Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution :)

Hey there! Finally have time to share another review with you! :) Today I will review my first micellar solution I have ever tried - L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3in1 Purifying Micellar Solution :)

I have tried one bottle of the product and already used it up, so I have no other photos than these, sorry for the bad quality... The bottle containes 200 ml and it lasted me about a month and a half I think? Maybe a little less than two months. I was using it when I was too sleepy to clean my face the regular way or when I felt I had a bit more makeup on and use it after washing my face with my regular cleanser. The bottle is simple, plastic with white cap, nothing special about it. Serves it's purpose, but that's about it. The price of the product seemed pretty ok to me, a little less than 5 euros at DM stores (it was on sale). So since I didn't use this product every day I got the chance to try it with various make ups and bases and I could see when it works best. If I was using this every day I would finish the bottle really fast, probably in three weeks, which is really fast... I think the consistency of the product is a bit too much watery and it's easy to  squeeze too much of the product on the cotton pad.  Since this was my first micellar solution I can not really compare it to any other.

Personally, I would give this product 3+/5 grade. It's not too exensive, the bottle is easy to use and storage. The product itself does the job, removes the makeup and all that gets on your face during the day - but I'm not that impressed. On days I had little make up on, or I used bb cream it was ok and easy to remove make up, but on days when I used my Revlon foundation I used more of the product, more cotton pads and the result still wasn't that good. I used another cotton pad with my tonic water and sometimes I would still get it a little yellow from the remains of my foundation. And I did rub my face really well, so I guess that sometimes this just needs a little help with the normal "soap and water" cleaning. It's not a bad product, but overall I would say it's an OK product, a somewhere between medium and really good, but not great. Also the amout of the product is not that much, just 200 ml, but than again, you are supposed to have this product open only for 6 months, which means if you have and use multiple micellar waters at once it's even better the bottle is not bigger, so it doesn't have time to go to waste. I also asked two of my friends that tried this product and one of them uses minimal makeup and she said she is very satisfied with it and it's good for her. The other one uses even more makeup than I do and she also noticed that sometimes this simply doesn't do the job properly.

Also, this product didn't cause me any skin irritations, and more blemishes or rashes or anything like that, so as far as this is concerned it's a pretty good product :)

You can check the ingredients here :)

Thanks for reading! Hope this was helpful to you and take care! :)))

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Kak tajming, jaz sem tudi včeraj ocenila to micelarno.:D
    Meni je makeup na obrazu dobro odstranila, je pa res, da sem jo vedno uporabljala, preden sem si umila obraz, mi pa ni popolnoma odstranila maskare. Mi je pa pakiranje katastrofalno, v tem pogledu se je bolj izkazal Garnier, ki ima ravno pravšnjo odprtino, da lahko nadzoruješ, koliko izdelka boš vlil na vato in ti skoraj nikoli ne more uiti preveč. Cena pa ista kot od L'Orealove. :D

    1. Hehe, nisem še videla tvoje objave, grem zdaj prebrat :) Meni je tko tko, za oči in ustnice tko tko, ampak predvsme sem bla razočarana da ni spravila dol tekočega pudra, ker res uporabljam zelo malo le tega... sem si že ogledovala Garnierjevo samo mi je ful velika, mogoče malo prevelika.. L'oreal mi je bil všeč ker sem ga lepo v omarico pospravila v kopalnici, samo se bolj splača Garnier kupit. Trenutno imam Yves Rocher, ki sicer ni najbolj cenovno ugodna, je pa definitvno boljša od L'orealove :P


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