Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Disappointing products #2: Yves Rocher - Micellar Cleansing Water

Hello! Time to post about a product I didn't like. I have read many reviews before purchasing this and well.. it didn't work for me. I was expecting a lot, maybe too much, since this was on the top of many micellar lists of many users..

Packaging: Simple, plastic bottle, light green shade. Nothing special, also the design is pretty simple and classic for Yves Rocher products.

Scent: Very gentle, a bit reminds of soap and something fresh. It's not too strong thou.

Colour: The product also has a bit of colour, it's a bit yellow coloured.

Texture: It's more like a toner, so like any other micellar water I had so far, very watery.

How to use: Apply on your cotton pad, than go over with it all over your face and that's it. No need to wash over with water or any other cleansing product. At least so it says on the bottle.

Reality:  When I first used this I thought it was pretty good, nice scent, gentle, efficient. Than, I didn't use the product for about a month or so, and started it again. I don't think it spoiled or anything but it was different somehow.. or maybe some other reason, maybe my skin was in a perido whe it was more seinsitive. One cotton pad soaked with this micellar water is not enough to remove your make up and clean your face, you will need at least two. The problem here is that the first one was kinda ok, just slight prickly feeling on my face. The second one made my face feel hot and burning. And even than I was still able to find traces of my make up and needed even more cleaning. It also leavse a kind of film on your face, so if nothing else bothers you, you will need to wash your face after it anyway just to fresh it up and get that sticky feeling off.

Price: For about 6 euros you get 200 ml, which I find quite expensive and not really worth the money. You can get better products for less and a bigger amount at that..

So this is it, I do not recommend this product. I didn't like it and I will definitely not repurchase. What about you? Did you try it?

Hope this was helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Jaz sem jo ravno zadnjič gledala v njihovi trgovini ampak sem si potem premislila, ker imam preveč teh micelarnih že doma. Še dobro, ker se res ne sliši najboljše pa še tako kot si rekla, ni ravno poceni.

    1. Meni res ni bila všeč, sem pa brala precej pohval, tako da ne vem zakaj je vse druge prepričala da je dobra in predvsem nežna..


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