Friday, October 11, 2013

Preview: Alverde - Waldgezwitscher LE :)

Hey there! Another preview on my blog :) This time it's by Alverde and it's called Waldgezwitscher :) 
A walk through the woods is just the thing for beautiful autumn days. The bright colors of the leaves, the chirping of birds and the last warm rays of the sun - there's simply nothing better! Or is it? With the right make-up, such a walk can be enjoyed even more.

For just such moments, but also for the rainy autumn days alverde NATURKOSMETIK has developed the new Limited Edition Forest Chirping. The products make use of the warm colors of autumn and give you a beautiful autumnal makeup that makes you look great not only for a walk in the woods. ;) Available form October to November 2013 :)

2in1 Lipbase & Lipgloss - A practical duo product that fits into any handbag and the lips can shine in bright autumn colors. Step 1: Apply the lipbase with the applicator thinly and evenly on the lips and let it dry.
Step 2: Apply the lip gloss on the lips prepared. With shea butter and jojoba oil from controlled biological cultivation. Available in color 10 pine cones, 20 sea buckthorn and 30 berry field. The 2in1 Lipbase & lip gloss is not vegan.

Duo powder blusher - The duo powder blushers with jojoba oil and hazel extract from certified organic accentuate the cheeks. The two colors can be mixed.  The shade 20 Gilded Autumn is vegan. The shade 10 Flowering maple is not vegan. Use: The lighter shade set just above the cheekbone, directly below apply darker color and gently spread.

Eyeliner -  The liquid eyeliner with a fine brush and long style delivers an clear lines from fine to striking. The vegan eyeliner is matched in colors 10  pine green and 20 forest floor. With certified organic jojoba oil and aloe vera extract.

Lipstick - The earthy and berry shades complement each fall look. The smooth texture feels comfortable on the lips. With certified organic jojoba and natural waxes. Available in the following colors: 10 mounds, 20 Berry and 30 rowan. The lipsticks are not vegan.

Liquid Eye Shadow - The most gifted painter of autumn! With the special color range of vegan Liquid Eye Shadows  bright autumnal effects can be achieved. Available in colors 10 blackberry, 20 Mooshügel, 30 oak leaves and 40 ground. Application Tip: Use the applicator to dab a small amount of the eyelid and spread.

Mono Eyeshadow - As colorful as the feathers of forest birds, so is the color range of the mono eye shadow. The colors can be individually applied to the eyelid, or be combined with several colors for a multi-color effect. With jojoba oil and hazel extract from organic farming. Available in shades, shade 10 nightingale singing is not vegan. The  20 green woodpecker knocking, 30 blackbird chirping sound and 40 Lerch are vegan.

Mascara All In One - With extra-large, curved brush for intense eyelashes. The two shades available are10  pine green and 20 forest floor, they fit perfectly with an autumn eye make-up. With certified organic jojoba oil. The All in One Mascara is not vegan.

Cream  stick blusher - The soft cream rouge stick flatters the cheeks and gives a fresh complexion - like after a walk in the woods. With the convenient stick simply apply the blush on the cheeks and gently spread for a delicate accent with your fingers. With shea butter from organic farming. Shades available are 20 Cep, which is vegan and 10 helming  which is not vegan.

My opinion - Well... I like the shades of the products, especially the duo lipbase&lipgloss, but I really don't like the packaging! I just feel like it's too childish, the shades, the shapes of leaves and all.. it fits with the name and theme and all, but personally I really don' find it attractive. Maybe I'll get some lip products, lipsticks also look very good. And maybe one of the eyeliners, they look promising :) How about you? See anything you like?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Meni je pa kjut embalaža, ii lisičke :D Ampak to bo tak čez eno leto v dmih :/ Kaj si ti mogoče kje videla African souls kolekcijo? x

    1. Mja, kolikor poznam naše DMje tega še dolgo ne bo pri nas... Nisem nikjer videla, verjetno je sploh nikoli ni blo v slo...

  2. Luštna embalaža! <3 Blusherja in šminke izgledajo zanimivo :)

    1. Meni so tudi šminke všeč, upam da jih dobimo :)

  3. Men ma Alverde lepo pakungo za mono senčke, pa tut odtenki so super, samo kvaliteta ni najboljša...

    1. Jaz sem načeloma kar zadovoljna s kvaliteto ampak je res odvisno od posameznega izdelka, nimajo vseh dobrih....


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