Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: Barry M - Matte Nail Paint - Burgundy Crush

Hello! I have a new favourite nail polish - it's by Barry M, actually also my first nail polish by this brand. It's from their matte collection and I have it in shade Burgundy Crush. I bought it at lič :) The price was somewhat higher than I'm used to spending for nail polish, but I really wanted to try this one, especially wanted to see the matte effect.

The packaging is classic glass bottle, plastic cap, the brush is nothing special, but I still really like the whole look :)

The shade is called Burgundy Crush and I find it more of a deep red/plummy shade, also the only shade I really like from this range. The matte finish is visible really quickly, dries also very fast and leaves a nice smooth looking finish. If you don't want the matte look, you can always add some top coat with shine effect. This one would also look really good with glitter top coat, let's say a combination of black and white or maybe golden glitters...

Excuse my nails please, I really have short and ugly ones lately, so I tried my best to make it look presentable. I don't do nails much at all, and even when I do they never look quite as good as I wish they would... I really suck at manicures. However this nail polish lasted through the first day with no problems, for almost two days without any base or top coat, than it started to chip on a couple of nails. Personally I count this a success, because normally my manicure gets chipped or battered before 5 hours pass.... Also, I needed two coats to make the shade even, but that's kinda normal.

Here's more photos for you :)

Do you have one of these? Do you like them? Any other shade you would recommend?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Odličen:)) Mat mi je zelo všeč, ampak škoda ker jih več ni toliko na trgu se mi zdi:)

    1. Ja mat lakov res ni veliko, tale je pa definitivno vreden svojega denarja ;)


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