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Preview: Essence - LIPS,EYES, FACE, GLAM!ROCK!STYLE, MAKE-UP BOXES, MINIS 2 GO - Spring/Summer 2014

NEW in Essence :) A very big and very long post, so the descriptions are rather short... hope I didn't miss something :)

As of February, spring is about to become even more attractive with lots of must-have products that are joining the essence range. Cool looks with a wow-effect are guaranteed! Metallic effects for your eyes, cool eyeshadow palettes, long-lasting lip styles, multi-functional foundations with airy, light formulas and pampering ingredients for a flawless complexion as well as the latest IT nail polishes – the unique products by essence never fail to surprise and skillfully emphasize your eyes, lips, face and nails.


XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss (Mirror Shine Effect)  - Mirror, mirror on the wall! The popular XXXL shine lipglosses are being joined by the XXXL longlasting lipglosses with a “mirror shine effect” in nine long-lasting colors. The lipglosses have a high color-dispersion and come in subtle as well as bright versions like rosé, nude rosé, coral, pink and berry. The flock applicator with a reservoir distributes just the right amount of texture for smooth lips with a shiny finish. Available in a total of nine colors.

XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss (Matt Effect) - Matt = a must! If you love this new lip trend, the extension to the XXXL lipgloss range with five velvety-matt, long-lasting shades is ideal for you! The light, mousse-like texture lasts on your lips for several hours without drying them out. These lipglosses will be available in the it-colors pink, red and nude from February onwards. Particularly easy to apply thanks to the flat applicator. Available in a total of five colors.

XXXL Shine Lipgloss - Timeless, trendy and beautiful – now in a new design and with a new applicator! As of February, the wonderfully shiny lipglosses will be available in the four brilliant colors red, bright pink, glittering pink and shimmering hibiscus. The new applicator pampers the lips as it is even softer than before. Application is accurate and easy and thanks to the reservoir, just the right amount of texture is distributed. They give your lips a wonderfully pampered look, amazing shine and fresh color. Simply irresistible! Available in four new and a total of 14 colors.
Longlasting Lipstick - Longlasting love… you simply have to fall in love with the longlasting lipsticks by essence. The lipsticks provide your lips with intensive color for several hours without drying them out. The light, creamy formula feels pleasant and covers your lips in trendy rose, bright pink and light nude as of February. The essence logo embossed on the texture and the matt, black packaging with a ring of color to match the actual color of the lipstick are true eye-catchers! Available in three new and a total of 13 colors.
Lipstick - Lovely lips: as of February, bright pink and color with a glitter effect ensure fabulous color accents on your lips. The color-coded packaging in the exact same color as the lipstick makes reaching for your favorite shade even easier. Available in two new and a total of 13 colors.
Kiss Care Love Lip Balm - Kiss and care everywhere! The gentle texture of the lipbalm pampers your lips so they feel wonderfully smooth and soft. The highlight: these lipbalms have a slightly sweet taste and ensure a natural look with their subtle color-dispersion. Available in a new light apricot shade in February and a total of three colors.
Lip Liner - Line it! The cool lipliner colors ensure clear contours and beautiful, shapely lips. A practical effect: the lipliner is smudge -proof and especially long-lasting. Also in pink as of February. Available in one new and a total of six colors.


All-in-one CC Cream Clear & Correct – The future belongs to multifunctional textures that conjure-up flawless results instantly and pamper your skin. As the name reveals, the new all-in-one CC cream clear & correct covers irregularities of the skin, spots and redness as well as providing a smooth and soft complexion. The formula is airy and light yet offers a high coverage. With an SPF of 30, it is THE foundation for a fresh complexion in the springtime. Available in a light beige shade.
All About Matt! Oil Control Make-Up Base – All in control. The new make-up base is a light base that conjures-up a long-lasting matt and smooth complexion. With the specially developed complex of raw materials evermat™, this base helps balance oily skin and refines your pores. The fine gel texture has a balancing effect so that the skin won’t start to shine so quickly. It can be applied on its own or underneath foundation.
All About Matt! Oil Control Paper – This special mattifying paper absorbs excess sebum and frees your skin of shine so your complexion is perfectly matt and ready for compliments in a flash! The mattifying paper is pink and comes in a red and white packaging with a practical slide opening. The oil control paper is ready for action wherever you are!
All Day 12h Long-Lasting Powder – The first powder from the stay all day range! The velvety soft, fine powder texture gives your complexion a silky, smooth look and a professional finish all day long. The powder nuances match the popular stay all day 16h long-lasting make-ups and offer medium coverage. Available in four shades.
Mattifying Compact Powder – The popular powder delights all girls who are dreaming of a matt complexion. Its silky, soft texture spreads smoothly for a flawless, matt complexion as if created by a professional make-up artist. A new, light version will be joining the range in February. Available in one new and a total of six shades.
Blush Up! Powder Blush – Colour-flow… the latest hair and fashion trend is finally reaching make-up, too! essence is bringing a cool and unique blush with a color gradient to the beauty stores. The silky, semi-translucent texture with subtle coverage gives your cheeks a gorgeous, fresh look. The blush with the innovative color gradient is available in two color combinations – one for “extroverted” girls and one for those who prefer a more subtle look.
Match2Cover! Cream Concealer – A perfect pair. The creamy, matt texture of the concealer offers high coverage that reliably conceals impurities of the skin and dark circles under your eyes. Simply apply with your fingers and any traces of long party nights or annoying blackheads will disappear! One kit contains two shades in light and medium beige, which can also be mixed together. Now also in a rosé-beige version. Available in one new and a total of two color combinations.
Coverstick – Never ever! The coverstick quickly and reliably covers up small spots, redness and impurities of the skin. Now your world is back in order and nothing can stand in the way of your date! Available in one new, light color and a total of four natural shades.


Metal Glam Eyeshadow  - Metal meets glam! Metallic and shimmering effects on your eyes are THE ultimate trend! The especially soft texture with high coverage and metallic results creates expressive eye make-up guaranteed to be eye-catching! As of February, the range of colors is being extended to include new, hip shades like gold, pink, purple, green or grey that are guaranteed to warm the hearts of all beauties! Available in nine new and a total of 17 colors.
3D Eyeshadow – The trend goes on – 3D! The relief structure offers an ultimate 3D look and the ultra-light eyeshadow texture creates a cool finish with a 3D effect – from satin to metallic to shimmering – upon application. From February onwards, the popular eyeshadows will be available in the three new colors aqua blue, green and orange-gold. The excellent color-dispersion and high coverage leave nothing to be desired. Applied moist, the 3D duo eyeshadow guarantees even more intense results. Available in a total of nine colors.
Mono Eyeshadow – Longstanding favorite! New colors are arriving in the beauty stores for the mono eyeshadows in February: from rosé to bronze and mint to two aquatic blue shades or metallic apricot – the choice of colors is huge so you can once again create endless trendy looks. Available in eight new and a total of 20 colors.
Quattro Eyeshadow – Fantastic four… effects ranging from silky shimmering to matt conjure-up creative eye make-up styles. Two new perfectly aligned color versions are joining the range. One quartet consists of powerful fuchsia, dark purple, rosé and silver-grey while the other version combines white, yellow-gold, antique rose and shimmering wine red. The intensive color-dispersion and long-lasting results make the quattro eyeshadow an absolute favorite! Available in two new and a total of six color combinations.
Effect Eyeshadow – Liquid effects! As of February, you can conjure-up metallic, holographic or sparkling effects on your eyelids in liquid form. The long-lasting, non-sticky eyeshadows are available in six different colors and three different effects: metallic bronze and rosé-gold, lobster and taupe with glitter as well as holographic purple and green-gold. They are easy to apply and remove, offer great coverage and come in a silver-metallic tube. Available in a total of six colors.
All About…Eyeshadow Palettes – All about… beautiful eyes: a gorgeous look is guaranteed by the four new eyeshadow palettes with six trendy colors each. Under the motto “all about …”, there’s a choice of the following combinations:
  • All about nude unites subtle nude shades
  • All about candies combines soft pastel colors
  • All about sunrise with gorgeous, sunny eyeshadow nuances
  • All about paradise creates intensive eye make-up with bright and trendy color
The smooth texture of the eyeshadows contains shimmering, matt and metallic effects – for endless looks. Available in a total of four color combinations.
Smokey Eyes Set – Smoking hot! The new smokey eyes set consists of three colors with various effects each and offers a cool smokey eyes look in just a few simple steps. The soft, velvety texture is easy to apply and the small size is ideal for your purse when you’re on the go. Includes a double-ended sponge applicator. Available in a total of two color versions.
Eyeliner Pen Waterproof – Back to black: accurate eyeliner styles are easy to achieve with the smudge and waterproof eyeliner pen with a felt tip. Waterproof without a stain effect, your eyeliner can withstand spring showers with ease. For intensive eyeliner looks in urban black.
  • 01 Black
Gel Eye Pencil Waterproof – The latest trend from Asia: gel eyeliner in a pen-shape. Instead of in a tub, the soft, waterproof and long-lasting texture of the new gel eye pencil waterproof comes in a retractable pen. Velvety and highly-pigmented, these pens offer intensive eyeliner styles in black, blue, emerald-green, turquoise, grey and brown. Available in a total of six colors.
Effect Eye Pencil – Magic effects! The intensive eye pencil with a metal finish creates long-lasting results in gold, silver, green, turquoise, purple and dark grey. Available in a total of six colors.
Long Lasting Eye Pencil – Intensive and long-lasting color: thanks to its innovative twist-mechanism, the long lasting eye pencil in copper, berry, dark grey, orange-coral, rosé gold and green ensures an especially accurate and easy application with long-lasting results. Available in six new and a total of twelve colors.
Crystal Eyeliner – Sparkling moments… now also with a holographic effect! The long-lasting, gel-based texture of the crystal eyeliner with a high pigmentation creates amazing and luxurious glittering eyeliner styles! Extra tip: if you’re going for glamorous wow-highlights, the eyeliner can be used as a topping on the tips of your lashes, too! The brush applicator guarantees an accurate application. Available in two new and a total of seven colors.
Kajal Pencil – Cool color! As of February, you can create individual and trendy color highlights in bright turquoise and aqua blue around your eyes. Available in two new and a total of eight colors.
Eyebrow Designer – essence eyebrow designer Get your eyebrows into tip-top shape! With a practical brush on the cap for smooth and even eyebrows – now also available in an ash tone for beauties with hair somewhere between blond and brunette. Available in one new and a total of four colors.
Eyebrow Stylish Set “Natural Blonde Style” – Wow-brows are guaranteed with the eyebrow stylist set. The kit contains two eyebrow powders, an applicator and three new revised templates for perfect shape in a flash. Now also available in a new color combination for light eyebrows and an especially natural look. Available in one new color combination and a total of two color versions.
Big Bright Eyes Jumbo Pencil – Big bright eyes – the name says it all! The new highlighter in a jumbo wooden pen shape with a soft texture that blends smoothly gives your eyes an instantly wide-awake look. It can be applied on the inner corners of your eyes as well as below your brows to make your eyes appear larger. Available in three versions: pearly with a gorgeous shimmer, funky with a slightly holographic effect and a matt nude that’s ideal as an inside eye pencil. Available in a total of three colors.
Lash Base Mascara – The first lash base mascara by essence! Applied underneath mascara, it lengthens and thickens your lashes as well as providing extra volume. Simply apply the white lash base mascara texture and immediately cover with a coat of your favorite mascara. Suitable for use with contact lenses.
The Lash Curler – Volume & Curl Mascara – Crazy Curl! The lash curler is a new mascara innovation and has a manually rotating brush. Unique on the market, the brush can be twisted manually as needed – sometimes more and sometimes less – while you apply your mascara to create extraordinary curl and volume. Since the curl mascara is twisted by hand, it doesn’t require batteries. An absolute eye-catcher that’s fun, too!
Maximum Volume Mascara – Maximum lashes! There’s a new addition to the “maximum” range. The new maximum volume mascara has an innovative elastomer brush with elliptical blades that form a reservoir on the inside. This allows the mascara to not only provide perfectly defined lashes, but breathtaking volume, too! Opthalmologically tested.
Get Big! Lashes Volume Curl Mascara – Curly lashes! The successful “get BIG! lashes” range is gaining a new addition. The large, curved fiber brush offers maximum volume, a gorgeous curl and thickens your lashes while the black texture ensures an intensive look. Opthalmologically tested.
Lash Mania Reloaded Waterproof Mascara – Lashes with star appeal – now also available in a waterproof version! The innovative elastomer brush with a star-shaped arrangement of blades accurately grips your lashes to give them a push-up effect. The result: lashes with extreme volume and an ultimate false-lash look. Extra tip: the LASH mania reloaded mascara offers perfect separation and can therefore also be used as a mascara topper. For all mascara maniacs. Opthalmologically tested.
ColourfLASH Volume Mascara – Feel like a boost of color? The colourfLASH mascaras are true multitalents. Whether applied as a normal volume mascara, as a lash topper or on your hair – you can set cool highlights with the colorful mascaras in emerald-green, bright blue, petrol, purple and pink. A duo-look is also totally hip – apply black on your upper lashes and a color on your lower lashes or vice versa. If you like, you can even conjure-up highlights on the sides. Wow! You can also use these amazing mascaras on your hair and easily remove them again with warm water and shampoo. Available in a total of five colors.
Frame 4 Fame Lashes “Single Lashes Mix” – Fame and fun! From now on, you can individually thicken and lengthen your lashes as desired – the single lashes mix is now available in four different lengths! This way, creating a natural or expressive star-style is as easy as child’s play. The false frame4fame lashes are comfortable to wear and can be used over and over again. One set contains 40 individual lashes as well as eyelash glue.
Frame 4 Fame Lashes “Natural Effect Lashes” – Framed! With the new false lashes, you can create a natural yet expressive look that spreads a feeling of fame. The false lashes are comfortable to wear and can be used over and over again. One set contains one pair of lashes as well as a tube of eyelash glue.
Eye Blender Brush – Blend it! This eyeshadow brush conjures-up perfectly blended eye make-up styles. Its extremely soft, long bristles are ideal for blending rather than applying eyeshadow.


Colour & Go Nail Polish – Fresh color! From light apricot to intensive purple to soft pink and cool blue – in February, 17 new and trendy shades will be joining the colour & go-range.
On top highlight: two of the new colours contain the popular, hip “sparkle sand effect”. The pink and silver each have a cool sand effect when they dry – The nail trend to touch!
The other 15 new colours all have a brilliant gel-shine finish with a highly intensive shine and an extremely short drying time for perfectly polished nails in a flash! The patented quick & easy brush is particularly flat for an even easier application. Without damaging ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene and softening phthalates. The 8ml bottle has a cool essence design – with the usual colour-coded cap in the corresponding nail polish colour. Available in 17 new and a total of 48 trendy shades.
Effect Nail Polish – Electrified effects! Exciting and fashionable effects like glitter jewels, sugar in metallic, sparkling or jeans style, a holographic shimmer and polka dots combined with bright colors like rose, turquoise, blue, pink or grey-black conjure-up unique nail styles. The nail polishes offer great coverage and are super easy to apply for a 3D wow-manicure you can touch! Available in 14 colours with four different effects.

 Nail Art Magnetic Top Coat – Magnetic talent! This February, essence is introducing a nail innovation that all girls are sure to love! With the magnetic top coat, every essence nail polish can be magnetized. When the top coat is applied over any essence nail polish, you can create a cool magnet design on your nails with the help of a nail art magnet. And here’s how it works: simply paint your nails in your favorite polish as usual and leave to dry completely. Next, apply a layer of the top coat on top and hold the popular nail art magnet above your nail as long as the top coat is still moist. As if by magic, a unique design will appear on your nails.
Nail Art Magnet – Nail power! The unique chip-form of the magnet offers an extra-strong effect. And here’s how it works: hold the magnet bar above still moist magnetics top coat for 15 seconds. Two new versions create an elegant plaid pattern or a cool heart design. Comes in a practical re-sealable pouch. Available in two new and a total of four versions.
Nail Art Cracking Top Coat – Cool cracks! As of February 2014, a trendy emerald green is joining the cracking top coat family – a must for every nail art fashionista! And here’s how to achieve the unique look: simply apply on top of a color nail polish and watch as the polish “cracks” open within seconds. Amazing! Available in one new and a total of five colors.
Nail Art Special Effect Topper – On top: the special effect toppers always have a surprise in store for you and are now being joined by five new versions! From a dotted Dalmatian look to a jewel effect – these polishes in various colors ensure an extraordinary finish and an eye-catching appearance wherever you go! Available in five new and a total of nine colors.
Nail Art Effect Nails – 3D effect deluxe! Exciting three-dimensional textures are extending the effect nails range. From February onwards, black velour powder, 3D glitter in turquoise or multidimensional glitter flakes can be brought to your nails. The small tubs with a practical sieve make application really simple. Sprinkle the effect nails on still moist nail polish and that’s it – get ready to admire a totally individual nail design with a 3D look! A small tip: it’s best to pour the effects into the lid and then press your nail into them. Available in three new and eight different textures and colors.
Nail Art 3D Jewels Set – Now you can even turn your nails into accessories! The nail decorations with an ultimate 3D effect are available in various designs and materials. Cute bows made of silicone or extravagant mustaches – all looks are possible, whether elegant, eye-catching or romantic. The 3D jewels can be applied on your natural nail or on top of nail polish and can be creatively combined to suit your mood. Includes nail glue for long lasting results. Available in a total of two versions – one “to love!” and one “go crazy” edition.
Nail Art Do It Yourself Sticker – For all nail artists! Transparent nail stickers that can be designed and embellished with all types of nail art decorations. And here’s how the nail design is guaranteed to be a success: simply place the stickers flat on the table, decorate with nail polish, glitter, flakes, rhinestones or whatever your heart desires and leave to dry. Next, peel off the stickers, apply on your nails and then file down the excess foil – and voilà, your nail style with a wow-guarantee is done! A top coat can make the stickers last significantly longer. One sheet contains 14 stickers in various nail sizes.

Nail Candies – Sweet candies! The new nail candies are sure to make all your nail dreams come true. They won’t just make your nails shine in the most gorgeous pastel shades like apricot, rosé or pistachio, but also offer six pampering benefits. The nail polishes harden, protect your nails from daily demands, even out irregularities, have a fruity scent, dry fast and give your nails a high-shine finish. Available in a total of seven colors.
Studio Nails Pro White Glow – Blush for your nails! This pink-transparent nail polish enhances the natural color of your nails and visibly lightens the tips! For a gorgeous, pampered and glossy look. Wow!
Studio Nails Moisturizing Cuticle Cream – Balsam for your nails. The new moisturizing cuticle cream provides plenty of moisture and pampers your nails and cuticles with vitamins, panthenol, glycerin and rich oils. Say goodbye to dry and brittle areas! Comes in a cute tube with a bright orange lid and has a fabulous fruity, pampering scent.
Quick & Easy Sponge Nail Polish Remover – The practical, acetone-free “dip-in” nail polish remover with an integrated black sponge removes nail polish easily without the need for a cotton pad. Particularly cool: when removing polish from one nail, the other nails are not affected – this way, you can fix little mishaps in a flash!

Rock Style 3D Tattoo Design – Tattoo art! The 3D tattoo designs are adhesive on both sides. First, place the design on the desired area and peel off the top foil. As a second step, you can also apply the cool 3D tattoo glitter on it. For absolutely flawless and trendy tattoos that can be washed off again with warm water and soap. Available in a total of three versions.
Rock Style 3D Tattoo Glitter Set – Tattoo art part two… once the 3D tattoo designs have been applied on the desired area, you can add some glitter! There’s a choice of three different sets with three different colors each: blue, turquoise, holographic silver as well as berry, lavender, purple or dark green, gold, black. The cool glitter comes in small stackable tubs and are great for mixing into gorgeous color gradients, too! Available in a total of three versions.
Rock  Style Body Tattoo Stamp - Stamp it, baby! Feel like a funky tattoo, but not forever? The cool pen-shaped tattoo stamp creates little stars, hearts or smileys on your body in a flash to give your style that extra edge. No matter whether you want to stamp a highlight on your ankle or a cool tattoo on your upper arm…. it’s really easy to apply and remove again as desired.
Rock  Style Hair Dye Powder – Coloration to go… the pressed hair powder creates awesome highlights in the four rocking colors mint, blue, pink and purple. Simply apply on the desired strand or area of hair and wash out again whenever you wish. A unique must-have for all individualists who are in the mood for a hip spring look.
Rock  Style/ Glam Style 3D Accessory Sticker – Pimp things! Glam up everyday objects like smartphones, laptops, letters or books with the funny accessory stickers. These diverse gel stickers are available in two versions – rock style and glam style. And for a little fun: the round rock style version is an exact fit for the home button of an iPhone. Available in two different designs.
Rock  Style Fashion Tattoos – Tattoo fashion! From February onwards, you can conjure-up cool tattoos on your skin. Each of the three versions contains metallic silver and black designs. Version 01 and 02 “tattoo” cool bracelets and rings on your skin while version 03 offers trendy motifs like stars, arrows or musical notes. Available in a total of three designs.
Rock  Style Sparkling Hair & Body Spray – Sparkle, sparkle… this spray with a subtle vanilla scent gives your hair and body gorgeous multicolor glitter highlights. The glitter pigments are easy to wash off or out with warm water and soap or shampoo. Available as a 50 ml aerosol.


Essence how to make… make-up boxes! These stylish new make-up boxes are an absolute must-have. The five different “how to make… make-up box” versions are sure to become a favorite of all make-up fans. Equipped with different eyeshadows or powder versions and applicators, all make-up boxes contain an integrated mirror as well as styling cards with helpful step-by-step instructions for various styles. This way, you can create make-up looks like a pro. Available in five high-quality boxes with a cute design. We love…

How To Make Bright Eyes Make-Up Box – Big bright eyes! Six eyeshadow colors including apricot, vanilla, rosé and iridescent grey create two different looks – one classic and fresh, the other glamorous. Depending on the mood and the occasion, the how to make bright eyes make-up box offers the equipment for gorgeous “bright eyes” styles. The box also contains a styling card with step-by-step instructions on how to create the styles. Including an eyeshadow applicator and mirror.
How To Make Nude Eyes Make-Up Box – In love with nude… the unique how to make nude eyes make-up box contains six different eyeshadow nuances and one applicator. You can use it to create either a subtle, classic nude look in brown tones or a cool and daring party look. Absolutely indispensible: the cool styling card with helpful step-by-step instructions for both looks.
How To Make Smokey Eyes Make-Up Box – Smudgy eyes! When you go for popular smokey eyes, the question is whether to apply a classic or an extravagant look? With mysterious black, silver and grey, the how to make smokey eyes make-up box offers the matching colors for the well-known, dramatic style. The version with intensive purple, on the other hand, provides a look with cool color highlights. The make-up box combines six colors and an eyeshadow applicator as well as a mirror and a styling card, which explains the necessary steps for perfect smokey eyes in detail.
How To Make Brows Wow Make-Up Box – Wow brows! Perfect eyebrows are THE ultimate trend. The how to make brows wow make-up box contains everything you need for getting your brows into shape: three different eyebrow powders – one for blondes, brunettes and beauties with black hair – a highlighter powder, an applicator and mini tweezers. Including a mirror and a styling card, the cute box guarantees beautifully curved eyebrows and thanks to the step-by-step instructions, it’s ideal for beginners, too!
How To Make Face Wow Make-Up Box – Fantastic face… every girl dreams of a fresh and flawless complexion. With the products in the how to make face wow make-up box, you can put your face in the right light: a subtle, shimmering highlighter, a bronzing powder as well as two blushes in pink and orange for blondes and brunettes. This fantastic box also includes an integrated mirror and a styling card with a “how to” make-up guide for guaranteed calls of wow!

Essence most wanted – minis 2go: travel time, shopping marathon or a visit to the movies? The new essence range offers useful beauty helpers, cool accessories and personal care products in mini-sizes – ideal when you’re on the go! This new range supports beauties who are always out and about with their styling on the go!

Hand Cleansing Gel – Clean hands! Whether you’re traveling, shopping or doing sports – you can remove dirt and bacteria gently and easily with the hand cleansing gel! Now your hands can be cleaned thoroughly without soap and water and they are given a light, fresh and pampering scent, too! The tiny blue beads in the texture are peppy eye-catchers.
Demakeup Wipes – On the road! The demake-up wipes thoroughly free your eyes and face of make-up. With their fresh, pampering scent and handy size, these wipes are ideal when you’re out and about. One pack contains 15 wipes.
Deo Wipes – A different kind of deo! The deodorizing wipes offer a fresh and pampered feeling in a flash – no matter where you are! The refreshing scent and practical size turns the deo wipes into perfect companions when you’re on the go. One pack contains 15 deo wipes.
Deo Wipes – Refreshing! The hand & body wipes refresh and clean your hands and body with a fresh scent. Whether you’re on the train or on an airplane: the practical wipes are a must on every trip, no matter how short or far. One pack contains 15 wipes.
Silicone Bag – Beauty bag! The two cute silicon bags are ideal for storing little accessories and mini make-up products that simply have to come along wherever you go! Available in a cool berry and light blue with an essence logo.
Brush Set – Mini brushes! Three little brushes consisting of a powder or blush brush, an eyeshadow brush and an eyeshadow applicator for an all-round successful make-up style. This way you can touch up your make-up quickly and easily when you’re on the go, too. Comes in a practical, re-sealable pouch.
Double Mirror – Dual beauty! The folding double mirror with one regular reflection and one reflection enlarged by twice its size is especially flat so it’s sure to fit into even the tiniest clutch. This way, you can check your look wherever you are!
Pocket Brush – Those who are on the go a lot appreciate little beauty helpers. With a brush and mirror in one, this pocket-sized beauty tool ensures that every beauty is perfectly equipped for quick style touch-ups! On your marks, get styling, go!
Hair Ties – The colorful hair ties in soft mint and coral sweep your hair back into a trendy ponytail. The ties are water-resistant, so they are ideal to wear when you’re participating in sporting activities. A cool bonus: the hair ties are designed in such a way that they do not leave any dents in your hair despite the ribbed structure. Two hair ties in one pack.
Hair & Accessory Band – These casual hair ties are absolutely trendy, practical and totally elastic. They come in two versions – fuchsia-berry and lemon-green as well as bright purple and electrifying turquoise. A big plus: they are a trendy 2in1 product and can also be worn as a cool bracelet. Two hair ties in one set and available in a total of two versions.

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