Monday, November 5, 2012

Review: Essence Breaking Dawn part II TE

Hey girls!
I've got my hands on almost full stand of Essence Breaking Dawn part II trend edition! I was really happy to find for once a stand intact and with a lot of choice and unspoiled products. You know - sometimes when you want a product real bad and there's only one left - but it's got fingerprints and more of other people on/in it.... eeeww!

So what I got for myself were three eyeshadow pigments!  I know I had a lot of choice, I've had a chance to take nail polishes and that beautiful blush.. but I was really attracted to only these three products.

 I got three shades, all but the gold one - 02 Alice had a vision - again, 01 Jacob's protection and 04 Edward's Love.

 I love all three shades ... in the jar... when applied is a totally different story. First one, Alice had a vision- again is a really strong purple colour, but applied with a brush it was a disaster. I couldn't get the colour to stay put on my lids, every time I tried to make it more intense it just started to crease down and soon I had more colour under my eyes than on my eyelids. Than I tried using my fingers - and it worked! I got a really nice colour  and it lasted very nicely.
As base I used Essence Colour Arts eye base. (Here on the photo of the swatches I did not use any base at all.)

Top to bottom: Edward's Love, Jacob's protection,Alice had a vision - again

Second one is Jacobs protection - it looks really dark, like completely black in the jar, but it really isn't. Here on this photo there's only one coat of each colour, but even when I tried to apply it more on my lids, it never got to be a really dark colour, always more grey-ish. Still, it is very nicely pigmented and stays put without any problems. It does have shimmer in it, all three do, but I like it. :)

The third one is Edward's Love. I was really looking forward to this one.. but hmm.. it has so much sparkles.. the grey base is  a nice pigment ad would work with so many different loooks.. but there's just too much sparkle in it and it kept falling all over my face! I don't like any kind of sparkles and this pigment is really annoying to use.

All three are best to be applied by a sponge applicator or by fingertips, with brushes all I got was eyeshadow everywhere but eyelids.

 Nice collection thou, I like the colours, but the lip products that always attract me, here didn't get the attention. I did tried the testers, but I do not find any use for me from the two shades they offered. The eye liners were also very sparkly with huge visible sparkles, that will probably give you problems when they dry and start falling down. The blush and highlighter powder are two products I don't find any use for.. I really don't need such products at all, but I would love at least to try them once.

I've seen some reviews of the nail polishes, they seem nice but I kinda don't wear much of nail polishes anymore.. and I have to admit  I am really bad at application.. I never manage to make a beautiful nail manicure and I know this has been lately really popular topic in the makeup world.. loads of bloggers write only about nail polishes.. so perhaps I'll make a series of posts featuring how to learn to make a nice manicure.. what do you think? Would you want to read such posts?

Thanks for reading! :)

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