Monday, March 31, 2014

NEW in March :)))


Hello! New month, almost gone and a lot of newbies.. again! As I was really trying not to buy too much in February, I really went over again this month... still I got some really awesome discounts and some second hand stuff, so all in all this bunch has been a pretty good deal :)))

I'll start with a list of newbies:

- Schwarzkopf Gliss 6 Miracles Oil Essence
- Balea Papaya& Buttermilch hand cream
- Balea Golden Shine body lotion
- DM Das gesunde plus Panthenol cream
- Le Couvent des Minimes hair mask
- Inell Micellar solution
- Inell Lait Demaquillant Douceur
- Kahne face tonic Hamamelis
- Nivea  Aqua effect Refreshing Cleansing Mousse
- Akoma original Ghanaian Black soap
- Essie Good to Go top coat
- Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Burgundy
- Bourjois So Laque! Ultra shine in 28 Rose Lounge
- Bourjois  10 Days Anti-choc nail polish in 18
- Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation in shade 51 Vanille clair
- Deborah portable powder brush
- Revlon Colorstay foundation for combination/oily skin in shade 150 Buff Chamois
- L'Oreal True Match foundation in shade R2-C2 Vanille Rose
- Deborah CC Cream 8in1 creamy correcting foundation in shade 01
- Bourjois Delice de Poudre, bronzing powder in shade 52
- MUA blusher in shade 2
- Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying powder in shade 52 Vanilla
- Catrice, Intensif'Eye wet&dry shadow in shade 100 Glamourose
- ArtDeco Pure Minerals eyeshadow in 820
- Sleek Glitter eyeliner in 273 Gem
- Essence Longlasting Eye pencil in shade 12 I have a green
- Bourjois Khol&Contour Ultra black eye pencil
- Bourjois Healthy mix concealer in shade 51 eclat clair
- MaxFactor Smoky Eye Effect eyeshadow in Indigo Mist
- MaxFactor Excess Volume mascara in black
- Revlon  Super Lustrous glos in 215 Super Natural
- Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in 402 Across the Universe
- Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Finish in shade 08 Grand Cru
- Alverde Lipgloss Maximize effect in shade 10 Sunburst
- Deborah Milano MilanoRed Laquein shade 6
- Maybelline Color Whisper in 310 Mad for Magenta

OMG, that was another long list and it took me a really long time to type it all down... So.. what do you think? went a bit too crazy this month, right? Well, now I finally have a feeling like there's nothing I could possibly buy at the moment, also satisfied my wishes and my wishlist and feel really happy about it :) I shall invest in some clothing next month, I really have so many great products at the moment and I love using most of them :) Some of these have not been tested yet, as I have too much of them, but they will get their turn soon :)

First I'll start with DM Panthenol cream. I bought this one because I really had some bad time with my skin, around my mouth it got really red and sensitive, it took about two weeks to get my skin to get better. It's still not at it's best but a lot better than before. Also as this cream has panthenol it helped reduce my blemishes. Next I got this hair mask by Le Couvent des Minimes ( like a spinoff of more famous brand L'Occitane). I got it as a gift at work for Women's Day :) I haven't tried it yet, only smelled it and it has a very strong herbal scent to it.. will see if it does any good to my hair. Next is Balea Golden Shine body lotion. As the name already suggests it has a little golden glitter to it, which gives a subtle glow to the skin. I intent to use it on my legs.. I don't really need this since I have a couple of similar products.. so this really was just an impulsive buy.  Another Balea product is this hand cream, Papaya & Butter milch. Smells amazingly sweet, also is quite good with  nourishing. Next I got 50% discount coupon for all Gliss products and I decided to try the new hair oil, still waits for testing...

Another few items for face cleaning...  I got these two by Inell in LeClerc, the micellar solution is 500 ml and really cheap, about 2,50e... Also need to get a new make up remover so I wanted to see if this one by Inell would be ok, still waiting to test it. As my skin has been really bad in March I tried to find a gentle tonic and bough this one by Kahne, and it really is gentle and doesn't irritate my skin more or causes more blemishes. The last buy here was this Nivea cleansing foam, which I will test soon I hope. I had 50% discount in Dm so I decided to give it a go, hope it will be good :)

Another item for my face is this black soap by Akoma, which I have ordered from a slovenian web site, and it arrived really fast, like in two days. :) I am almost finished with the one I had from iHerb and didn't want to wait so long for a new one so I decided to get one by another brand, see the difference. I was really satisfied with previous one and it lasted me almost a year, it really has been a huge piece of soap... this one is a bit smaller, but what matters is that it will fit my skin... Review some time soon, I hope :)

Nails time.... I didn't have any top coat or base coat or anything.. so I got this 30% discount at DM for all decorative cosmetics and I decided to try this one by Essie. I have read some really good reviews.. I still have to test this one properly, hope it works for me. Other Essie nail polishes I had weren't  as good as I hoped and they are quite expensive. Next is Barry M Matte nail polish... got it from Lič for about 7euros. I saw advertisements for some lingerie and I noticed the girl with matte deep red nails... so I searched where could I find such a shade and this one fitted the bill. I have tried it once so far and I really liked it :) The two Bourjois nail polishes I got for 50% and 30% discount, also at DM store... I really like the blue one :)

Also from Lič I ordered this MUA blusher in shade 2, which is a bright pink and I've been using it almost every day since I got it. Really like the shade and how it make me look more fresh. From ASOS I order this Bourjois bronzing powder. I have read so much about it, everyone in make up world recommended this one but it's not available in Slovenia, so I was really happy to get it! Also needed some mattifying powder to go on top of my foundation and the Essence one was really not good enough, so I decided to get the Bourjois one and I am using it every day now, really workd well. Since I didn't have a portable powder brush I got this one from Deborah, and it really comes in handy, plus the price was almost the same as the Ebelin one.... Onto foundations... I went a little crazy this month with my search for my perfect foundation. Soon after I bought Bourjois CC cream I got 123 Foundation in shade 51 and oh my gooosssh, this one is amazing! Almost better than Revlon Colorstay I bought second hand, in shade Buff. I haven't  tested the new L'Oreal True Match yet, I had 50% discount in DM and used it the last day... I hope it will be good. I used a lot of L'Oreal foundations back in high school, so I hope they are still as good as they were... The Deborah CC cream I also got second hand, haven't tested it yet, but I hope it will be ok.. it looks like it will be a pain in the ass to apply it evenly..

For eye make up I got new mascara by MaxFactor, Excess Volume, and it really does something to my lashes which are really short and straight... it's still not a wow effect but it's pretty decent considering all my other mascaras... Bourjois concealer has been my repurchase, I think this is my third one in a row... I really love to use this on my blemishes as well as under my eyes to cover my dark circles.. Sleek Glitter eyeliner in Gem was on discount at Lič and I really wanted to try this one had it on my wishlist for some time now.. so I decided to buy it. Catrice eyeshadow has been a more impuslcive buy, I wanted something more spring like and I liked the marble shade of the product and the touch of pink shade in it. At the end of the month I also stumbled upon ArtDeco discount and thought this small mono eyeshadow would do well as a base and highlighter and also for when I'm on the go and don't have space or need for a lot of make up. MaxFactor Smokey eyes was another impulsive buy, still haven't tested it yet. I hope this light blue shade will be good, I really liked it in the store, but will see how it looks when applied. The last two items here are two eye pencils - one by Essence, I have  a green and one by Bourjois in Ultra Black. Tested both and I really like them a lot, very nice to use and very nice shades ;)

Saved my favourite part for the end ;) Finally got my hands on Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in shade Super Natural :) I really like the gentle shade and I know it's nothing special but I somehow fell for it and had it on my wishlist for months now. I got 25% discount at Muller store :P Next is Rimmel Apocalips in shade Across the Universe, a deep red shade, just my kind of lippie. After my first successful purchase at ASOS ( the Bourjois bronzing powder - this one was also on discount, but it's already back to the regular price 9euros and something) I saw these were on discount also and I got myself just one shade, the one that was the most pretty :P At the beginning of the month I was searching for orange lippies and I decided to test this Alverde lip gloss and it's really pretty orange, of course a lot more sheer than it looks in the packaging. Next is another product from my wishlist, Deborah lip lacquers. I got the darkest, deepest shade 6. It really looks more like a deep berry shade when applied and so far I really liked it :) Next is another product by Bourjois, the Rouge Edition matte lip glosses...? I don't really know if I can call these lip glosses? A wonderful deep red matte shade, aslo used the 30% discount on this one, with a really nice velvety finish. If only I coudl work with it faster - it takes some time and work to get the shade even on your lips. Last here is the Maybelline Color Whisper in shade Mad for Magenta, a nice pinky fuchsia like shade that I wanted to buy last summer, but never did... and I finally stopped waiting and got my wishlist almost done! Really lovely shade, works well with my new MUA blusher and really brightens up my face. :)))

Ok, now this was a really long post... And a lot of new products.. I got lucky with the 30% discounts for decorative cosmetics, I actually had two, than some other discounts at Muller and some coupons I got delivered  at home, some Asos discounts.. otherwise this would really cost me a fortune. I got some expensive items second hand, like the MF mascara, Revlon and Bourjois, Deborah foundations and cc creams... so all in all was still really expensive, if I make a sum of all the months purchases... But I finally almost closed up on my wishlist and I already know that April won't be so full at all.. It took me some months but I finally have almost every item I wanted to try :)) Feeling really happy to be able to afford so many goodies :) April will be a month of new clothing, as I am in need of some nice stuff to wear for work and just so ;) Oh, and did you already guess my favourite make up brand? :P

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. wow, to pa je nakup :))) komi čakam slikce lakcev na tvojih nohtih :))

    1. hehe hvala, najprej niti nimaš občutka ko pa na koncu meseca naredim pregled še mene včasih preseneti kaj vse imam novega :) Slikce lakov bodo kmalu, v prihajajočih tednih ;)

  2. Super nakup. Mene bi ful zanimal post s primerjavo teh treh podlag. Za Revlon se še ne morem odločiti, če bi ga ali ne bi preizkusila.

    1. Hvala :) bom poskusila vse tri ocenit in združit v eno objavo, ampak se mi že kar zdi da bo moj favorit 123 Bourjois :P

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