Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: Lee Stafford - Dry Shampoo for oily roots :)

Hello everyone! Another post from UniqaPoly :) Today I'll write about a dry shampoo  I have tried some time ago, it's been empty for about a month now... still I finally managed to write a review of it :) And it's Lee Stafford dry shampoo for oily roots, for brown hair :)

When I bought it at DM store I had a discount coupon, so it wasn't so expensive, otherwise it's about 11 euros I think.. which is quite a lot for a dry shampoo.

You get a tin can in bright pink shade, inside you get 150ml of dry shampoo. Use is very simple, just spray it whereever and whenever you feel like your hair needs some pick up ;) Personally I use dry shampoo only when I really don't have time to wash my hair and when I have a lot to do, so this bottle lasted me really long, for about 3 months. I really don't use much of these kind of products, but when I do I expect them to work.

Basically, dry shampoo is a powder in a tin can that you spray on , rub it in so it doesn't show white on your hair and you are ready to go! But don't rub it too much, it's best if you have a good brush with natural bristles :)

I have been quite dissapointed with this one, because it's for brown hair and all it really does is get's your hair kinda more matte than shiny, which is what you want, but that lasts maybe a couple of hours on me. It doesn't buy me a whole day and I can still see my hair actually looks ok, but still greasy, you can see I didn't wash my hair. I have tested before some by Balea, Syoss and I must say all dry shampoos work on me quite the same. They make my hair look a bit better for 4 hours max, than it's back to greasy unwashed hair. Since this is quite a lot more expensive than the ones I have read about and used myself, I have expected it to be a bit more effective. Unfortunately on me it's not that good that I would want to go and buy it again. I get the same effect from a regular Balea dry shampoo and the price difference is over 8euros...

I like the scent of the product, kinda fresh something... I like that it still does the job, but I was maybe expecting a bit too much. I thought if this one is so well known and people like it maybe I'll too, but unfortunately this really didn't impress me. If you have really greasy roots than this one won't really work for you. If you have greasy hair more than roots ( don't ask me how this is possible), than this might just work for you. To cover up unwashed hair, especially roots, this simply doesn't really cut it. It's an overall ok product, also comes in shades for blondes, but personally I wouldn't buy it again, especially since I can get the same effect from Balea dry shampoo, which costs around 3 euros. :)

Thanks for reading and hope this was useful to you!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. You should try Batiste dry shampoo, especially the XXL Volume version :)

    1. I have heard a lot of positive talk about Batiste, but unfortunately it can be only bought online... so for now that doesn't work for me..

  2. Meni je vonj tega tako všeč da bi si ga že samo zato sprejala na lase :D Sicer pa na meni kar ok deluje, ko sem imela krajše lase je res pomagal, zdaj ko so dolgi jih pa teža dol vleče tako da mi sicer matira lase, ne da pa nobenega volumna oz. se mi po nekaj urah spet vse posede. Je pa super za kakšne messy frizure delat, ko hočeš skrit da se ti ni dalo las oprat :D

    1. Možno tudi to ja, da imam predolge lase in enostavno ne izgleda tolk dobro več... ker mam res dolge lase, čez težke... ;)


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