Thursday, July 31, 2014

NEW in July :)

Hello! Time flies doesn't it? I was a bit absent here and didn't post much... but it's the end of the month and its time for whats new in July :) Starting with a list of newbies..

- Oriflame Girodani Gold Iconic Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry Blush
- Bourjois  Volume 1 seconde mascara
- Deborah 5in1 Extraordinary mascara
- Ciate  nail polish in Paparazzi
- Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment Coconut
- Alverde Clear waschcreme Heilerde
- Fa Vitamin& power Vitamin B + Honey Melon shower gel
- Oriflame Discover Hawaii Aloha Beach shower gel
- Nivea In-shower refreshing after sun lotion with cucumber
- Fruit Of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel
- Garnier Ambre Solaire Resisto Kids Very Hugh 50spf
- Sleek i-Divine Glory palette
- Oriflame Giordani Gold  CC Cream spf 35 in Light
- Bourjois Flower Perfection  foundation in 52 Vanilla
- Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever  pore primer essence
- Balea After shave gel sensitive
- Essence Road Trip LE dry shampoo

I was trying to be good and not spend too much on cosmetics, still one month can be  a long enough time to buy soo many goodies. Still, this month was more summer like, sunscreen, aloe vera, shower gels and such.. not much decorative items, but still, more than I actually need. And what a success, only one lip product XD

 Summer time products! First we have three shower gels, sort of. The one by Fa I got on discount at DM store... didn't really need it or anything, just wanted to use up my bonuses and this one had the nicest scent.. sweet, melony, summery :) Next to it is one by Oriflame, and as the picture on the bottle suggests, it smells of pineapple.. so this is for all pineapple lovers out there. Shower gel by itself is nothing special, probably won't repurchase again, but it was worth the try :) The last is actually latest in Nivea's in-shower  collection and it's supposed to help calm down your skin after being exposed to sun. So perfect for seaside and pools. I was saving this for seaside time... but as it will not happen, I will just use it in my own bathroom.. This is quite more expensive than the other in-showers, almost 6 euros. As I haven't tried it yet, I can not say what it's like.. Next to it we have Aloe Vera gel. This is my second bottle of it and I must say this is a very versatile product you can use almost anywhere.. face masks, skin care, after burns, after  sunburn, if you have dry skin or irritated skin. I really love this, I first bought it last year and still have a bit of my previous product, but I must say this is really worth all the money. Regular price is about 10 euros, but sometimes you can get 50% discount at DM store.. if you do, I really recommend you use it. Last is a product by Garnier. Not much to say, I needed a sunscreen so I bought this one because I just had a 50% off discount, so why not..  this is actually the only sun screen product for me this summer. I am not going anywhere hot plus it is raining all the time.. I just needed a little something for a couple of days when we went  on a festival, but even there it was rainy and cloudy, so not much need for sunscreen.

A combo of hair care and skin care. I have ordered Uniq One Coconut last month and waited about 10 days for it to arrive. I must say it is a pretty good product, an overall product that takes a really good care of your hair. Unfortunately you get only 150 ml for about 18 euros ( and I am already half way through the bottle... so I will have to start saving it.. otherwise I think it is possible to use up this bottle in about a month or so... plus I have really long hair and I spray it all over so it goes up fast. It has a very gentle coconut scent and so it makes it perfect summer product. Thous once dry even I have hard times detecting the coconut scent, so... if you are looking for a product that will give you a very strong perfume.. this is not it.
Next to it is a face wash by Alverde, from their collection for greasy and unclear skin. I have had this collection a couple of years back so this is kinda  a repurchase for me. I like it, but at the same time it's nothing special. I can not say if it really helps with acne and pimples and all, but it is gentle and can be used every day. I was actually looking for a replacement for my Aok face wash but wanted something good and cheaper than that one.. so this is quite a good alternative.

Face time! I got a surprise this week, by Oriflame :) They sent me Giordani Gold CC cream to test for free :) I have only applied it once so far and I must say it's pretty decent so far, light, easy to blend, smells nice... The shade fits me well, thou there are only 2 shades  available. I have the one called Light. Hmm.. for more I will have to test it more ;) Than, also just arrived today, we have a foundation by Bourjois called Flower Perfection. I have it in second lightest shade, called 52 Vanilla. Haven't tried yet so I can not say anything .. bought it second hand for a really silly price so I am really lookign forward to it and hope it will be as good as the 123 foundation is. I am actually thinking on posting a comparison post, with all my Bourjois foundations.. I should be getting Healthy Mix one very soon.. Last on the photo is a pore refiner actually, a base for under your foundation to help you cover your pores. It's by Etude House and it's called Goodbye Pore Ever.  I have tried it like 2 times so far.. good but maybe too much like a silicone feel...  must try it with different foundations to see how it will react :)

 And favourite part - decorative items :) Starting with Giordani Gold Iconic Liquid Lipstick, I bought this one from the first catalog it was represented in, because the price was lower, about 5 euros. I loved the shade Raspeberry blush the best and thinking of purchasing Fuchsia too... I love the liquid texture, applies like a lip gloss, but has so much more pigmentation and wears off nicely.. thou the only problem I have with this one is the first application. I need  some time to make the shade even all over my lips. But this one is really a lovely summery shade, quite a strong one too :) Next are two mascaras. I got Bourjois Volume 1 seconde one second hand and I must say it's pretty decent but not that good.. as always with their mascaras, I have never liked them much.. Maybe I just need to wait for it to stop being so wet..? The second mascara is by Deborah, the new one called 5in1 Extraoridnary mascara. It's quite heavy on the lashes but gives good definition. Still also very wet and need to wipe away a lot of the product... Last on the photo is a nail polish by Ciate.. Lisa Eldridge always wears a shade by them.. so I had to get one and try what the deal was about them.. well honestly, nothing special, or at least not for me. A beautiful shade of red but nothing more.. glossy finish but starts cracking off just the same as any other brand. Lucky for me I bought this one second hand for about 5 euros, normally these are more expensive and they are not available in Slovenia.

Last item for decorative cosmetics is another palette by Sleek... this is my 11th now.. so I am quite a collector of Sleek eye shadow palettes. This one is called Glory. I bought it second hand, brand new, for a silly price of 5 euros... normally they cost around 12 at slovenian  online shops... So I call this a really good deal. It consists of 12 shades,  first row for daily use and second for party time :) Just the right mix of everything. The pigmentation is as good as always, at least the shades I have already tried. Now I see they have a new palette called Arabian Nights.. so my wishlist is not over yet :P

 My last purchase previous week was this after shave gel by Balea.. just wanted to try if maybe this will work better for me, especially for bikini area, but well.. it is nothing special and I still get my skin irritated and red and need a week to heal so.. Basically a waste of money if you ask me. It costs about 2,50 euros, so at least I didn't spend much. Next to is a mini version of dry shampoo by Essence. I wanted to buy the one by Balea, because I already know it plus it's cheaper, but this was the only mini I could find. This costs almost 4 euros and doesn't really do much. It smells nice, but the hair don't look much better thou. So another item I am not satisfied with and probably will never repurchase.

Have you tried any of these products?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Hm...meni pa Ciate laki zdržijo 2x dlje kot pa vsi ostali, sem bila popolnoma navdušena :)

    1. Ni slab drugače, samo jaz imam vedno probleme z laki, vedno se ekspresno krušijo.. edino the one od oriflame mi je zdržal ene 4 dni.. to je bil res dosežek :P

  2. Ciate laki zgledajo vedno tako luštno :3 .. Drugač pa fajni nakupi ! :)

  3. Uf, jaz imam tudi Arabian Night paleto na WL, ampak sem si rekla, da moram malo nehati s kupovanjem palet, ker jih imam ogromno. Tako da mogoče ne bo nikoli moja, but you never know. :P

    1. Ja saj to, ko jih mam že toliko da že te ne pridejo na vrsto, pa še bi.. ampak je pa res lepa.. če jo dobim kje v kaki akciji jo pa takoj kupim :)

  4. Nism edina, ki je kupila aloe vero :D super nakup

    1. Hehe, hvala :) Ma aloe vera je vsestranska pa ne pokvari se hitro.. res za celo družino, ne sam zame :P :) dobro zapravljen denar :P


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