Friday, April 4, 2014

Review: REVLON Photoready Perfecting Primer

Hello! Today's review is of a product that I never thought I would buy, but than I got an excellent oppurtunity  - it's Revlon's Photoready perfecting primer. I've never been much into primers, except for my eyelids, so this is actually my second face primer, the first one being by Catrice, long time ago. I would love to try some other primers by more expensive brands, but after testing this one, I don't think I have the need anymore. The regular price in Slovenia is between 17 to 18 euros, which is quite a lot, even their foundations are cheaper than that... But I got this product second hand, for about 10 euros and it was barely opened and tested, so I thought why not.. you're never gonna buy it in store for 18 euros... That's just too much for a primer, especially for a product I don't even know if it will work...

This product comes in their classic glass bottle, plastic cap and black pump for easy use. This applies on smoothly and effortlessly. The product is described as one that provides a perfect canvas for makeup, softens the skin by reducing the  appearance of pores and fine lines. 

I do not use any face creams or oils or anything like that before putting on make up because my skin simply can not take so many products at once. I have been using only this primer since  I got it, and so far I have about 2/3 left.. Therefore I have no problem with the primer being too greasy for me or anything like that and it actually feels more light and smooth, meltes really beautifully  on my skin. I don't have fine lines to hide, but I do have my face full of large pores and this does help a lot.  I use it mainly on my cheeks and forehead, also on areas where I have scratched my pimples or I have dry pathces that won't go away with no amount of washing in rubbing my face. I think this really makes them look a little bit smaller, it's not ike a photoshop effect, but I can see it. The minute after the product settles in my face actually looks better than after I apply my foundation XD Still it doesn't do any wow effect, but I like to use it since I have nothing else between my tonic and foundation. As for how it works with different foundations... well, sometimes better, sometimes worse... It depends also on my skin, sometimes it's too dry, sometimes too greasy for no reason. Than also the texture of the chosen foundation makes it hard to make an even look. But mostly it worked well with other foundations. It's a pity really that after I apply foundation I can see a little bit of difference on my large pores on my cheek, but the rest of the face is like I didn't use anything. What this also does is prolong the wear of any foundation and I like that a lot... I think it helps me keep my foundation on for about an hour or two longer than my usual wear, which is about 4 hours before my foundation starts to melt and looks all shiny and greasy.

 Final verdict - I would recommend this to someone who has large pores, but than again it also depends on your skin type. My skin used to be really greasy and I would never be able to work with this product but the last two years I have a more mixed situation and I never know which one will come out, so this works for me according to my skins mood swings... It's not a perfect primer, I believe there must be an even better product for hiding your lines and pores, but it's solid and I'm quite satisfied with it. It looks like it would plump my skin a bit, making it look more even and it feels soo smooth. I would give this product 4/5 because it works with my needs at an good enough level, but it's not  a perfect one.

How about you? You use any face primers? Any suggestions which one to try next?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Jaz imam tudi tega in ni slab. Najbolj mi je všeč, da je koža super gladka za nanos in se mi zdi, da je puder tudi bolj obstojen. Glede por pa nisem zaznala nekih sprememb.:)

    1. Koža je res gladka po uporabi, sem zelo vesela da sem si ga kupila. :) hehe, spremljam tvoje slike na tvojem blogu in imaš neverjetno lepo kožo - ni por za prekrivat ;)))


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