Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Preview: Essence - Yes, We Pop LE

''Unique, trendy and full of effects: with the trend edition “yes, we POP!”, essence is offering versatile products for an effect-gel manicure with a true wow-factor in August 2014. Nail art is totally hip right now – especially with these nail pieces inspired by the modern, colorful and catchy world of pop art. There are so many ways to decorate your popular high-shine gel-finish in a creative way now! Bright colors, nail toppers, cool effects, funny symbols or nail foils – they are all just waiting to be applied on your gel nails. The basic products are absolutely essential for an exciting gel manicure – and now they’re available with an innovative 2in1 formula for the first time ever. With the 2in1 primer & cleanser and the 2in1 peel off gel base & top coat, it’s even easier to create your perfect gel manicure, which lasts up to 10 days. Of course, all of the decorations in this trend edition can also be used without a gel manicure – for endless nail styles!''

Nail fun! Lemon yellow, coral, turquoise and blue provide the colorful basis for the coolest nail designs. Thanks to the ultra-fast drying time and the special formula, all nail trendsetters can look forward to long-lasting looks. Available in 01 hey smiley, 02 grab this hype, 03 hello hipsters and 04 have fun. Around 1,59*.
 First step to gel fun! Two indispensable helpers are united in this cool duo product. Before your gel manicure, apply the 2in1 primer & cleanser to optimally prepare your nails for a long-lasting manicure and protect them from nail dust, oil and grease. After curing your nail artwork, the 2in1 primer & cleanser can also be used to remove gel residues from your nails. Super practical and totally easy. Around 2,79€*.

Provide your nails with the perfect basis before adding a bright color or decorating them with creative designs. First, apply a thick and smooth layer of the 2in1 clear peel off gel base & top coat on your entire nail and cure for 10 seconds under the mini LED lamp. Repeat this step for each nail. Next, remove any gel residues from your nails with a cotton pad soaked in the 2in1 primer & cleanser. Paint your nails with nail polish or a grafitti topper and apply the trendy effects - leave to dry completely (not under the lamp) before continuing with the next step. Then apply another even layer of the 2in1 clear peel off gel base & top coat on top of the nail style and cure each nail for 10 seconds under the mini LED lamp, one after the other. Now its time to remove any gel residues from your nails with the 2in1 primer & cleanser – and your creative wow manicure is done! Around 2,99€*.

Loud and trendy… confetti for your gel nails! Create a surprising polka dot design in different pink and fuchsia nuances with the confetti topper. In combination with the nail polishes, the results are especially trendy and are sure to put you in a great mood! Available in 01 bubble gum. Around 1,79€*.

 Mix it! Bring sequins or glitter dust to your nails with the two effect sets in the color combinations yellow-orange-blue or pink-coral-turquoise. The colors and effects can be mixed and matched to your heart’s desire. Be creative! Available in 01 ready for hip pop and 02 made for art setters. Around 2,49€*.

Pop art kit… turn your gel manicure into a true eye-catcher with the neon rivets in various sizes! Use them to create individual highlights or a colorful masterpiece. Includes nail glue. Available in 01 pop rocks. Around 2,49€*. 
 Nail collage! Cool icons like smileys and peace signs in bright, sparkling colors now adorn your nails for a colorful summer! 3D-art that's super-fun. Includes nail glue. Available in 01 hipsters only. Around 2,49€*.
 Foil trend! The three nail foils in yellow, pink and blue give your gel nails an absolutely unique and shiny metallic finish. And here’s how it works: apply your favorite essence nail polish and before the polish is completely dry, select a foil and place the matt side on your nail. Carefully press down the foil and then remove. Seal your nail design with a top coat and you’re done! Available in 01 be funky be trendy. Around 1,99€*.

Partner in art! The double-ended nail art brush is the perfect tool to apply sequins, smileys, kisses and co. on your nails easily and accurately. All you have to do is select your favorite motif – or several – and get creative! Available in 01 picasso pop. Around 2,29€*.

Mini tool, maxi styles… are sure to be a hit with the absolutely unique and practical mini LED lamp with a USB connection – now in a neon pink-white to go with the color scheme of the trend edition. Fans of gel nails can use it to apply a gel manicure anytime and anyplace! Thanks to the USB cable, you no longer need a socket. Simply attach it to your PC or your smartphone adapter and you’re good to go! The mini LED lamp automatically switches off after 10 seconds. It’s also perfect when you’re on the go or on vacation since it’s timesaving and ready for action at all times with the USB connection. Around 19,99€*.

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