Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BEST OF 2013 :)

Hello everyone! Todays post is a kind or review of the past year where I will show you best of products and non beauty favourites of the previous year. I don't have any praticular order, so I will just start somewhere and finish with the last thing that comes to my mind :)

1. Best blusher (also most used): Catrice, Powder blush from LE Revoltaire, shade 01 Colour Bomb. This is actually from a pretty old LE, but I didn't really get to use it at all until this year. I wouldn't say it's my favourite or a very good product, but I did use it a lot.

2. Best powder: Bourjois,  Poudre de Riz de Java, universal illuminating powder. I love this for when I'm out the whole day or for going out. It really finishes off the look and it's not too shiny, it just gives the skin that little something. Also love the scent and the packaging of this one :)

3. Best brush (most used): Catrice, Powder brush. I used this one the whole year a lot, until I got the one from BH Cosmetics. Can't say it's the best out there, but it does the job just fine, I have no complaints at all, so I decided to include it in the best of post, since I really used it a lot. :)

 4. Best eyeshadow base: ArtDeco Eyeshadow base :) I've been using this little pot a lot and it's still half full! And really helps with certain eyeshadows to keep them in spot and looking good. I really liked this one, I will also probably repurchase when the time comes. :)

 5. Best concealer: Bourjois, Healthy Mix, shade 51 Eclat clair. This is the best concealer I have ever had! It covers everytging, from blemishes to dark circles under the eyes and gives matte finish. I love this one, I actually have two, one in my bag and one in the bathroom XD

 6. Best make-up remover: Alverde, make up remover with calendula. I have used a couple of bottles of this product and I keep repurchasing it, because it does the job and doesn't irritate my skin or my eyes. I don't use waterproof make-up so this is good enough for me. This is one of the most used and repurchased products I have :)

7. Best shampoo: Kozmetika Afrodita, shampoo for greasy hair with nettle :) This is my all time favourite because it makes my hair look healthy and strong plus it really gets to the scalp and gets them degreased. A winner for me and also another product that I have repurchased many times :)

8. Best hair care product: Schwarzkopf, Gliss collection, Hair repair conditioner. Currently I have this one for very damaged, dry hair because in winter time my hair need some more care, otherwise I have used a couple of others too and I really like this. Just spray it over after washing, leave in and dry your hair. It's not too heavy for the hair and actually helps keep them healthy. Another of my regular repurchases :)

9. Favourite perfume ( most used): L'Occitane, Peony edp. I love the scent of peonys and I really like this perfume. I have been using it a lot the last couple of months and I got really used to it. I love flowery scents, but more gentle ones like this one :)

10. Best foundation: Revlon NN in shade Shell :) I have been using this the whole year, since I got it in late spring :) I am already on my second bottle and let me tell you - this is amazing! For everyone that wants light coverage and a feeling like there's nothing on your face at all.. also the look like you have no foundation at all - this is it! :) One of my biggest favourites of the past year!

11. Best mascara: L'Oreal,  False Lash Wings mascara in black :) I love this one because it is the only one I have used in the past year that actually made a difference... I look like I have some lashes, finally! Givs lenght and a bit of volume, stays put all day and has a nice plastic brush :) 

12. Best eyebrow product: Essence, Guerilla gardening LE, eyebrow mascara. I haven't used many eyebrow products before this one, especially not regularly. But since I got this I use it every day and it makes quite a difference how my face looks like a whole image, really defines the face and the eyes. I don't like the draw in eyebrows because most of the times they look too fake and ugly, so this is kinda a really good choice for me. And most importanty - easy and quick to use :)

 13. Best lipbalm: Krasna, with lavander and lavander honey. I had this from the year before, but never really used it much so I finally finished the product this December and I must say it really helps my lips. It is a bit more greasy, but in winter time this is the best one that actually did something, except having a nice scent. :) I think this is available only in Slovenia, not sure...they have some other great products too that I want to try :)

 14. Best books: Robert Jordan, The Wheel Of Time, numbers 7,8, 9 and 10 :) I am currently reading the 11, Knife of Dreams and have two more to go to finish the collection :) I really recommend this if you are a fan of fantasy world, there is no story more epic that this one :)

15. Best concert: Satyricon and Chthonic. This was really hard to choose, because I went to some really great gigs this year, but this one stayed in my mind the most, especially because of the part after the concert :) Talking to the band, taking photos, getting autographs... it was really nice :)

16. Best beer: Kozel XD Hmmm... this was another one hard to decide, but I think it's safe to say I loved drinking light and dark version of Kozel a lot :) I wanted to say Double Chocolate Stout, I love that one too, but it would be unfair to Kozel, since it's a really good beer and tasty ;)

 17. Best board game: Hmm.. another hard one, but lets say Carcassonne, since I really played this one a lot, especilly with my bf and I have won alot XD It's fun and suitable even for just 2 players :)

18. Best PC game: Torchlihgt II :) Easy to play and relaxing XD

 19. Best surprise product: MaxFactor, Colour Elixir lipstick :) I have never tried these before and I was really amazed by the texture, pigmentation, staying power.. I really love this one, it's in the shade Burnt caramel :) 

20. Best lipstick: Anything from Revlon really... XD I'm a freak for Revlon lippies but if I had to choose just one shade, than it would be Lip Butter in shade Red Velvet :) A perfect red and you all know by now I love reds ;)

 21. Best lipgloss: Deborah Euphoric Shine lipglosses :) I have a couple of shades and it's hard to say which one I have used most, because I have really used all of them and I really like them. I like the texture, the shades, the packaging, the scent of the product :)

22. Best nailpolish: OPI Skyfall or Dior Nirvana. I simply can not choose just one, so I say both are really amazing, especially regarding the shades..

 23. Best eyeshadow: Maybelline Color Tatto 24hr in shade Metallic Pomegranate :) I have three of these little pots and this shade has been my favourite and most used :) These are really good in pigmentation and staying power so I will definitely try and buy some more.. I have my eyes set on the shade "Bad to the Bronze" :)

24. Best eyeshadow palette: Sleek Sunset :) This will come as no surprise, since you all know I'm a big fan of Sleek palettes :) It was  hard choice but I think this one is really the best in the pigmentation and texture of the shades :)

25. Best festival: MetalDays XD I went for only three days, but it was great! 

26. Best dietary supplement: Chia seeds :) I had a time where I ate these every day, now I do that a couple of times per week. But I really like these, I have used it in smoothies, desserts even jam XD

27. Best movie: Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug :D Do I need say more?

28. Best tv show: Arrow :)

29. Best new tv show: Sleepy Hollow :)

30. Best tv channel : 24 Kitchen ;)

So this is it... I randomly posted everything that came to mind, no specific order... it has been a good year. Hope this one is even better ;)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. The Wheel Of Time rules! I love your makeup choices but even more books, movies etc. My type of girl!

    1. Hehe, I know XD Have you already read it whole? We have a lot in common, nice :D

  2. Zelo zanimiv nabor izdelkov:) Te MaxFactor šminke sem gledala v trgovini in se popolnoma navdušila. Res zanimivi odtenki, čeprav nisem potem nobene kupila:)

    1. Poskusi enkrat, mislim da ti bodo všeč :) Pigmentiranost vseh je res fajna :)

  3. Hey, I've got Torchlight 2 as well, we can play together!

    1. Sure :) I haven't played much lately but I'm almost at the end of the game and I'm constantly dying XD

  4. Zanimiva izbira, je par teh stvari tudi meni zelo všeč :)

    1. Hvala :) Sem poskušala izbrat izdelke ki sem jih dejansko veliko uporabljala in so mi bli res všeč... :)

  5. Tale lipbalm od krasne sem dobila za rojstni dan in mi je res super. :) lepo navlaži pa še lepo diši! :) Se pa spravljam kupit prvo knjigo od The Wheel of Time že pol leta, ne vem kdaj mi bo ratalo. :D So dobre? :)

    1. Ja res je fajn tale balzam :) ga bom ponovno kupla ko mi zmanjka vseh načetih XD knjige so fenomenalne, res priporočam :) Enormna epic zgodba... mene je že kr groza ko bo konec 13...


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