Monday, June 30, 2014

NEW in June :)

Hello again! Another month passed so fast.. I was again  a very bad bad girl and got myself soo many goodies... Damn I'm a lucky girl :P This was a month for lip products and I really have a lot of new lippies, also some skin care and some hair care products... Let's see the list :)

List of products:

- L'Oreal Elseve Fibrology Thickness Creating Shampoo and conditioner
- I Love... Minty Choco Chip revitalizing shower gel
- Vazogel cream with extract of wild chestnut for tired and heavy legs
- Inell  nail polish remover
- Inell gentle cleansing milk make up remover
- Balea Zarter Reinigungs schaum, cleansing foam
- Balea Toner with almond extract for dry and sensitive skin
- Kahne cream with seaweed
- Balea Beauty Effect fluid with hyaluronic acid
- Balea Aqua  eye creme gel
- Sleek Blush by 3, shade Sugar (Turbinado, Muscovado, Demerara)
- Revlon Photoready BB cream in shade 010 Light
- L'Oreal Mat'Magique mattifying foundation flawless skin 12h velvet finish 02 rose ivory
- H&M double ended brush for foundation and blush
- Catrice Carnival Of Colour LE, lipglossc03 go yellow, go!
- Deborah, Glossissimo, shade 18 Really Nude
- Revlon, Colorstay Ultimate Suede 070 Preview
- Bourjois  Color Boost glossy finish lipstick in shade 06 Plum Russian, 03 Orange Punch, 05 Red island
- L'Oreal Collection Privee by Eva, Color Riche, Eva's Nude
- L'Oreal Color Riche 378 Velvet Rose, for brunettes
- Oriflame, Harmony Edt
- Oriflame, The ONE Power Shine Lipstick, Rosewood Gloss
- Makeup Revolution Amazing sheer lipgloss in Hush Hush
- Makeup Revolution Pure Pigments in Vitality, Frenzy, Frolic
- Makeup Revolution nail polish in Go to the city
- Oriflame The ONE Lash resistance mascara in black
- Oriflame The ONE Eye liner stylo in Blue
- Oriflame The ONE Nail Polish in London Red
- Oriflame The ONE Colour Unlimited lipstick in Endless Red
- L'Oreal nail polish in Oyster Bay
- Avon Ultra colour lipstick in Tea Rose
- Avon Advance Techniques Maroccan argan oil hair treatment for all hair types

Ok, starting with hair care products. I wanted a change, because I mostly use one shampoo all the time and I only swicth the conditioners, but lately I had really crappy lookign hair, my ends looking really badly split, no shine to the hair, no volume.. So a friend was already testing these two hair products by L'Oreal and I wanted to give it a go too. I missed the discount, but I bought it anyway. I got the L'Oreal Elseve Fibrology duo, shampoo and conditioner. They have a really nice scent and I think they make my hair look really good. my boyfriend also likes to use it. Next is a showe gel by I love... and it was a surprise gift from a friend and I really love love love this one! The scent is amazing, like the chocolates called After Eight, do you know them? This is amazingly fresh and chocolaty at the same time. Last on the photo is a cream for tired legs, called Vazogel, made by local company Krka. It helps with the pain and varicose veins, I apply it under my knees mostly and it helps immediately.

Moving forward, time to talk some cleaning products. I noticed a new cleansing foam at the DM store, so I decided to give it a go, the price for it is about 1,99e, or smth like that. Later in the month I really had to buy a new toner, because I used up all of my previous ones, there was not one left... So I wanted to buy Kahne Hammamelis again, or Krasna tea tree and lavander.. or maybe try one by Caudalie, but they all seemed a bit too expensive at the moment, so I bought one by Balea, the only one that claims to be without alcohol. It's supposed to be for dry and sensitive skin, which I don't have, but I find this toner gentle and suitable for everyday use, even twice a day. It's also pretty cheap, about 2 euros per bottle 200 ml. From Inell, available at Le Clerc, I again bought clansing milk eye make up remover and for the first time nail polish remover. Will see if it's any good, for the eye make up remover I already know and I liked it. It's possible to buy a larger container, but I prefer the small one, because of easier storage. So far, I like all three products, nail polish remover will get it's turn soon..

Some skin care... I bought Balea Beauty Effect fluid with hyaluronic acid, which had a lot of praises written about and so many comments how good this is.. I think I'm a bit too young to use hyaluronic acid every day, so I prefer to uset his one once or maybe twice per week, mostly before sleep. I like it so far, it has a nice scent. Next to it is Balea Aqua eye cream, which I already had some time ago, and I really like it, especially in the summer time.. Both these products were on sale at DM. Last is a natural cream by Kahne, slovenian brand, it's supposed to contain seaweed extract which helps your skin to hold water in your skin better, allow a better penetration of other care creams you use, suitable for any skin type or age, does not contain any oils, fragrances. I was told to use this as a base before skin care, you can mix it with a bit of water, or apply it just like it is on your face, possible even to use on any other part of the body, if you like. Mostly I just mix it with my evening skin care product and apply all together. Can't say yet if it really helps the creams and oils to penetrate the skin better, will see in a couple of months time.. probably. So far, I like all three products, and would repurchase if needed.

Finally, the more interesting part! Both foundations you see here were bought second hand, so I got both of these for about 10 euros, which is a real win. I got Revlon BB cream, which costs about 13 euros in regular sale and L'Oreal Mat'Magique foundation which also has a similar  price. I like both of these, but lately I needed a better coverage and used L'Oreal ones a lot more than Revlon's one. Next to it is Sleek Blush by 3 and I like this product a lot too. I especially like the combo of the shades of blushes and their pigmentation. Last is a double ended brush by H&M, which I traded for some other product of mine. This is a really gentle brush, I really like to use the blush one for powder foundation and for setting it all in...

The most important part of the newbies - my lippies! First thing this month, I saw that Catrice had a new LE, so I had to try at least one product, and I didn't have a yellow lip gloss before.. so here you have it! It's actually not that yellow, more vanilla like once on lips. Next is a new range of glosses by Deborah, they are called Glossissimo, I got mine in shade 18 Really Nude. I like the natural shade of it, with a bit of shine.. really suits different makeup looks well. I would get more shades if I could, but I really didn't like the other that much.. plus I really have a lot of Deborah glosses already...check here, plus later I bought some more... Than next was one by Revlon, which was on sale at Muller shops, and was availabe for exactly 5 euros. Well, who could resist? I certainly didn't. I already have the Ultimate Suede lipstick in shade Backstage, so I decided to get another one, a very light pink shade called Preview. Very suitable for work and everyday occasions.  Than it was time to cash in the discount for Bourjois Color Boost crayons. At DM store I had a bonus to get 50% off three products, but it was limited only to these crayons. So well at first I wanted to get just one, than I was at the shop, holding two and already standing in the line.. and than I was like, oh well, what the hell, just take the Orange Punch too.. and now I have all three best shades from the range - Plum Russina, Red Island and Orange Punch. Really, really happy with the purchase, I love all three shades, I hope they someday expand the range and get more shades, like Revlon did. Some matte options wouldn't hurt either. Last this month was two lippies by L'Oreal. I again had a discount for DM store for 50% off.. and I was in the mood for nudes. So I chose a shade suitable for brunettes, Velvet rose whicj is such a perfect gentle pinky, a little peachy shade... very suitable for any kind of situation or place. And I also chose Eva's Nude from the Collection Privee collection, because it was simply the best shade from this range and well, why not use that discount, if you can? Normally, I find L'Oreal lipsticks too expensive and would never buy them otherwise. Plus, I used my birthday gift card for these two lovelies, so yes... happy late birthday to me:P I must say that these lippies are the best part of the month, even thou I like other products also...

Next is my order from Oriflame. I decide to invest in a summer like EdT, called Harmony. It was available for a premium price, about 8 euros. Plus I wanted to try some The ONE collection lipsticks, so I chose a shimmery one called Power Shine lipstick in shade Rose Wood. At first I was a bit negatively surprised, the shimmer was too strong and I'm not used to it. But after overcoming the first impression, I actually started to really like the lippie.  Shiny, but very gentle pinky peachy shade, suitable again for any occasion or just for work area.. Another very satisfying purchase for me :)

And now some products I got to test and review. First was a package from Lič, containing new products by Makeup Revolution. I got three pigments, a lip gloss and one nail polish. I immediately fell in love with the lip gloss, I am using it almost daily. The silvery grey-ish pigment is also very pretty and I ahve already tested it, pretty nice indeed. The rest is still waiting for me to test... a full review coming up soon in the coming weeks.

And another package from Oriflame, again to test and review. I got some gorgeous stuff here, a really lovely red lipstick in Endless Red, a nail polish to match in London Red, blue eyeliner stylo and waterproof mascara, all from their newest collection The ONE. I have already tried the eyeliner and loved it, also the lipstick is amazing bright red and the nail polish is on at the moment, and I must say it looks awesome! Review and photos coming up  in the next couple of weeks.

And some late arrivals.. at the end of the month I also treated myself with an order from Avon. I got myself maroccan argan oil hair treatment, a lipstick Ultra colour in shade Tea Rose and another nail polish by L'Oreal in shade Oyster bay. All three are very nice goodies and I love having them :))) I have just tried the new hair tretment and it smells amazing! Will see how well it works for my hair!

A lot of new goodies, a lot of brilliant products! Have you tried any of these?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


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    1. Ja vem, najprej se je začelo počasi, ampak potem na koncu meseca vidim da imam že toliko novih dobrot :P

  2. Šminkice<3 Se veselim ocen in swatchev. :)

    1. :D Jaz tudi komaj čakam slikanje in pisanje objav :) Upam da mi časovno znese...

  3. Vidim da si bila ta mesec zelo pridna :) Zanima me kako se obnesejo Bourjoius šminkice...?

    1. Meni so vse 3 super, odtenki sploh, nanos je enostaven, lahek, občutek na ustnicah kot da nisi namazana.. obstojnost je pa tako tako, kakšno uro, dve, brez pitja in hrane.. kar je pa poleti težko, da bi bila uro ali dve brez vsaj kozarca vode. je pa enostavna za nanos, tako da se da popravke hitro narest.:) Pa fajn je da so ustnice dobro pripravljene, ker jaz imam zadnje čase malo bolj suhe in je problem ker se tele svinčniki hočejo potem vsedat v suhe dele ustnic.. Ampak nič kar nisem že doživela pri vseh šminkah.

  4. Super nakup. Ta balea gel z lotosom sm zadnjič opazila u dm-u, sem ga že želela kupit, sam ne vm zakaj sm se sploh premislila :S Bourjois svinčniki so mi ful zakon. In ta arganovo olje od avona mi je res super. Jst ga uporabljam še za roke in nohte. Nič ne boljše navlaži moje nohte kot to olje :))

    1. Jaz sem za njega zvedla od kolegice, potem sem ga pa že videla pri nas v DMju, je kar fajn,ampak hkrati nič posebnega. Me veseli da so tudi druge navdušene nad temle Avonovim oljem, sem ga sprobala in je super :)


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