Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Empty products of the week 3 :)

Hello! Time to clean up and talk about my empties.. this has been prepared for some time now, but I finally took time to post about it :)

Starting with Yves Rocher micellar water, I must say this is a product I will probably never repurchase again. Here's why, you can read my review in full. I will try some other products by this brand but probably never again this one.

Next is actually a makeup remover by Inell, you can buy it at E.Leclerc stores. It's a mini version, you can buy a larger one, but I prefer this one because I can store it more easily. I am having two bottles of this at home at the moment, will be soon finished with my second bottle actually. It's a pretty decent remover, needs some more work with waterproof  products but mostly it does what I need it to do so I will definitely buy some more. Recommend it to everyone with a tight budget and who don't use professional or waterproof makeup everyday.

Here we have a photo of my Revlon primer, used up some time ago, also posted a full review here.  I liked this, I would repurchase if I didn't have so many primers at the moment and need to finish them up first. I like it a lot, but at the moment I am testing one by MaxFactor and that one is actually working better for me, so I don't think I will actually ever get around to repurchase this one.

 And a hair mask, by Schwazkopf Gliss. Ultimate repair anti-damage-treatment. I liked this, it's pretty decent, has a nice scent to it. But on the long run it really didn't do mcuh  for my hair, I think it even cause my hair to start getting greasy faster. So nope, not repurchasing this one for some time. Too many goodies out there I still need to try. I think this was a bit too greasy even for me and my hair, maybe I will try it again in winter time.. who knows..

 Next bunch of empties starts with a sugar srub for body by Kozmetika Afrodita. I got this as a gift and i must say it's a pretty good product, makes your skin feel really smooth and soft. On me this felt too oily thou and I usually washed it off with my shoer gel. Even then the skin felt really soft and nourished and this is something I would repurchase in future. :)

My first product from Melvita ever was this floral water with orange blossom. I used it as a toner and once I started using this regularly I finished up the bottle pretty fast. I got it on sale for 9 euros, but regular price seems a bit too high if you ask me. Especially for a product that really didn't do anything for my skin. It does feel fresh and gentle and smells amazing but it really didn't do anythinng for the skin. It's more like a product to treat yourself a bit. Repurchase is a maybe, I'm not sure.. 

Last one here is a shower gel I got for my b-day.. It took me some time to get to it, because I had so many to use up. I must say I really like Palmolive shower gels, I didn't have this one yet and it smells really nice. A definite repurchase, I liked this one a lot :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Meni sta tudi všeč tale Afroditin piling za telo, čeprav ga zdaj poleti raje ne uporabljam, mi je bolj všeč pozimi :) in pa Palmolive tuš gel - edini ki mi ful diši iz te linije :)

    1. Meni sta tudi ta dva izdelka bila najbolj všeč, bom verjetno sčasoma res spet kupila :) Pa tudi ostala linija Palmolive tuš gelov mi lepo diši, sem imela že vse :)

  2. Škoda, da ta gliss maska ne učinkuje bolje. Mam spray (enak-crna embalaza) in mi je super. :)


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