement! Available in 01 aztecs ceremony.

 Oil control paper: Tipi or wigwam? When summer temperatures rise, the oil control paper is worth its weight in gold. The mattifying paper frees your skin of shine and absorbs excess sebum without smudging your make-up. For a perfect, matt summer complexion. Available in 01 matte me pacha tulum.

 Hair extensions: Aztec Aff(h)air… colorful feather hair extensions are totally trendy in the summer season 2013 and give any hairstyle a summery touch. Easy to clip into every fashionista’s hair, they’re just as simple to remove. Available in 01 inka's soul.

Nail polish: Nail rituals! The longlasting nail polishes in pink, gold, orange, purple and red offer great coverage and bring the colors of the summer to your nails. Available in 01 waka waka, 02 inti inka, 03 ta-la-ra, 04 tipi-ya-yeah and 05 na-rock. 

My opinion: Very summery colours, very bright, suitable for people who dare to wear something more eye catching :) Unfortunately to me this trend edition isn't very inviting ( fortunate for my budget). The lipsticks are interesting, but probably the colours won't suit me very well. Maybe the tip painter box could be useful, but depends on how good is the brush :) The golden and copper pigment also look nice, but I already have many similar shades. Do you find anything for yourself here you would really like to have? Or would like to try? It's a very pinky collection XD

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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