Friday, March 7, 2014

Review: REVLON - Nearly Naked foundation in 130 Shell :)

Hey there! Today's post will be a review of my most used foundation - Revlon Nearly Naked in shade Shell. I was using this product for almost a year now, this is my second bottle. The first one I got as a gift and the second I bought myself at Click2Chic. When I first started to use this I was really impressed, because this foundation looked so natural I almost appeared like I have nothing on at all. Since last month, when I bought Bourjois CC Cream this opinion is a little bit changed, but still I really like this foundation.

Packaging: Classical glass botle with white plastic cap.  You get 30 ml of the product inside, it doesn't have any pump or  anything like that so the product spills right out on your hand. At first I had problems with this, but than I got used to how much I need and how to roll the bottle in my hand to prevent it from spilling too much. 

Application: I mostly use my fingers because I find it easier to apply, also a lot more faster. I also tried with my Ebelin foundation brush, and the finish was a bit better than with fingers, but it took me a little bit longer and I used more product, because the brush kinda absorbed a lot. Also, it workde best when I used a bit of primer, because it likes to settle a bit into the deep pores. 

Colour: I have shade 130 Shell, which is a bit on the yellow side, a tiny bit on the peachy, it looks warm on the skin, it's definitely not a cool shade. I haven't tried other shades, but judging by the swatched online and checking the shades in store I belive that Shell is my best match. Also, if you are not sure which would suit you best you can check Revlon's online guide here.

Texture: The formula of the product is really soft and melts into the skin, it's also a more sheer foundation  and kinda looks like a tinted moisturizer. When it sets the finish is almost powdery,  but not dewy, it looks really really natural, like you have almost nothing on. 

Coverage and staying power : This is really sheer and you can not expect a full coverage from this one. It helps hide the redness, but any larger dark or deep red spots you will have to work with concealer. As for staying power goes - I have oily skin most of the time and this lasts me decently, about 6 hours. Also, have in mind that this is a non-long-wear type of product and doesn't give promises of 16hrs and such...I tested this product in spring, summer, autumn and also winter, so I can say that even in summertime it worked just as well as it does in winter time. Actually in winter time my skin is a bit dry and oily at the same time, so I had more trouble with the foundation in winter time. Since I never get tanned the shade Shell suited me all year long. :)

Enjoy some more photos and my attempts at swatching :)

Hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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