Thursday, January 2, 2014

NEW in December 2013 :)

Hello! Today I will present to you all my newbies from December :) It was quite a rich month :D I got a lot of stuff for free, a lot more on discounts... as gifts... so many goodies :P

Let's start with a list :)
- Oriflame,  Tender Care Chocolate Protecting Balm
- OPI, nail polish What Wizardy  Is This?
- L'Occitane Rose 4 Reines solid perfume
- NYX Lipliner pencil 810  Natural
- NYX Ultra pearl mania, 23 Walnut pearl
- REVLON Photoready Skinlights 100 Bare Light
- REVLON Super Lustrous lipgloss in shades Fatal Apple and Berry Allure
- Fingr's nail stickers Dragonfly
- Fairwind nail stickers 
- Deborah, La Deborine, Dakar, 
- ESSIE, nail polish Over the knee
- Essence, Ice Ice Baby LE,  shimmer powder
- Neutrogena lip balm
- Catrice, nail topper, 41 Two Million Dollar Baby 
- REVLON, Just Bitten Kissable balm stain, shade Crush
- The Body Shop, lip butter chocolate
- L'Occitane, Fleur d'Or & Acacia, perfumed body milk
- L'Occitane, 1 minute hand scrub
- Avon, Incadessence Body mist
- Essence, Make-up to match, 10 light
- L'Occitane Mousse mains& corps, hand and body wash
- Alverde, intensive hand cream, Pomegranate & shea butter
- ArtDeco, lip lacquer in shade 30
- a big haul of Essence products, too many to write it all down :P

And now more photos :)

I got the OPI nail polish second hand, and it was practically new, almost never used. I love it, such a perfect shade and very good coverage with just one coat! I bought Essie in DM store, I had a 50% discount :P Haven't tried it yet, I hope it will be ok. The nail stickers I got when I traded some of my stuff I didn't use anymore.

Revlon Crush is the first one I have from the Just Bitten Kissable balm stains, I haven't tried any other shade yet. This one was also second hand, since I think they are a bit too expensive here, almost 11euros.. and frankly, I don't like the other shades much, this one was the best from the range.. The perfume was also second hand, but it was barely open, so I had no objections and bought it. I love this collection, I love the scent of roses, so I thought this was a good deal :) Neutrogena lip balm I got at DM store, also on discount 50%, because I donated 50 of my DM points to their cherity cause. :) Haven't opened it yet, but a friend recommended this is a really good balm that actually does what it promises :)

I bought these three on Click2Chic web store, I had 30% discount :P I always wanted to try the Skinlights, so I was tempted and decided to buy this one :) I have been using it every day since I got it, along with my Revlon Nearly Naked foundation and I have been quite satisfied with this one :) Gives a really nice base :) Also I decided to try some lipglosses by Revlon, because in the previous two months I bought a lot of their Lip Butters. I chose the darkest two shades, Fatal Apple and Berry Allure. I watched swatches from Temptalia and I fell in love. These two are quite sheer and gentle, not at all like they seem in the bottle. Since I expected it I was not dissapointed. I love to use both, I find them very suitable for work :)

I know this one shouldn't be on this lits, I don't need it at all... but look at the cute packaging!!! I simply fell in love with this one and had to try it :) I decided to buy the Dakar shade, not the London one ( that one had more purply shades in it). Deborah is one of my favourite brands for eyeshadows, also for lip glosses, so I expected this to be a good product. I only swatched it so far, never tried it yet, but it looks very promising. I bought it at DM store, another 50% off discount, otherwise these costs almost 20e, which is way too much for me... You get 3 eyeshadows in it, two lippies, two cream shadows, 1 multipurpose powder, 1 blusher, 1 bronzer and 1 applicator, also a small mirror :)

Next is by Essence, it's shimmer powder from their latest Ice Ice Baby limited edition, which you can still get in DM stores in Slovenia, Muller already had it. I got the powder as a winner of a giveaway on Facebook, from Revija Eva :) I only tested it so far, but honestly this does not impress me at all.. I loved the snowflake design, but that was all.. I had an obssession with snowflakes for like a month, so I was ready to buy something from this collection, but seeing it in store.. it really didn't impress me enough, so I didn't get myself anything else.

This is my first The Body Shop product, I never had anything from them before. I actually got this through a friend, second hand, but it was completely new and originaly packaged :P I have already opened it and smelled it and tried it :) It is great, sweet chocolate! A real bargain for all chocoholics :P So far I've been loving this, but I mainly use it at home, since it's in a pot and I can wash my hands at home more regularly :)

Another chocolate lip balm, this one is by Oriflame. I love this one too, it actually helps my lips, but the scent here is too strong and I like the one from TBS more. But this one has a prettier packaging :P Also got this from second hand, but it was again completely new and originaly packaged.. so in my opinion, these two were a really good deal!

Another  Christmas gift to me from the company where I work :) I got something else too, but I gave that away and used it as a gift, since I really don't need so many L'Occitane products :P I still have an untouched shower gel from last Christmas, so I really should be using that first... So I got the new La Collection de Grasse, Fleur d'Or & Acacia body milk which smells amazing! I love the scent so much I am actually thinking of getting myself the small perfume from the collection, the 7,5ml one... this is really an amazing smell, go check it out if you haven't already :P Also I got this one minute hand scrub which I never had before, but I was told this is amazing and makes your hands really soft and smooth! Can't wait to try it :P

Onto my big Essence haul.. I got this on a special web site, with coupons, discounts and such.. so I decided to buy it. I will use a lof ot these in my future giveaway, which will be announced for my birthday, but it will be only Facebook giveaway :) Stay tuned, keep reading my blog and my Fb page in January :P

Another Christmas gift to me from a friend,  the amazingly smelling AVON body mist and Essence foundation. Will see how the second one works for me, but I love the body mist, a really nice smell. On me it's strong enough to be used just so, as a perfume. :)

I got these two products by NYX from MojaDrogerija to test them and review them. :) I haven't gotten around yet to write the post, but I have already used this and I like the shade of the pigment very much, but the lip liner doesn't suit me well... more proper review coming soon :)

Another L'Occitane product that I got as a gift for Saint Nicolas :) I haven't tried it yet, but again I was told by others who already had it that this is a great product, good as a hand wash or body wash, whatever you prefer to use it for :) The hand cream I bought myself, DM store but of course :) It isn't expensive, something like 2,25 euros... It doesn't have a specific or strong scent, but it really nourishes the hands. However, I find it too greasy to use it at work, so I have it at home on my desk and use it there :)

The last product I got the past year was this lip lacquer by ArtDeco, in shade 30. The shade is a perfect red, with full coverage, well pigmented and with a glossy finish. I love the shade, it suits me a lot but it is quite strong, a statement lippie. :) Another product that I got second hand, but it was totally worth it! I never had before any of the ArtDeco lip products and I really like this one. :) Now I know for the future, I will definitely try some more of these :)

I didn't include all of my gifts from December because they were too many... I got a book, voucher for whatever I want to buy in Qlandia, scented candles, some warm socks and some more comfy socks.. a lot of sweets, a board game to play together with my bf& friends, make up related stuff I posted here,  and some more stuff :) It was all in all a great month, that slipped by me very fast since I was at work a lot... so I am kinda happy December 2013 is over and I can finally move on with my own plans :) Thank you all for the lovely gifts and surprises :) I hope you also had a nice month, nice holidays and lots of lovely gifts :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. si kupila sam noro dobre stvari :)) komi čakam review teh izdelkov

    1. Hvala, se bom potrudla čimprej napisat :)

  2. wow, res super stvari! posebaj ona paletka od deborah je tako ljubka :)

    1. hvalaa :) ja a ni cute, nisem mogla ne je kupit :P

  3. Loccitane body milk je noro dišeč! Mi je meni moj kupil kremo za roke in danes sem šla gledat še parfum samo je 55 € tako da ga nisem vzela...

    1. Vem ja, sem ga že poskusila :) Drugače pa se da kupit 7,5ml parfum, ki stane 10,20e. :)

  4. Kakšne kul NP, sploh tale Loccitane body milk izgleda odlično.


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