Sunday, April 6, 2014

POTW: Kahne - Witch Hazel face tonic

Hey there! It's Sunday and time for POTW (product of the week) post :) This week I'm presenting to you my latest face tonic, a newbie from March, which I have been using since the day I bought it, every day, about two times per day.. so I can give you a proper review :) I've also made sure this week this tonic was always ready to use and I must say this has become one of my new favourite products :)

I have read some really good reviews and comments about this product before buying it and I felt like I should wait with the purchase and use my other face tonics first.. but than I had this period of very sensitive skin, quite a problemaic period and nothing I had already at home could be trusted not to make my skin even worse. So I bought this one at E.Leclerc for about 3,70 euros for 200 ml.

The packaging is simple, 200 ml plastic bottle, which has a small opening on the top. I'm using it for my morning and evening skin care routine, and it leaves a very nice, gentle feeling on the skin. The scent is very gentle, but nothing special, which is actually for the best - what's the point in buying a good product if it has a million different perfumes in it and you want it to calm down your sensitive skin? Also contains no added colorant, which makes the liquid simply transparent.

Mostly I just use my cotton pads and apply it with that, don't know any other way of using a tonic. I could maybe put it in a spray bottle and simply spray it on my face and save some of the cotton pads and also avoid rubbing my skin too much. I find this tonic hydrating and with a nice soothing effect. It acts against dry, stressed and sensitive skin lacking moisture. Also helps calm down the redness and tightens my pores. Because it doesn't contain any alcohol it actually helped me get my skin back on track and helped me with my skin irritations, pores, redness after washing my face and  also pimples. It's so gentle you can also use it around the eyes, it doesn't irritate them at all. 

 And ingredients:

Do I recommend this product? Hell yes! If you have sensitive skin or you need a really gentle product, than I suggest you try this one. I will definitely repurchase it :) You can also check their other products here. :)

What's your favourite face tonic? Have any suggestions which one should I try next?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Zelo obetavna zadevica, definitivno nekaj kar bi tudi sama morala dodati k svoji negi obraza, glede na tvoj review in opis. :)) Imajo to še kje drugje kot v E.Leclercu?

    1. Vem da ga imajo še v LJ v Nami, pa brala sem da naj bi se ga dalo dobiti tudi v tuš drogerijah, za drugo pa ne vem.. :)

    2. Aha, no hvala. Bom preverila. Sem pa zasledila da naj bi ga bilo možno dobiti tudi v Mercatorju :) bom šla na lov :)


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