Monday, May 30, 2016


Hey there! Welcome back to my blog! As the end of month May is closing up on us, it's time for my usual new in blog post! I've been doing quite well the last month, there were a lot of beauty bloggers events and therefore I have a lot of new products to show you. As usual this will take very long to test it all and properly review it all, but I will try and do my best! I must say that I have never been so spoiled as this month, especially with all the events and the treats I was sent! So I want to take a moment here and say thank you all for inviting me and for such amazing treats, from snacks to drinks, gifts and lovely company! Also, thank you fellow beauty bloggers for being awesome and tons of laughter! Now let's get down to it and see all the amazing products I have bought, received at events and received as gifts from friends! ;)

At the beginning of the month I have ordered from Salma, as I just couldn't wait to get my hand on the new Rimmel lipsticks! So I treated myself with RIMMEL  The Only 1 lipstick in shades 700 Naughty Nude and 600 Peachy-beachy and also  ScandalEyes waterproof kohl kajal in 001 Black. I must say I love the lipsticks, especially the Naughty Nude shade as it's just perfect for every day wear and feels so very comfortable on the lips. The second shade I bought is also very lovely, very summery, but needs more work to apply it evenly and most importantly, needs well preped lips! The kohl kajal was on my wishlist since forever and so far I've been loving it! Super cheap and I dare to say it's even better than the Bourjois one I've been loving for so long!

As you all know by now, I love lipsticks, lip products and well anything related to lips! So here's a mix of goodies that are recently new. I have received REVLON  Ultra HD  lip lacquer in shade 545 Carnelian as a gift! I have already one from the range, in shade Smoky Topaz, but I wished for this dark and strong shade as well, so I was  lucky to receive thsi one as a gift! They are now laso sold in Slovenia, but a couple of months ago I bought the Smoky Topaz one through a friend, visiting Poland. They are even cheaper here in Slovenia, than they were in Poland, Muller has them priced at about 7 or 8 euros.Another new one that I instantly fell in love with is by Maybelline and they are also a new relase on the Slovenian market - the MAYBELLINE Vivid Matte Liquid in shade 45 Possessed Plum. Love, love, love the shade, the scent, the application, the stain on my lips this product leaves.. basically love everything! I have one more shade I want to buy, a nude pinky one! I bough this one at my local DM store, they are priced at 7,99 euros. From Oriflame I was sent another new lip sensation! I have received ORIFLAME The ONE  Lip sensation matte mousse in shade Rouge Suede! Another amazing matte lip product that I liked from the first use! So I have ordered another shade through a friend and you will be able to see it the next months new in blog post.The last lip beauty of the month is KIKO Makeup Milano Summer Collection LE Mirage lip stylo in shade 01 Canyon  Rose. This is such a perfection! The packaging, the shade, the application, basically everything screams look at me! I was so happy when I finally received this one, as I really wanted it and I was lucky a fellow blogger Vanja was on her way to KIKO store anyway and picked up this one for me as well. They are priced 11,90 euros online, but in store they were more expensive, I think two or three euros more.

Avon is getting into summer mood and was so kind to send me a couple of products as well! I have had my eyes on these bronzing and illuminating pearls for a while, but later decided to buy Oriflame's illuminating pearls and bronzing perals from Avon. Well, the package really surprised me as I have received exactly what I wished for - AVON Glow bronzing pearls in shade  Pink bronze along with Glow nailwear pro+ in shade Plush Berry and AVON Outstanding eyes  dual-ended kohl eyeliner in shade Intense black! I have just started testing these goodies, but first impressions are very positive and I am really happy I received these goodies!

One of the beauty blogger events was hosted by Melvita and they presented their new line of products called Nectar de Roses. When we were leaving the gave us a lovely big reusable bag in which there were these products - MELVITA Nectar de Roses infusion, Nectar de Roses BB cream testers, 3 Roses nectar 3 wild roses lips and dry areas balm. I was soo hyped when I saw there was  the 3 wild roses lip balm included as well as this one was on my wishlist as well, but I just never found a reason to justify such a purchase - I have way too many lip balms! Aside from the balm, which I love, I haven't tested anything yet.

Some shopping done by me! Just had to buy some essentials and actually ended up with a couple more products than imagined. NIVEA Protect & Shave razers were actually a repurchase, I have received the first pack from NIVEA but have used them up too soon for me to make a blog post. These are amazing razors, but they are not the cheapest. I have also invested in some more razors as you just never know when you are gonna need them the most and you will run out of them so I grabbed another pack of WILKINSON Xtreme 3 Sensitive razors. I have tried these as well and they are good, very gentle on the skin and reach even the tiniest hairs. Another excess hair removal product that some beauty bloggers really recommended is VISETT Hair removal kit. I have not tried it yet, but I hope it will work for me too!

Two products I have actually needed to buy and I didn't just splurge because I felt like it were two L'Oreal products, my all time favourites and endlessly repurchased goodies! I bought L'OREAL Paris Elseve Fibrology shampoo and L'OREAL Paris Infallible Mattifying base primer. I've been loving these two from the first try and I realy had to grab some more, I completely ran out of shampoo and the primer is just a must, it's my third one in the last six months! :P

One very refreshing product I found at DM store is a new Balea shower gel,  Meeres-rauschen, smells so very fresh! It's a combo of lime and mint scents! Love it so much! 

Another beauty blogger event I attended was hosted by LaBri. I have already talked about the event here and also about their cleansing milk, which was included in my April Favourites post. At this event I have also received some more products,  I got LaBri Vilinska lepota Univerzalna krema (universal cream) and  a gift set of 5 face creams testers. Would you like to try these as well? I am thinking of giving a couple away in a giveaway as they are not meant for my skin type.

I have quite a bunch of products by Essence this month and a couple by Catrice. Lovely Natalija from Dominur was so kind to send me a whole bunch of products from The Beach House limited edition. I have received Beach glow fluid 01 Girls Just wanna have funKabuki brush 01 Don't make a wave!core lipstick in shade 02 a summer kinda girlduo eyeshadow 01 Build me a sandcastle!duo blush  01 Give me vitamin sea!. There will be a blog post about these soon, so stay tuned! Along with these I also received one product from the Catrice Sound of Silence LE, I have CATRICE Sound Of Silence LE Pen Stroke Eye Shadow C03 AAAF. I have not been using this one much, so I can not say if it's good or not. I have also ordered one very special palette through Natalija and this one got me very excited and there will be a blog post about it soon as well! I bought ESSENCE Bloggers' Beauty Secrets The Glow must go on bronzing & highlighting palette and along with it I got another gift CATRICE Body Tattoos LE C03 Signs Of Simplicity!

The beauty event that had me all hyped up was hosted by Lancôme! I had such a wonderful time at the event! I have made a full blog post about it and you can read it here! I will keep it short as you can read all about it in a separate post, but I must also add I was amazed by the goodies I have received! As the event was a presentation of the Juicy Shakers I expected maximum one product, but oh no, they spoiled us rotten with some skin care as well as their new foundation! The goodie bag contained these bad boys - Lancôme Juicy Shaker in shade Meli Melon, Energie de Vie the smoothing & glow boosting liquid care, Miracle Cushion liquid cushion compact shade 03 Beige Peche and 025 Beige Naturel!

From Mirati I have received theri face wash which I am already testing and I like it so far! First impression was a bit off, I didn't like the smell of the face wash, but now I got used to it and I use this one regularly! Also love to use it with my cleansing brush by Oriflame. Speaking of cleansing brushes I have bought some refill heads for my brush! I love it so far and I saw they actually offer two different heads, one for deep cleansing and one for normal to sensitive skin. So I just got both, ORIFLAME SkinPro Cleansing system Deep cleansing brush head refill with two heads and Normal/Sensitive brush head refill.

Another beauty blogger event I was invited to and would have never missed, as I love the brand and their products was hosted by Oriflame! They presented us the new skincare line called NovAge and gifted us with a huge box of products! I have received the one that is most suitable for younger skin, and the box contained these goodies - ORIFLAME NovAge Skin renewing toner, Refining foaming gel cleanser, True Perfection refreshing eye illuminator, True Perfection Miracle perfecting serum, True Perfection Renewing night care, True Perfection Perfecting day moisturiser.

If you have wondered how come I have not bought any nail polishes or eyeshadows, well.. I was able to restrain myself from purchasing more eyeshadows, however I was not able to stay away from the new L'Oreal nail polishes, I have bought one L'OREAL Nail lacquer in shade 224 Rose Ballet. It immediately became one of my favourites, love the shade, one coat does the trick, lasting power is good! And than I also got two more shades as gifts 116 Cafe de Nuit and 556 Grenat Irreverent! I must say these two are lovely but need more work, two layers for full coverage, but the shades are gorgeous! I have two more on my wishlist!

Last week in May I have also, along with the Lip Sensation matte mousse in Rouge Suede, received a very lovely ORIFLAME Coral mini hand bag! I have already posted about it here, if you want to purchase it you need to hurry up, the current catalog ends today!

Hope you liked this post! Sorry, it was quite a long one! Let me know if you want to see reviews of these products, which ones are most interesting to you?

Have a nice day!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Waa, kako je huda embalaža L'Oreal lakcov!!

    1. Ja, ful so cute! Veliko lepša kot oni ozki prej! Pa cena je tudi ostala normalna, 5,99 evra, če se prav spomnim :)

  2. What a gorgeous products! Love it!

  3. Sami čudoviti izdelki. Ta L'Oreal linija je meni tudi super. Sploh, ko hočem malo več volumna, ker imam res tanke lase. Avon perlice so meni tudi všeč. Sploh te bronzy :). Od Rimmela mene nekako nič ni pritegnilo. Sem si ogledala celo stojalo pa me ni nič dovolj navdušilo za nakup. Zdaj vsaj vem, da imam Stay Matte na dosegu roke. :) Mene vsekakor najbolj zanima ocena Lancome BB Cushion. ;)

    1. Hvala! Ja šampon je res superv, verjetno že eni 6 ponovni nakup? :P Rimmel sem si jaz naročila preko Salme, preden sem vedla, da bo v SLO, pri nas sploh še nisem vidla stojala... Stay Matte sem pa uspela razsuti po tleh ravno na dan, ko sem zvedla, da je že v SLO :P Miracle Cushion nisem še sprobala, upam, da ga bom kmalu :)

  4. Tudi sama sem se odločila, da preizkus Visett, vendar zaenkrt še nisem se spravila k temu preizkusu, ker se mi zdi še vedno najbolj enostavna britvica in epilator :)
    Zanimive stekleničke L'orealovih lakov :)

    1. Jaz se tudi še nisem spravila, ker je enostavno zmanjkalo časa...Če mi bo ok bom spisala objavo :P

  5. Wau, same fajne pridobitve. <3 Jaz sem ta mesec tudi kupila in dobila kar nekaj izdelkov, me je kar groza, ker nimam več dosti prostora - ampak me to vseeno ne odvrne od nakupa. :P
    Sicer pa me zeloooo zanima ocena Lancome BB Cusion. :))

    1. Hvala! Hehe vem kako ti je, jaz že dolgo nimam več placa, mam kar škatle po tleh poleg mize :P Velja, bom poskusila čimprej stestirat in ocenit cushion, vidim, da je največ zanimanja za to!


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