Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review & Swatches: Bourjois Effet 3D - 17 Grenade juicy lipgloss

Hey there! Another review and swatches for you! This time it's Bourjois Paris Effet 3D Max gloss in shade 17 Grenade juicy :) This is also one of the products I got in April and was already posted in NEW in April :) 

This is the first one from Bourjois Effet 3D collection that I have and I kinda love it! Even thou it gives me some hard times XD

So it is promising to last 8 hours, that it contains fixing pomegranate extract. Contains 6,5 ml of the product. It comes in plastic packaging. Plastic bottom and top, the bottom is clear coloured and the top the same shade as the gloss. It contains a little shimmer, you almost don't see it, but looking closely you can see it in the bottle :) Applicator is classical sponge.

The texture: thick, very pigmented, a little sticky but doesn't stick the lips togeher too much. Has a slight  sweet scent, but it's nice :) 
The colour is a really red one, I think it's safe to say it is more neutral red, not too blue or yellow, so it should suit all skin types.
Application: .. hmm, well here it gets tricky. Since the texture is quite thick and more like a liquid lipstick, it takes a lot more work that usually to apply this one evenly. The sponge offers you with one swipe enough product to cover the lips, the first application looks good - but  when you want to fix a bit the corners and such, and after smacking your lips together and rubbing them a little the colour gets uneven and you need to reapply. With me especially the top lip seems to loose pigment sooner than bottom, everything sticks with the bottom lip. So you need a mirror with you at all times to check if it is still even. Because bottom lip looks gorgeous red and the top is kinda bluish red and uneven and it ruins the look.

When it sets on lips it isn't sticky at all, it feels good, like you have nothing on. When first applying you can feel how thick the consistency of the texture is and it kinda doesn't feel or look so good. The finish is glossy and fresh looking, juicy any yummy. :)

But this one really requires a spotless skin and a very good foundation and concealer. Lately I have more spots than I ever had, so this just doesn't look so good on me. I feel like my whole face looks more red :(

And here are the swatches:

The last two photos are a more realistic colour, as it looks in real life. It's a really strong statement colour, as I said before - more like a liquid lipstick than lip gloss.
 Anyway, I love the colour and the finish, and even thou the application takes a moment longer than with usual lip glosses, I still really like it! My bf commented that it's a nice colour, for an evening out maybe, but nothing more.. he says this looks just too strong on me... :( And I really thought he's gonna like it even more than me. Oh well, I'm gonna wear it anyway, just as soon as my skin gets better :)

Also, staying power is less than this product promises, not 8h, maybe 3 hours with me.. it just needs some more corrections really soon or it just doesn't look good. Also, it transfers when drinking or eating, after all it's a gloss not lipstick.

If I recommend this product -  I don't know how the other shades look like and how are they texture wise and all, but judging with this one -  I would give it a maybe. It's nice, but there are a lot more products out there that look better, are easier to apply, easier to last and don't need a constant checking. So if you love the shade as much as I did, than go and try it :)

Hope this was helpful and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


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